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You just knew that this one was bound to happen,
because today, we're making
the EL DIABLO !!!!!
TheFNDC.com presents Drinks With Diablo:
The El Diablo cocktail.
Alright, welcome back to Drinks With Diablo.
This is your host, Jöhnny Dîablø,
and today, it's my pleasure
to bring you the El Diablo cocktail.
Now this is a classic cocktail that goes
all the way back to the 1930s or something like that.
Here's what you're going to need for it:
creme de cassis, ginger beer,
some limes, and
a nice reposado tequila, or a blanco tequila.
We're going to use a reposado today,
and some fresh limes, of course.
We're going to build it in a Collins glass, and shake it down.
Here's what we're going to start with:
1½ ounces of your tequila.
We're going to add ¾ ounce of the creme de cassis,
which is a black currant type of liqueur,
for anybody who doesn't know.
We're going to add the juice of half a lime,
or ½ ounce of lime juice.
Then we're going to shake that down
and throw it in this glass.
By the way, we've got cracked ice in this —
in this here Collins glass.
So , it's got a vaguely purple color there.
Then we top it off with some ginger beer.
And then we stir it up.
Add a lime wedge for garnish.
Now let's try it, the El Diablo. What have we got?
Not bad.
The black currant adds something really different.
It makes it kind of weird. It's very unique.
The lime, the ginger, and the tequila are there,
but this black currant is —
it's making this drink different.
This is a very unique cocktail;
I really do like it.
You can drink it year round.
It's pretty awesome.
The El Diablo~!
All right.
And now if you want to find more drink recipes
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Thanks for being here,
and as always,
Happy Drinking!
El Diablo recipe:
Juice of ½ lime,
1½ oz reposado tequila,
¾ oz creme de cassis,
Ginger beer,
Lime wheel.
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