Nikon 50mm 1.8G Review

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 16.09.2011

Hey guys so today I’m here with a review of the Nikon 50mm 1.8G
lens. This is the latest 50mm NIKKOR prime lens and features
quite a few of the latest technologies. With compatibility for
crop sensor DSLRs such as the D3100 and D5100 let’s take a look
at what all it has to offer. When you pick up the 1.8G you’ll
find that it comes with a pouch for storing the lens, a HB-47
lens hood along with the lens itself. Taking a closer look you’ll
see that the lens is built quite well, albeit out of plastic. Up
front you will find the front element with a rather beefy 58mm
filter size and on top there is the focus ring as well as an
integrated window to see focus distance. Over on the left side
there is the switch for Auto focus or Manual focus. A nice feature
is that even in Auto focus mode you can still manually override
the focus yourself to get the shot just right. The performance with
the 1.8G is outstanding. Even at the maximum aperture of F1.8 images
and video are very sharp and colors are strong while stopping things
down a bit helps even more, especially in the corners. The bokeh, aka
the depth of field is also very nice and soft, never distracting from
the subject of your image. Much of this performance is due to the
single Aspherical element which is a first for a Nikon 50mm prime
lens. It’s also fairly quiet when focusing in video mode, although is
not silent.
There is a tradeoff for all this and it is the barrel distortion.
While not noticeable under most circumstances it is there,
especially if you like taking pictures of brick walls. I mean come on,
who doesn’t? Overall for the roughly $220 price I have no problems
recommending this to any Nikon user who lacks a similar lens. The
performance is absolutely there, the build quality is just fine and the
price is spot on, providing much of the performance of the 1.4G for less
than half the price. If you enjoyed the video definitely be sure to leave
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