Joran van der Sloot - english subtitles TV interview of Stephany Flores Father

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Translated by Migmontest, thanks to ZetaLikesTV for the original video.
So she was found on the midnight of tuesday, wasn't she?
- Wednesday Wednesday
Your theory is that she went to the hotel because she was not fully conscious.
Your hypothesis is that she went to the hotel while intoxicated, under the influence of drugs.
If you see the way my daughter walks - you can see the cameras, she is one meter behind -
You see my daughter's steps, she walks as if she would have... lost her free will.
If my daughter would have wish to have sexual relationships with this person, this murderer - which I doubt- ,
then, her body would not have what it had.
Police asked me to ... - you did not see the body ... the only one who did see the body was my son
my eldest son, Ricardo. - Police asked you... Police asked me not to see it.
and so we sealed the gravedigger drawer
There is so much we need to be thankful for. Cari Orlandini, we called her at 4 am.
even 3:30, I beg her to wake her brother and to come flying to bring a gravedigger drawer.
For I have seen how [police] takes out bodies on such cases, it can be cruel to see bodies on plastic bags.
The police came, listened to my request, and helped me
The drawer came, and my daughter came out the way a human being should come out.
I also thank those who helped you on such a tragic moment
The question is, if you believe that he used drugs on her so he could take her to the hotel to rob her. -This has been a door... (unclear)
The camera shows clearly how she is walking...
Yes, it makes sense, because the testimony of friends of him...
who said he was the last person to be with Natalee, 5 years ago in a beach in Aruba, also suggested that Natalee was drugged.
So, following the line of reasoning: If he drugged her to take her to the hotel to rob her...
- perhaps his instinct is murderous -
then why didn't he just left her drugged?
Then he [could've] take the money or whatever he wanted to steal and then leave.
The day this investigation is finished, justice will determine where he was the 30th of May, then we will know the answer. Only God knows now.
Yeah. The impression given is anger, the ferocity -ferocious-
My daughter has got her right arm...
fully bruised; seems as if she was trying to defend, to protect herself...
Looks like he hit her with a tennis racket. -indeed
She has a -let my wife forgive me for what I am about to say- she has the neck...
I won't say - you do not have to say what may hurt you
but we share your pain, Ricardo.
this is painful to remember.
didn't she have on her bag some sort of protection, like those gas sprays? -No
My daughter's environment was different
yes, she was sorrounded by people who loved her
That I feel guilt for. I did not taught my daughter that there is a different world
do not be mislead, my daughter had a solid education, excellent moral principles. It is just I did not taught her that [evil] may happen.