Soccer Skills Tutorial - 3 Great Tips For Soccer Skills Training 2012

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 03.05.2012

Hey guys. This is Matt again from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through some
soccer training skills you can use, get a lot of touches on the ball but also kind of
take you to more of an intermediate level.
One of the things is to work on shielding and shielding basically means that you're
using your body as a shield away from the opponent so if the opponent is in my back,
I'm using my body to keep the ball as farther away as possible so it doesn't get stolen
and this is really effective. This is one of the best things you can do especially when
I was playing professional soccer and you kind of need to wait for people and then the
play to develop.
So basically I'm going to take you through the very beginning stages of shielding. So
what you're going to do is start with left foot, right foot, whatever you are. Most of
you guys are probably right-footed so I will start on the right side. I'm a lefty but shielding
basically means that you're rolling over top of the ball so actually let me do it this
way first so you can see. Just rolling over. You're taking the ball on the top and rolling
it over and again, you want to get used to working with the top of the ball as well.
Most coaches and the problem with soccer practice a lot of time is the coaches don't teach you
these individual touches that you can do to get thousands of touches on the ball. Instead
you're waiting in line and you're not basically getting the maximum amount of time and the
maximum amount of touches on the ball. So that's kind of why I have Epic Soccer Training
is to do stuff like this, to kind of teach you these things.
So again, you want to work your way on the top of the ball. So again, you want to stay
in front of the ball as well because your body is going to be shielding a defender so
again, you start here and shield over and again and you can work out the game speed.
Once you kind of get that down, so you can begin to stack moves later and I will kind
of explain that in other videos is when you get a little bit more advanced but another
way is to just take it and stop it so you're going to roll it over like a shield and stopping
it. This is when the ball is more in the middle of your stance as opposed to like way back
So again, I'm just going to roll, stop, and again stay on the balls of your feet, kind
of your toes because you want to always be ready to move and anticipate. A lot of times,
if you will just kind of stand around and then your reaction time is a lot slower so
again, start doing that. Work on that one. Then you could start working on more advanced
forms of shielding again where you can kind of move into moves itself.
So one is actually a little bit more advanced but what you do is you take the ball and you
shield it across your body but through your legs so I will kind of explain that. So you
shield and then you let it go through your leg.
Shield through, shield through and then you kind of want to just be able to build up a
pace and once you kind of get going, it's kind of like this weird skip that you can
do but again keep your head up as well. You always want to be looking around. That's something
that I always teach people. You always want to be looking around because if you're looking
at the ball then somebody is just going to come in and slide tackle you and then there
it goes. So you always kind of want to be looking around.
So again, when you're shielding, especially when you have your foot on top of the ball,
you know where it's at. You don't need to look down at it so you can be kind of looking
around and kind of working your way like that. So again work on that as well. That's going
to help you out. Again, all these lessons are going to kind of build on each other but
one of the other things that people ask me all the time is like how do I have such good
moves to get around defenders. People always want to get better at that.
It's basically one of the biggest I guess ways that people want to improve because you
always want to have these awesome skills and awesome moves that can kind of just juke a
defender and I really didn't learn this until well, when I was playing professional, obviously
the coaches were phenomenal but I was lucky enough to have one of the best coaches that
was voted best coach in all of high school for all sports and his approach to this was
awesome and everything was game speed and so it doesn't matter what we're doing.
If we were doing shielding, you should just kind of shield like this. Once you get the
mechanics down, you need to be going really quickly so again, any moves that you have,
your first five steps should be explosive. It should be basically a sprint. So if you're
cutting the ball like a simple move for somebody who would just be to cut and then they kind
of do this cut and they think, “Wow, that really doesn't work. The move doesn't work
too well.” Well that's because you're not exploding out. You got to think when a defender
when you're stepping here and then you go to cut, he's moving here as well but if you're
not exploding out of that cut really quickly, he's just going to catch right back up.
So again, when you work on moves, that's one of those scenarios you should have and then
you explode out of it. So you want to kind of always work on that so in the back of your
mind, think when I'm doing a move, I need to sell the move for one and then I need to
explode out of it.
So again, those are just a few things I want to teach you and again, if you want to watch
a video that I made kind of explaining people how I went from being an average soccer player
to being a professional soccer player and really developing my skills very quickly,
click the link below.
You can watch that. It also has a ton of soccer tips as well, some mistakes that people make
that you can fix so you don't have to worry about that. So again, I'm going to be doing
a bunch of different videos so comment. Let me know what you need to work on. I will come
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