VRZO - นิทานเรื่อง "มังกร" [Byปลื้ม] (Ep.7)

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Hello again..This is "The Fable" by Pluem
Which it will be a short story with some point of view suited for adults and teenagers
This story is called "The Dragon"
This story is about a victim of rumor
A Result of being framed when they are totally innocent
What's the story like? Let us watch
A long long time ago, when human started to keep records of their history
Humans had lived happily on earth but that happiness was replaced by fear
Because they had faced with evil which is known as "Dragon"
Dragon is a symbol of evil and malice
It is an awful beast that do nothing but destroy and kill
But luckily that the human still have some heros
And those heros are called "The Knights"
The brave knights who sacrificed themselve and fought with the evil dragons
To protect the villager and bring peace..until now
And this is what was written in the history of mankind to the present days
It went that way..follow it!
Don't worry, Sir
I've shot its wings with my arrow
Now it can't fly away..hurry up!..Follow it!
Good job Victor...as expected of our firt rank knight
Everyone...follow it...don't waste the opportunity that Victor had given us
Yes, sir!
Hmm, Ehh! It has got a baby
Don't let them escape...even the baby...or It would be the source of evil in the future
Hold on tight, son
It's gonna jump of the cliff!
Don't you think you could escape so easily...I will not let you escape
The young knight Victor grabbed the dragon's tail then the three of them fell of the cliff
Sir Victor!
And the three of them fell into a rush stream
When the young knight got up to the river bank
He saw that the dragons are escaping
Stop it right there! I will not let you escape
There are still lots of villagers living in fear Not knowing when will you come back to attack them
In an instant, Victor grabbed his sword and charge to attack those dragons
The young knight tries to kill the dragon with all his might But the dragon flees while protecting her child
The young knight got hit by the dragon's tail
Victor fell into the deady river while his conscience fades
So..is this it?...is this my ending?
Such a shameful ending
And his body fell into the depth of the deadly river
W..Where am I?
Mommy! mommy...he's awake
This is bad, those are the evil dragons...
I have to kill them..my..my sword!..where's my sword?
That's why I decided to save you because you don't have a sword
W..What did you say?
You were unconscience when your body hits that rock and fell into the river
Your sword must have been washed away by it
So that means you're the one who save my life?!!!
Why did you saved me?
Because you are wounded and you don't have any weapon to harm us
There is no need for me to watch you drown
But we are humans, knights who are responsible for killing you...dragons
The dragon stood in silence before she replies
From the very beginning we, dragons never think of you as our foes
Only you, humans think of us as your foes
Ofcourse, our ancestors have told us that you are the symbol of evil and malice
And we are the noble knight who protects the villagers from you evil beings
Your ancestors may have told you so but it was so far from the truth
I'll tell you the truth
Wh..What did you say?
In the ancient time, we dragons had lived here a very long time ago
Since before you human even existed..
Then after your kind appeared, we had watched you from afar
And sometimes helped you when problem arises without letting you noticed
We were hoping that one day we could become friends
Then one day, we decided to appeared before you to make friendship between our species
So that we would help each other forever...
But, you had declined our friendship
It's so scary!
Mommy, I'm so scared!
Can anyone chase it away!
You disgusting evil monsters!, go away!, Shuu !
We were disappointed
You humans saw us as evil monsters just because of our appearence
And after that, you create stories about us
They became rumors and they were told from generation to another
The stories were so exagerated that
We truely became evil monsters to you without doing anything
There're many times that we tried to talk to you that we are not as wicked as you think
But you chose to believed in what other people told you
And you never tried to view the truth from our perspective
And this is the truth that you should know, young knight
The young knight can only stood in silence after hearing what the dragon told him. He thought
As a matter of fact, I never saw those dragons invade our city and besides
We are the only ones who hunted them down cruely
And look at those eyes..That's not the kind of eyes that would lie.
It's just us who would believed in an exagerated stories resulting in such cruelty
We humans are so stupid
So the young knight replies to the dragon
I understand now, I believed that you are not an evil monsters like what I was told
I will try my best to tell my fellow men
I'm glad that you understand us, my ancestor would also be happy that
There is a human who understand us at last
And emm..I'm really sorry that I wouunded your wings
But you don't have to worry, you can rest here
I will not tell the others about you resting here
And when the right moment comes I will tell the others about you little by little
Okay..I'll head back to the city and reported that both of you went missing
So that both of you could be safe here and I'll hurry back to take care of you
After learning about the truth, the young knight rushes back to his city
Hoping to report to his general that the dragons has escaped
So that nobody would bother them for a while
And so the young knight reaches his city
Ohh! Sir Victor you are alive!!
Ohh! Sir Victor you are our hero!
Sir Victor, Have you slane those evil dragons?
Sir Victor, It's so brave of you to jump off that cliff to kill them.
Other knight praises him for his brave actions
But deep inside, Victor did not feel good nor happy at all
One day..I'll make you guys see the truth for your own sakes
And also for those poor dragons
Ohh Victor! my most hornorable man, you survived
This is such a great news..let us celebrate
General,It's a shame that those dragons have escaped
And now they went missing
Don't you worry Victor, We can hunt them down anytime
It is good enough that you have survived...lets celebrate
Alright, It went well according to my plan those two dragons would be safe for a little while
Hold it! He's a traitor
W..What did you say?
When he fell off the cliff, I went after him
That's when I saw with my own eyes!
That he talked and showed signs of friendship to those dragons
Victor betrayed his own kind!
Is it true Victor?
The young knight remain silent before he replies
It is true, Sir
His reply startles all the knights
Ss..Sir Victor?
Why a person like you would do such thing?
You shouldn't have done that to us
Everyone please listen carefully to me, you are misunderstanding
Those dragons never meant to harm us
We only had listened to rumors,now we have to see the truth
Because those dragons are the victims of our actions
The crowd falls into a deep silence before there's a voice commanding
Everyone arrest Victor at once!
Knights pin Victor down on his knee
You dare to deceive me and you betrayed your own kind
I now deprive you from your position
From now on..you are a prisoner!
No General, you don't understand
You have to look at the truth
Shut up! lock him up
And you..take me to those dragons
Y..Yes Sir!
While the dragons are resting at the riverbank
The mother dragon notice that something is coming
There they are! we found them.. Kill them...Kill them
And this is how you repay us, young knight
Hide behind me,dear
Momm..I'm scared
Don't be scared, mommy is right here
Those dragons are there...capture them!
Hold it right there!
The dragon's cry seized every movement that was there
General, If you still have some merciness
Please let my child go and I will surrender peacefully
I hope you would understand the feeling of a mother
The general remains in silence before he replies
Alright, I'll let your child go and
In return you must surrender peacefully
Thank you, for your merciness
Mom...mommy...mommy,don't leave me here
On the next day
Victor, as the traitor was pilloried and brought out to the center of the city
Eww, look
You traitor..you help those evil dragons
He wishes to let the dragon eat us
I think, he's insane
There are many rumor spreading through out the crowd
But Victor did not care about it
Are those dragons safe right now?
In an instant, the mother dragon was dragged out as well
Hey, dragon!
The dragon turn to look at the young knight with a faint smile
Ohh! so this is what had happen
At least you did not betrayed us..I'm glad
That's not what's important! Where is your child!?
The general had promised me that if I surrendered peacefully
He will let my child go
Right now, he may be wandering somewhere
He's still very young..he's got a lot to learn
Did you mean by this beast right here?
The general drag out the baby dragon
My sonn!
Mommy...help me
But you promised me that you would let my child go
Why are you not a man of your word?
You foolish monsters, keeping promises are only meant for humans
It does not applied with evil monsters such as yourselves
Please believe me that these dragons did not do anything wrong
They are victims of our rumors
You fool! stop your maundering and watch this!
My son...
My son....
Everyone rejoiced for I have slain the fruit of evil
Yehh,kill the dragon..kill the dragon
At that moment..something is going to happen
My son...My son...My son....My sonnnnn!
Give me back my son!
The mother dragon destroying her binds and went berserked
Villagers who have come to see this cruel execution ran for their life
It's crazy
Run for your life!
The mother dragon charge to kill every knights in front of her
You monster, everyone kill it!
Noo,don't hurt it, stop hurting it!
It haven't done anything wrong
The young knight shout out with tears in his eyes Feeling ashamed of his own kind
Victor, you still saying that this creature is not an evil monster
It certainly is a monster, evil monster
No, this isthe result that we forced her to be like that
If we stop making up stories to framed them from the beginning
This would not have happen right now
This happens because we framed them without looking at the reality
I'm done talking to you, Fool
Bowmen, in position!
Bowmen march out from every direction and prepare to fire
Hundreds and thousands of arrows are shot at the dragon
Her body was covered in thousands of arrows
But she wouldn't stop right there
You monster, you still got something up your sleeves
Spearmen, in position!!
hundreds and thousands of spears thrust into the dragon's body
She finally fell down in front of her child's body
I'm coming for you, my son
And so the dragon's life ended with the sound of victory of the human
Victor cries from the bottom of his heart
And he thought
It is very sad that such cruelty begins from a mere rumor
This story teaches that
Nothing is as cruel as framing other people
By doing so..it could create a great impact on that person's life
Because one would not get any chance to prove themselves to the ones that had listened to these claims
They would have to lived the life of guilt that was never their
But a story that somebody created
Do not gossip or frame others
Do not judge people when you haven't truely knows them
And if you are the listener
You should think whether the story you heard is true or not
Do not judge others by what other people say about them