Мастер-класс Дмитрия Хворостовского

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Are you all vocalists? Really?
Canít be true! Really? Vocalists?
Or, now I hear that you are.
It seems to me that you need a certain talent
hearing, and of course experience, accordingly, to teach
That are the things I lack at the moment, I think
Thatís why I donít teach and donít take the risk
Master-class is also quite oversaid thatís why I want to call it differently
How ñ I donít know. Most likely itís sharing experience
Thatís why first of all I will listen to all of the people who came here with pleasure, on the other hand I will learn also
If some of my advice and, may be, knowledge, are useful for you
I will be happy, you canít imagine how
Letís start!
No, Iíll walk, Iíll walk. Iíll stand on foot , thank you!
Thank you very much! Thank you! Well done! Well done, isnít it? Great!
I wanted to say the following: this is a verismo
Well, who is he ñ he goes, looks from behind the curtain on the stage?
Droll. Clown
I have an impression that he was not a clown but a very anxious student
Are you a student?
What year?
So, there is one year left and you are finished
you are going on the stage
But in principle you still have time
I would like to ask you to sing from the beginning. You hold the cards
You know, this is like an examination in acting skills
You needÖ here you have an audience and you need to make them listen
Not like that
but so that they empathize you
Because it is a verismo
Try the first few phrases ñ droll, donít be worried
No one is going to offend you; nobody is going to laugh at you
Jump - I donít know - make faces
You understand what you are singing about, donít you?
And about the top notesÖ
the passing-notes are open; you will be told whether to close them or not
May I not speak about it, if you please? It is right, isnít it?
Nobody wants me to speak here about where to put a sound
where to breathe and what to feel at that
I want you to inflame us all and me
I want you to have a phrase
You have a wonderful pianist
magnificently feeling music, and style, and phrase
I want you to listen to each other, to her and to music also
Accordingly your phrase is stopped because you donít live it through
I would like a phrase to be lived through
I would like you to droll, to misbehave, and we would listen
Letís start from the beginning!
Well done! You are not a ìPrologoî, you are reporting at a caucus here
It is absolutely not about this
´Prologoª - is when the clown is on the stage
Theyíve painted all your face
put on a obnoxious wig
a medical gown and dotted slippers! Can you imagine?
And here you are going like this on the stage and drolling
According to the directorís idea, he sais his first ìsi puoî from behind the curtain
for the second time it is already a performance
As you wish ñ more decisive, less decisiveÖ
the second ìmay Iî ñ ìsi puoî ñ must be absolutely different
May be like that
Because in principle there is a de cizo there, forte and so on
And when Prologo ñ make a solid support, support the things that need to be supported
because your note is ìacross the back of the headî a little bit
I would like it to be more free and, therefore, to sound better
Letís do it again!
Go on- Go on - Go on!
Now then, take off the wig!
Take offence!
There the ìhomespun truthî starts!...
Well done, well done!
You know what else I would like to do:
when you have this recitative,
and the orchestra sound is so dense here,
I need you to pronounce it really good here
and in correct Italian, you need to work on this
When you are in front of the public you cannot (press) too muchÖ
Thatís why you need to apologize a little bit, partly in play
Than when you accelerate furthermore you totally loose self-control
And keep in mind what will happen in the last act of ìPagliacciî
there will be a slaughter
You need to talk about this ìhomespunî actorís truth with such toughts in mind
We have hearts here ñ real hearts
The things that happen on the stage are not all buffoonery, it is all real life
That is the thing. You must fight for the class of actors! For us!
Where it is convenient for you to start from? Here, the first sectionÖ
In order for you to come to this point
and to dynamically develop further on
you need to start at piano after all, at least in mezzo piano
If you have tenderness in your voice and such mezzo voce,
I would like you to start as gradually as possibleÖ
Than you will have a starting point
If possible. Can you? Go ahead
Very good, well done
singozi ñ weeps
But only do not stress ìnOî!
Because it is already incorrect
The stress is on the first syllable ñ tEvano
There should not be any stress at the end
Than a new thought! Report!
Oh yes, in some of the versions he laughs here. And thatís all ñ get free!..
Sing tenor! Tenor!
Ö Go on!
You are on the right track, young man!
Only when you come to such places think ñ Iím a tenor. Iím telling it to you for a reason.
Here you are no longer a dramatic or lyrico-dramatic baritone, here tenor starts
Del Monaco was also singing tenor and also barely managed to cope
So we are not talking about the type of voice any more
You need to ìheelî the top notes, honey
You need to feel them well, thatís it! I think the first A-flat was very good. Yes, it was good
You squeezed G a little bit
But thatís OK, you are on the right track. Well done!
If you take this aria, pull yourself, donít stand
This is not Handel, not Bach where you can easily sing and report
This is verismo, my friend, therefore report properly.
Congratulations! Thank you very much! Thank you!
- Very good! Well done! - Thank you!
Absolutely convincing! The only thing I would want..
I see you are holding the audience, you have beautiful appearance and hands
But there is a rule when there is a da capo recapitulation in an aria
You have sung it absolutely the same as in the development section
I think you need to take it into consideration
Contrasts are everything in what we do
In the first part you are so charming, languish
The second part is on the contrast ñ you need more of such ìsplashesî
Do you understand? Iíd like to see such crystal ones
And the third part ñ invent a different one for yourself
What can I say about interpretation? First of all you need to be interested yourself
Your little hands are sometimes your enemies. Do you understand?
You have wonderful, beautiful, very expressive hands
and I know that when a hand moves it is hard to stop it
A hand is a continuation of a soul
Sometimes one wants to hide it but itís too late
It depends on everything: on atmosphere, harmonyÖ
You are very close to complete balance, to harmony
I will be very good if you pay attention to this
And of course French! I beg a pardon, but half of the ariaÖ
well, not half, but the first part ñ Iíd thought you were singing in Russian
French is the most inconvenient singing language for everyone except the French
But anyway I would like it to sound more like a French language
Work with a teacher of French
I know it from my experience. My wife speaks French. It is her first language
But for me every time I resort to French pieces of music is a chore, a mere chore
Every syllable, every vowel, more or less everything is antivocal
But I want you to give some time to the language, to work and continue working in this direction
because a lot of things in French operas, in French music are written for your voice.
- Thank you! - Thank you! Good bye!
- Hello! - Hi!
"Teach your heart some self-restraint"
That is what he sings next. Very good
t seems to me that he managed to catch the overall spirit of Onegin very well and natural from the beginning to the end
Well done! How long have you been studying?
- Iím a fifth-year student. - Fifth year? Khm. And how old are you?
- Iím twenty three. - Twenty three? Oh, thatís very few
I hope that Onegin will be a red line going through all your life
and you will sing it until you are sixty or more
Onegin will change together with you as well a your understanding of what type of Onegin you are
At first glance it seems that this role and this ariozo are so school-type and easy
Unfortunately it isnít true. It is very hard
First of all you need Tatyana, a girl of some kind
Have you imagined one?
If you donít imagine ñ here she is. What is your name?
- Lera
Imagine that Lera is Tatyana
You are a little bit uptight, I wouldnít like you to be uptight
Thatís why your hands are movingÖ Leave them alone so they wonít move!
Express everything with your voice and heart
May be we should try? or no? Letís try! From the beginning!
"Did you write to me? - No, no, I didn't. - Nothing spoken can disavow that."
Say something in a wayÖ
letís jerk it, as in you first case with Prologo. Shall we try? Letís do it.
So there you are, youíve come. A reasonable man after allÖ not a clown
Well done!
It is already ìwarmî, isnít it? Good. Well done!
I wan to understand the whole gamut of feelings
The things you feel, the things you want to say, the things you donít want to say
Please, jerk! Only donít bend
Here we need TatyanaÖ Tatyana!
Is there anybody upstairs? Wave your hand!
No, it is too far. Here! Whatís your name?
- Sveta! - Sing to Sveta. Can you see Sveta?
Well done! Excellent, very food! And now letís work on phrasesÖ
Why are you tearing a phrase apart?
And all that is mere reporting
It is necessary to have phrases and to make words correspond to the phrases
And the phrase also needs to be filled with voice
Thatís what Iíd like to see
Without hands, I beg a pardon!
"but I won't praise you - let me join "
How would you say ìI won'tî in Russian?
"and pay my debt in the same coin"
A phrase is ìÓÚÔ·˜Û ÔËÁ̸̇ÂÏî and you tearing everything apart, tearing apart
If you donít have enough air, take a breath, but donít tear it
Go ahead!
Change the colour!
"but I won't praise you -- let me join"... - stay longer at ìnî, may be
Change the colour, because it is a completely different thought
Go ahead!
Ö This is what Eugene Onegin means
Onegin is a reflection, it is a reflection of your own feelings, our reality, our feelings
Absolutely amazing, ingenious story
I hope that Onegin and other characters will go with you through your life
I whish you success!
Congratulations. Thank you!
- Hello! What is your name? - Aleksey. Iíd like to sing Belliniís aria. - Go ahead!
Bravo! Well done, well done! Such a brave puritan jumped out, such a warrior!
When you go on stage you of course shout ìWhere should I run? Where is my sky?î
But you are a wounded man. Where is your wounded soul?
You jumped out like this: ìIím the master here! Listen to me!!î
This is how youíve said it. Do you understand?
But this whole aria is an aria of a broken-down person covered with wounds
despite that he is a puritan, that he is a warrior
Therefore the details are absolutely different
The message should be absolutely different
This aria cantabile, it should be sung in mezzo voce
From the beginning to almost the very end
You may shout the first phrase, shout for well and good if you want ñ go ahead
Then thatís it ñ ìElvira, ElviraÖî And here the cantabile already started!
I want to hear Italian covered notes, especially [e]
You have a Russian-type [e]. You nee to sing [e] in a covered manner
Therefore if you sing cantabile the note is covered accordingly in all E-flats
it is rounded, it is put on top
You should sing it quieter than the rest of the middle part
And so on
Stroke by stroke ñ perfectly right!
What do you want to prove here and to whom?
There is nothing to prove. Absolutely nothing
Sing to me the music that touches my heart
The music that hurts you and should heart everyone of the audience
Can you do it? Will you try? Go ahead
Bravo, well done, very good
Help him
No, this [e] again
Per sempre, per sempreÖ Sing quieter Ö.
sing to yourselfÖ
Well done! Yes, yes
ìWhat is left for me in life?î - ask them. Go ahead!
Why you have you started to roar?
Connect the notes, it is bel canto
Well done, well done. You canít sing ìSarA pienaî
Do not burst. If you are singing bel canto, than each vowel
must be threaded to a vowel, on a thread
Therefore the vowels should sound very dense and clear but you should not stop anywhere
except the cases when there is a doppio, a double one. Is it OK?
This is difficult for me, thatís why IÖ
Well done, good, good
And again [e] ñit is working out well, isnít it? I think it was very well.
I was only singing quieter
Quieter, yes. Sing quieter psychologically
It is not important ñ quieter, louder
The main thing is that you have a wounded soul. Do you understand?
When you have a wounded soul you are unable to sing otherwise
Thatís what you need to think about when you sing
Than the voice will be pouring out, than you will have a bel canto. Do you understand?
Go on
Do it differently ñ hum! Do not squeeze out this vowel
Enjoy as much as you can
Once again!
Donít do it! Why are you doing it?
Well, everything is understood
We all have understood ñ an excellent voice, an excellent boy
The music has no sex
Music is higher and better than all these things
Thatís why you should forget about it and sing the music
Close your eyes, there is no need to show or prove anything to anyone
That is what this area and the music in general about
Do us a favor, sing it till the end
Líamor, when he said ñ he got frightened himself. He may not knowÖ
Stress it, make a crescendo, diminuendo, show this amor
Show it. This is what he always dreams and thinks about,
he cannot live without it
And then remove it again
Go ahead.
Say how..?
Itís up to you! Sing as you wish. This is your cadency, you do what you want
The main thing is that all the notes are sung well together
Hold it. Well done
Whose opinion you defer to? What opinion had always been the most important for you?
My fatherís. Records were the minimum he would listen
I donít know whether he listened to all of my records, but those I gave him...
Thanks to my father I started singing and Iím singing, soÖ
Since what age are you singing?
It was early, Iím singing since I was three
Baritone straight away?
Yes, straight away!
I like your fascination, your commitment,
your love to the vocal art and classical music very much
Continue to love it, do it, be anxious about it and continue living for it
Because vocal art is like a disease. You cannot live without it
I wish you happiness, luck and success
If you need help, I will always be happy to do it. Thank you!
subtitles hvorostovsky.su