Mockups, Designer Toys by 8thGen - Gizmospring Case Study

Uploaded by Gizmospring on 03.01.2012

"I'm sort of an accidental artist. I didn't expect to become recognized for my art, so
it was a big surprise to me.
Well before I ever started doing art, I spent a lot of time dismantling all the constructs
that had been sort of imposed upon me about what it means to be an authentic native person
or an authentic asian person. And I think because I've done all that work, I was able
to create art that was a true reflection of who I was as a person. So it wasn't hard for
me to sit down in front of a piece of paper or some shoes and create artwork that merged
traditional Coast Salish art with a very strong urban aesthetic. And then also infuse some
elements from my Asian heritage.
About six years ago I had an idea to create a designer toy and so I started on the process
of, or what I thought was the proper process for developing an art toy and I was really
just guessing because there is not a lot of information out there about how to do it.
And although, you know, I had a masters degree and project management experience, I quickly
realized that after I did the rough sculpt of the idea that I had, I had no idea what
to do from that point forward.
Before I came across Gizmospring, I was feeling like if I wanted to actually make the product
happen, I only had two options. One was to either just take a blind leap of faith and
send money to sort of a faceless manufacturer that I didn't really feel understood my vision
well. Or I could have went to someone else who already had the knowledge about how to
develop a product, but in exchange for that knowledge I would have to give away rights
to my idea.
What Gizmospring provides me is an opportunity to get the support that I need while still
exercising creative control and maintaining ownership over my product.
So Mockups is an Eight Generation product. Eight Generation is the brand name that I
do my art and my public speaking through and it means this: there is an inter-tribal value
that says that in your decision making you should consider the consequences of your decisions
seven generations into the future and you should also reflect on the wisdom of your
ancestors seven generations into the past. By naming my business Eight Generation, I'm
giving a shout out to the previous seven generations who, by virtue of their good decisions, set
me up in a position to be able to do all the cool things I've had the opportunity to do
over the last few years."