Peer Pressure - Ep: 4

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 24.07.2012

Lydia: Hey, I'm still alive -
did not get murdered by the man in the attic.
Mary has some serious trust issues.
I mean, how are you supposed to meet fun, new people if you think everyone's gonna kill you all the time?
Ridic. Oh, speaking of "Ms. Ridic,"
Hey, Mary, wow, lookin' even more emo-tastic than usual, yikes! What gives?
Mary: Some dumb bitches I went to high school with saw your little video blog
and started teasing me about Eddie. The boy from the mall?
Lydia: Oh my God, Mary, that's perf! He'll see it and totes ask you out!
Mary: No, it's not 'perf,' Lydia, it's embarrassing, and it shouldn't be any of their business.
Even some random kid from England has been making gifs about it.
Lydia: Everybody loves a good gif.
Well, if you want my advice, I always solve my problems in these three easy steps:
One: alcohol!
Two: pretend they don't exist.
Three: more alcohol.
Mary: Sounds healthy...
Lydia: It's a universal truth.
Mary: Maybe for you, I don't drink.
Lydia: [Laughs] Oh my God, oh my God, you're so precious!
Mary: No, really, I don't drink
Lydia: For reals? What do you do for fun?

Lydia: Ok, what do you do for fun that involves other people?
Mary: I'm perfectly capable of entertaining myself.
Lydia: Ew! TMI, cuz, TMI.
Mary: Wait... what?
Lydia: Idea! I'm going to peer pressure you into drinking with me!
Mary: Have fun entertaining yourself.
Lydia: Hey, no, both our parents are out for the night -
you clearly need some cheering up -
Just trust me!
Mary: As far as I can throw you.
Lydia: All right, you leave me no choice...
[sings] peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure...
Mary: Seriously?
Lydia: [continues to sing]
Mary: You're just gonna keep doing that?
Oh my God,
Oh my God, stop, it's not gonna work!
Lydia! Oh my God!
Transcribed by: Sarah Frook Written by: Rachel Kiley