Joshua Burrs-Minneapolis, Minnesota

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>> JOSHUA BURRS: I'm Josh Burrs. I'm a purchasing manager for CarBuyCo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We give a public a way to get rid of their vehicles. They get instant cash, we buy it,
and then we're able to put it on auction, hopefully generate a profit but, in the end,
if we can just get cars on the auction, we're doing pretty well.
When it comes to the auto industry there's a lot of trust issues. People don't tend to
trust the dealer when they go there to buy a car, and then when they are trying to sell
it there trying to get, you know,they're trying to recover the amount of money they spent
in the first place, so, there's some realistic expectations and then some unrealistic ones.
We're coming to the peoples house, we're giving them cash there on the spot.
We're not, you know, making things inconvenient for them.
We're giving them a competitive price. So, I think that we offer quite a bit to the customer.
If a person comes to the website there going to know in the first ten seconds that we're
here to buy their car.
You know that's constantly changing 'cause
in the past I wanted a mustang. First car I got, I took out a loan, got a mustang, flipped
it bought a Camaro, then Trans AM, had 350z's, GTO's, you know now it's the point where it's
super cars, and had my eye on a lotus until I watched a youtube video of someone crawling
out of one. It's probably, Oh, thought of it, Shelby Tuatara,
I want to say that's how you say it. It's got 1300 horsepower Stock, I came out
to see it, It's just absolutely Gorgeous. I don't have a favorite movie… I am always,
whatever you're… BATMAN!
Well I've got Timberwolves Tickets.
Wolves: Shved, Rubio, Keven Love, Derrick Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, and a whole bunch of other
good people, so, I'm really excited about that.
I'm going to car shows a few times a week… just love doin' that. Got a lot of friends
in the car industry. Doin' some autocross… I like doing that type of stuff.
You know, I grew up in the area… so I have a lot of history there… so, it's fun, fun
area. Person that I would put on the wall, someone I admire, just how he's changed his
life is Brian Head Welch. He's one of the lead guitarists of Korn, a really heavy metal
band. Turned his life around. Got out of drugs, and he lives his life bringing glory to God,
So, but he still has the same type of music, but with better lyrics, so, that's what I
enjoy, and I've met him in person. We've talked a little bit. He's an awesome guy.
I'd say that my why is my girlfriend Jennifer. She's just been a blessing in my life. I'm
super thankful for her and she's always pushing me to be a better person… and I have a lot
of blessings to be thankful for.