A Night at the Roxbury (2/7) Movie CLIP - Life in the Fast Lane (1998) HD

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Emily: Steve!
Ugh, don't look.
Hi, steve. Hey, doug.
Hey, emily.
So, I guess you're back from school.
Working for your dad again at the lamp store?
Yeah. I missed you.
Remember before I went you said when I got back
We could get together? I kept thinking about it.
Thank god there's no one else, so we can get together.
So, do you want to go see a movie or something?
If not, we could take a drive and make out.
I love making out.
It's like one of my favorite things to do in the world.
And I don't mean to brag, but I'm really, really good at it.
Sounds good.
Back off, chiclet.
What is your problem, doug?
I don't know if you know this,
But we live life in the fast lane.
That means no stop signs, no red lights,
And there is no pulling over to take pictures.
See this man what's up? Over here?
He's my co-pilot on this magic carpet ride.
He's carry-on only, and you're way too much luggage.
Shut up, doug.
Move, move.
Hey, man!
Emily. I see you've picked the right son.
Hi, mr. Butabi.
You know, steve here likes you very much.
Dad, come on!
Hey, mr. Butabi!
Hey, mr. Sanderson!
Mr. Butabi,
Is steve asking emily to marry him again?
You know, after they're married,
If they have enough children,
We won't have to hire any more salesmen.
Oh, you kill me.
No, mr. S., you kill me.
Mr. Sanderson. Ha ha! What?!
Could you please leave steve alone?
Why? He likes the girl.
He doesn't. I don't.
Yes, you do,
And, doug, you see this wall?
After they get married, we're gonna knock it down,
Combine stores, and have the first plant-lamp shop.
And steve and emily are gonna run it.
It's up to them if they want to keep you around
To clean the toilets.
Are you seeing planes? Is your name tattoo?
I swear to god you're living on fantasy island.
God, that was a sweet show.
Yes, I have a fantasy--
That I have 2 capable sons!
Not one with his head up in the clouds
And the other with his head up his ass!
Look how you load trucks. Is this how you do it?
Disgusting! I'm sick and tired of both of you.
Get the hell out of here.