iPhone 4S Case Collection | Phone Case Review

Uploaded by WEaccessories on 24.08.2012

Hi, Welcome to WirelessEmporium.com. You might have seen our other video on the different
cases that we carry for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Well today I am going to show you a variety
of cases that fit the iPhone 4 or 4S. The first type of case I want to show you
is a hard shell case. Most of these cases come in two pieces and snap easily around
your phone so they are very easy to put on and they're very thin so you don't get that
added bulk like you do on some cases. Another great thing about these kind of cases is that
they come in almost every color or design you can think of. In fact, now at WirelessEmporium.com
you can now design your own faceplate, and it comes on one of these hard shell cases.
The second type of case I want to show you is a TPU case. Now a lot of people don't know
what TPU cases really are and TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane and it is just
the material they're made out of. Basically what these cases are is an upgraded version
of the silicone case, so you still have that very flexible and form fitting design for
your phone but the problem with silicone cases is that you put them on your phone and try
to put it in your pocket and it would stick, so the TPU cases are actually much smoother
so you don't have that problem. Now the TPU cases do come in a variety of colors and designs,
this ones kind of a 3D feel so it's just kind of a different texture. They are also very
easy to put on the phone all you do is snap it on and its good to go.
The last type of case I want to show you is our heavy duty cases. These are actually my
favorite cases because they definitely give you the most protection for your phone. This
one in particular by Trident comes with two layers of protection. Basically all you do
is just form the first one around your phone and then form the second one around the first
layer. They are a little trickier to get on, but once you have it on, you know your phone
is protected. Another great thing about this case is that it actually comes with a screen
protector so you apply the screen protector onto your phone and it will actually save
your screen from scratches and knicks which is very helpful. Another heavy duty case we
have is by Ballistic and this one actually comes with three layers of protection for
your phone. And that is all the cases I wanted to show
you, so I hope this helps you when you're trying to decide what kind of case to get
to protect your iPhone. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and
I'll be sure to respond. And remember to get all your cell phone accessories shipped for
free only at WirelessEmporium.com