What if CBS made Mad Men?

Uploaded by scottskramer on 15.06.2012

- Are you drunk?
- It's Pearl Harbor Day. Show some respect (toilet flushes) (laughter)
Oh, you're done with your bombing. (laughter)
(MUSIC: "Forget You")
ANNOUNCER: In the advertising business,
You have to say what you mean. - How Jewish are they? (laughter)
Fiddler on the Roof. Audience or cast? (laughter)
Is it just me or is the lobby full of negroes? (laughter)
Well, my wife likes fur but you don't see me growing a tail. (laughter)
ANNOUNCER: And in love,
you have to mean what you say. - What time is it? - Shut up.
(MUSIC: "Call Me Maybe")
ANNOUNCER: From the network that brings you "Two and a Half Men"
- Sterling, Campbell, Draper, Price, may I help you? (laughter)
ANNOUNCER: Comes the next great American comedy.
(punch) - And I got to see that.
- We're gonna do this. - Do what?
- We're going to take LSD with them.
(MUSIC: "Somebody that I Used to Know")
- You always say I never take you anywhere. (cheers)
ANNOUNCER: Tripping this fall to CBS.