100724 Korean Impression Part 1/3 [Eng Subs]

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Welcome to Korean Impression. I am Zhuang Yan (host's name). In today's episode, Chen Lan and the tour guide Zhou Mi will reveal some places which Korean artistes always visit.
They will visit Super Junior member - Yesung's family restuarant and savour the improved and different traditional Korean cuisine.
This week's Korean Impression will be bringing everyone to "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" (Korean drama) shop. Romantic heart and cute bear.
Korean drama experiences. Graffiti wall performance.
There are several cafe in Seoul. Today, this cafe which Zhou Mi is bringing you guys to is very special.
Comparing to a large chain of similar cafes, this cafe is located in a garden, this creative cafe is popular among teenagers in Korea.
Although it is a very small cafe, it has everything that is required.
The main highlight is the coffee design here. Look at the combination of milk and coffee, what surprises could it provide?
Look! Within a short period of time, a little bear is formed.
The cute little bear and the romantic heart are the popular drink orders. Have a drink and relax for a normal price of 7,000 won.
[ZM]: Kamsahamnida (Thank you). [Girl]: It's so cute.
[Girl]: Besides having alot of Kimchi in Korea, I think the next is cafes. [ZM]: That's right.
[Girl]: Then, why do you still bring me here? [ZM]: Of course there's a reason.
[ZM]: Because this place...don't you find this place familiar?
[Girl]: Just now when I first stepped in, I was thinking, where have I seen this place before?
[ZM]: Think again. "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" (Korean Drama). Ah...do you know?
[Girl]: Ah! I know I know.
Year 2007, MBC Korean Drama "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" produced many cute princes in the drama. It is a story like the fairy tale "Cinderella".
The coffee shop was revived as they only employ good-looking male employees.
It is also here where warm feelings start to spark between the male and female relationship.
Due to the popular broadcast of "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince", the shop was being retained.
Many people not only came here for the aroma of coffee but also for the characters (princes) in the drama.
Bringing all these memories back, let's enter the castle of the prince.
[*caption: Autographs of actors] The most popular attraction is the autographs of these actors which the fans treasured.
Everywhere in this shop has the autograph of all the casts and staff. All those familiar scenes are not just excerpts of the drama , but also some form of space and imagination for fans.
Many k-drama fans often visit this cafe.
[Girl]: Just now I heard many languages over there, including Mandarin and other languages besides Korean. [ZM]: Really?
[ZM]: Yes. There are alot of fans from Thailand, China and other countries visiting this cafe.
[ZM]: Very unique place. [Girl]: I also saw, that one, the words on the window.
[ZM]: Um. [Girl]: That is a scene from the drama where Yoon Eun Hye was doodling on the window.
[ZM]: Yes. You are right! Your memory is really good. [Girl]: I remember there is this scene but is that really what she drew?
[ZM]: It is. Everything here has been maintained and remained exactly the same scene as in the drama.
[ZM]: Including those little toys there, the decorations and clothes. They are exactly the same as those in the drama. So if you are here, the things you see are exactly the same.
[Girl]: No wonder there are alot of fans from overseas coming here to this cafe after they have watched the drama.
[Girl]: It's not the same coffee but.. [ZM]: It's to drink the feelings...
[Girl]: The coffee is very nicely designed. [ZM]: Mine is a bear.
[Girl]: I change with you. I want that. [ZM]: Ok. Haha.
[Girl]: The pattern is really very nice. [ZM]: Woah!
The decor in the shop is exactly the same as in the drama.
Together with the love from Coffee prince, Eun Hye drew this princess at the window. The original drawings have been here till now.
These bright yellow sunflowers on the wall are also drawn by the casts in the drama. And they have also been the highlights of Coffee Prince.
Some of the sweet and romantic decorations here not easily seen in the drama.
However, at this cafe, you can bring back all these memories.
Order a cup of coffee and sit by the window just like the casts in the drama, and enjoy your conversations.
The delicious coffee and dessert will bring back all the wonderful scenes and characters in the drama.
So, let's follow those casts in the drama and "dream" about yourself in it.
Next, Zhou Mi and Chen Lan will visit this place where alot of drama fans will visit.
Isn't this the pink van in the Korean drama "Spring Waltz"? Why is it here?
Bringing some doubts, both of them arrive at this small hut, "Four Seasons House"
Just like the name of the store, the place here has wonderful scenery during all four seasons.
It is also a Korean drama director - Yoon Suk-Ho working place. If you are not familiar with this director, it's ok, cos you will definitely hear about these names of the dramas he produced.
Autumn Fairy Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz! This is the office of director Yoon Seok-ho, who produced the Four Seasons series.
The place offer you the opportunity to experience all your favourite scenes.
Besides the numerous photographs from the dramas, there are also props and scripts which the casts have used before. All these are being retained here.
[ZM]: Do you know this place is the office of a Korea well-known director? [Girl]: Um. It's up there at the second level.
[Zm]: Yup. The second level is his office. Then the first level and the basement have been renovated as a place for people to visit.
[Girl]: Which means, besides lbeing able to see these scenes from drama, you might even get a chance to meet the director too.
[ZM]: If you are lucky. Um..probably. [Girl]: Probably the next lead actor is you. Then, you won't need to be a singer. It's too tiring.
[ZM]: I want to act in idol drama.
[ZM]: Actually the place we are sitting at now, is the location where the drama was filmed.
Aha Zhou Mi! Then you shall sit here and wait to try your luck! (to see if he will meet the director)
The place Zhou Mi and Chen Lan are resting now, is the scene where the drama is being filmed. The photo on the table is the photo from the drama.
Sitting at the place similar to the scenes in the drama (by the actors/actresses) and experience the feelings as in the drama.
Besides that, you can also visit the cafe.
You can enjoy the coffee and at the same time bring back memories of those romantic scenes.
Which of these unfamiliar and familiar and scenes triggered you to like Korean dramas?
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Hello, I am Ryeowook.
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Hello everyone, I am Siwon.
Hello! I am Kyuhyun.
Hello! I am Zhou Mi.
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Hongdae has been known as a vibrant and youthful city.
Zhou Mi and Chen Lan are now at the famous "Graffiti Wall Street"
The atmosphere here is very different from other cities in Seoul. You feel like you are walking through a huge art gallery.
And also because of these graffiti, all the old buildings around this area look very artsy and new.
Our young and artistic teenager - Zhou Mi couldn't contain his excitement and wants to showcase his talent.
[*Caption - Zhou Mi Showcase] Ready Start!
[Girl]: Wah..the walls here are covered with graffiti. [ZM[: Yup. That's right.You know what is the most popular thing in Hongdae?
[Girl]: No idea. [ZM]: It's the speciality in arts.
[ZM]: So, in Hongdae, there are some streets that are specially set aside for students to showcase their graffiti and works.
[Girl]: Then if I studied arts, I can draw here too. [ZM]: Wah! After you have said that, I will anticipate your drawings.
[Girl]: No. No. I am afraid that my work will spoil the artwork design here.
[ZM]: Um. Thta's right. You are right. Cos last time, people will think that graffiti is like defacing property and something useless.
[Girl]: Ya. In some western countries, it's normally those wearing caps and who don't look serious drawing graffiti.
[ZM]: Yes! Yes! Yes! But it's very special in Korea. And they have a show on graffiti.
[Girl]: Really? Then when are you bringing me there to watch? Look at this... [ZM]: This one is nice...