Sergej Trifunovic - J*bite se manekeni (Kenja mi se)

Uploaded by SealTooGreat on 24.04.2007

-Do you need money?
-No, I don't need money.
I don't sell out for money.
I'm an artist and I don't give a fuck about money!
I don't give a fuck about your fucking fashion.
I don't give a fuck about your
liftings, stylings, peelings... And I don't give a shit about your
diets, books, looks, backstages...
I'm sick of fashion and your shits about fashion!
I'm sick of those stupid TVs where stupid talk show hosts are talking
shit about fashion and "some" projects all day long.
I'm sick of those projects! I'm sick of that!
I don't care where you've been, where you'll have your next show,
who takes care of your look. I don't care about that.
I'm not going to make a fool of myself to earn money.
You models can fuck yourselves!
F U C K Y O U R - S E L V E S ! ! !