Brave Tin Solder 1/2 (with English subtitles)

Uploaded by nadejg on Jan 23, 2009

The Brave Tin Soldier (Hans Christian Andersen)
There were once twenty five tin soldiers,
They were all sons of one mother-
an old tin spoon.
And because of that,
they were all brothers.
The soldiers were all exactly alike,
And only one of them differed from his brothers:
He had only one leg.
He had been left to the last,
and they were a little short of
on melted tin to finish him.
However, he stood just as firm on one leg
as other stood on their two.
Oh how sad it is to stand the guard alone
Give and follow marching orders on my own
‘Neath the moon in midnight blue
Stamp my step upon the dew
Oh it’s hard to get in step with all the rest
And no stars yet on my military chest
Little soldier, stand your ground
In the skies the stars are found.
If old snuff-box you don’t fill
With tobacco and what not
This snuff-box then likely will
Soon get something- God knows what!
All this devilry occurs For a reason, out of place.
And this devilry prefers To appear in empty space.
If you rushed to know not whose defense,
Tried to quickly avert all offence,
Then you’ll soon have a little to pay,
Just as quickly you’ll shed tears away.