Post-Halloween HIIT Workout | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 31.10.2012

Hi, I'm Ashley Borden and welcome to Perfect Form. Happy post-Halloween. I hope you guys
enjoyed your time, had a little bit of candy, wore some cute costumes. Today, we're gonna
be doing a post-Halloween high intensity interval training workout. The great news about this
is it's only two moves and we're doing it right here and there is no equipment. Alright,
so I'm gonna go through the whole workout with you and we're gonna do it together. Alright,
so let's get started. So the first move that we're doing is called a Renegade Plank with
a Row, and I'm gonna show you how the move works. You're gonna start in a plank position
from here with your feet about a little bit wider than a yoga mat. You're gonna hold plank,
squeezing your quads, squeezing your glutes. You're gonna pull, pull, okay? You're trying
not to rotate the body. So you're gonna pull, pull. You're gonna go to the knees or you
can stay up. Push up, okay? Up, squat, jump, up and up. Hands go down, you can either step
back or jump back. Same thing, pull, pull. Push up, squat jump, up, up, okay? So that's
you're Renegade with Plank, and then you're gonna do a Butterfly Sit Up. So you're do
two Renegade Planks and then eight Butterfly Sit Ups. You're gonna start with your feet
together. You're fingertips are touching right behind your ears, so it's real important that
you touch here. You're gonna look forward, throw your body weight forward, touch the
tops of the toes, and roll it down. Okay, so it looks like that. So I want you to make
sure that you're not throwing with your neck, okay? You're keeping your eyes focused. Use
your arms and pull the belly in. Okay, so we're gonna do two Renegade Plank with the
Rows -- squat, jump, squat, jump -- two times through. And then eight Butterfly Sit Ups.
And then back to the Renegades. And we're gonna go back and forth for 5 minutes. Okay,
so I set my timer for 5 minutes and we are gonna start, alright? Let's go. Jump it back
or you can step it back. Pull, pull, push up, plank, jump -- 1, 2. There you go. Again.
No moving in the body, glutes tight -- 1, 2. Good. Okay, feet together. You're gonna
touch back, eyes forward -- 1, 2. Nice -- 3, 4. And if you're not going my tempo, that's
fine, go you're own pace. Two more. Good. Standing up. And down, jump. 1, 2. So when
you're pulling, glutes are tight, quads tight -- 1, 2. You guys should be breathing hard
and sweating -- 1, 2, 3. I like these little workouts that you can do anywhere with no
equipment -- 5, 6, 7, 8. Try to move as fast as you can with good form. 1, 2 -- glutes
tight. Jump up, up. Good, again. 1, 2. Good. When you're jumping, you're really reaching
those hands forward. 8 -- and 1, 2, 3. Keep track of how many rounds you're doing -- 4
-- so you can beat it next time -- 5, 6, 7. One more -- 8. Again. Remember, you can step
back if you have to -- 1, 1. 1, up and jump. Again -- pull, pull. Quads, jump. Up, nice.
And back down. Okay, we're at two minutes -- 3. You should be feeling the whole body
-- 4, 5. I'm so glad you're doing it with me -- 6. Two more -- 7. One more -- 8. Let's
do it again. Okay, upright. Jump it back, pull, pull. Knees -- 1, 2. Pull, pull. Remember,
you can go at your own tempo -- 1, 2. Back down, guys. We got a minute twenty -- 1, 2.
Strong to the end -- 3, 4. Oh, you're abs -- 5, 6, 7, 8. Up again. Remember, if you're
form is breaking down, you can step back. From here, you can step back, pull, pull.
Jump -- 1, 2. Pull, pull. 45 seconds. Up. Jump -- 1, 2. Back down. We got 35 seconds
-- 1, 2. I always try to go harder at the end -- 3, 4, 5. Almost there -- 6. Good, you
guys -- 7, 8. 20 seconds. See how far we can go. Back -- 1, 2. Knees. Jump -- 1, 2. Pull,
pull. Knees. 5 seconds. Jump. I forget a push up -- 1. Okay. Whew, alright, so that was
your workout, you guys. If that's not long enough for you, you can definitely do it for
10 minutes if you want to. But that was a great little spice of a workout. And I like
to do this one right after all that Halloween candy you're eating the next day. So you can
get that little calorie blast, rev up that metabolism, and feel like you're leaning out
even though you just ate all that sugar. Alright, so most importantly through the whole workout,
what's the one thing I want you to focus on? Connecting to your body.