Associated Students-Emergency Town Hall Session_2012-02-27

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>> Just to get started this is emergency town hall session,
our first town hall for the year.
We are [inaudible].
My name is Chris [inaudible].
I am the vice president
for academic affairs [inaudible] students.
I have to get my [inaudible] to introduce themselves.
>> Hello. My name is Ashley Johnson.
I'm the association's president.
>> [Inaudible].
I'm Simon [inaudible] I'm the chief justice.
It's a fancy title for not as fancy a job.
>>Hi, I'm [inaudible] student trustee.
>> Hello. My name is [inaudible].
I'm the vice president for [inaudible].
>>Hi, [inaudible].
I'm the vice president [inaudible].
>> And last but not least [inaudible] I'm the vice
president for business affairs.
>> And then we have a few other members who are not with us now
but will be coming in late or, oh, [inaudible].
>>Hi, John [inaudible].
I'm the vice president for external affairs.
>> And then [inaudible] members are either going to be coming
in later or a few of us have to leave early for classes
as well [inaudible], but I do want to get started.
The way I had it [inaudible] was first and foremost it's supposed
to be an opportunity for students to come
and speak out [inaudible].
We want to hear your voices so that we represent you as best
as possible moving forward during the [inaudible].
We do have a number
of administrators and trustees here.
Thank you all very much for coming.
We asked them here because we wanted them to be here
to hear the student stories, to give them an opportunity
to really have a student forum they are able to watch
and see what students are saying and why we're saying it.
It's essentially meant to be an open forum for students
to speak, and I'm happy that [inaudible].
Thank you.
Finally, before we get started I want to be as specific
as possible what we are allowed to do here
as associate students.
Tonight is an open forum where anybody can come
and tell us anything that's on their minds and while
AS cannot take any action or make any promises tonight,
we can give feedback and answer any questions and listen
to everything you have to say.
Discussion time will give us an idea of what actually we want
to take place [inaudible].
So, I am going to start tonight with a quick run
through of a situation and [inaudible].
[Inaudible] reports about the class cuts
and [inaudible] week before the spring semester began.
[Inaudible] email and we were [inaudible] both
because of the way that were informed and the timing
of the cuts because [inaudible] had little
to no [inaudible] classes and so forth [inaudible].
So we need [inaudible] handling the situation.
We held an emergency meeting before spring semester started
where we formed ourselves into three teams; one was working
on [inaudible] situation; one to create services
for the affected students; and one to go out and reach
out to students [inaudible] people.
The first group [inaudible].
The resolution [inaudible] the cuts
and through the process [inaudible] shared governance
process on campus [inaudible].
The second group has created new scholarships specifically
for [inaudible] students, which will be available
until March 22nd [inaudible].
They also organize [inaudible].
The third group helped organize this event and we done our best
to inform as many students as we can.
We've done classroom visits, visited clubs, student groups,
[inaudible] professors and other areas on campus.
We tried to speak with every student we can
to tell them what's going on and how they can get involved
and please join us at this event [inaudible].
At this point, AS is working within the committees
such as enrollment [inaudible]
and the budget resource allocations committee,
which Alex and [inaudible].
[Inaudible] to ensure
that students' voices are heard and respected.
We're also planning the [inaudible] march on Monday
where we'll be [inaudible].
Finally, we're still trying to reach
out to all the affected students to understand the implications
of these actions and advocate the [inaudible]
of these students,
the [inaudible] of these [inaudible].
I know that the administration has begun planning their Spring
Forward initiative, which will be a shortened inner session
within the spring semester; that will be specifically focused is
to help these students.
This is a good step forward and we're doing our best
to remain involved
in the planning process for that [inaudible].
With that I'm going to start looking for you.
You're the ones [inaudible].
We want to hear your stories, what's happened to you,
how it's affected you, and we want to hear your ideas.
We do have a videographer here tonight who films
so we can compile all the student stories
that [inaudible].
In order to, we ask that if you come up and speak
if you would be so kind to fill out one
of our media release forms.
We have a number here on the table over here as well
as a number in the back.
Fill them out and put them here on the table
and that way we can use your testimony within [inaudible].
If you feel uncomfortable doing so,
that's entirely okay as well.
Unless there's any further [inaudible].
>> One thing I meant to add that [inaudible].
So the idea of this fund is that it would [inaudible].
We're not quite clear on how [inaudible] made donations
to the fund [inaudible].
Some money that is saved
from various [inaudible] obligations will be placed
into that fund as well.
The Association of Students has already made $1,000 donation
to this fund and we've earmarked more money for it
but that is pending us discussing
with the administration how the money will be used
and making sure they're using it the right way and that was one
of the things we talked about last week
and so hopefully those conversations will go well
and we'll actually be giving more money to the fund
to fund more sections
and obviously we don't have much money at all, but we're trying
to give what we can [inaudible].
>> I just want to clarify when Chris mentioned
that we're offering scholarships they're available online
and even though they're primarily geared towards
students that have been affected with the cuts
and the class [inaudible] these are meant for everyone.
So, I do encourage all of you
that [inaudible] necessarily have been directly affected
by this to go ahead and apply for those as well
and the deadline is March [inaudible].
>> Thanks.
>> I apologize for coming a bit late, but I'm Erica [inaudible],
your vice president for student services.
>> Hi, I'm Victor and I'm your vice president [inaudible].
>> So, moving forward.
[Inaudible] would like to speak please come to the mic.
I know that you have class [inaudible].
>> Okay. Hi, my name is [inaudible].
I have a couple of things.
[ Inaudible ]
So I encourage you to continue to be aggressive, you know,
these measures are good and [inaudible];
that's the only thing that [inaudible].
Everyone here has [inaudible] and make something of themselves
and have a good life and every one
of those class cuts represent [inaudible].
[Inaudible] and I talked to a number of my students
who [inaudible] that were cut.
There's no way, they're not [inaudible] but they need
to get all the way up [inaudible].
There's no way they can do that without that class.
Eighty percent of students who come
in need some core [inaudible] class.
If we cut those classes, no one is going to [inaudible].
They're absolutely necessary.
So, I encourage you guys to really be aggressive
and continue to push and represent [inaudible]
because every single cut affects somebody [inaudible].
So, I would say there's 3,000 students that were affected;
even one student affected is too many.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Any other students?
>> [Inaudible].
I'm currently on the wait list for a television and radio class
and I went to a second class meeting only
to find out that [inaudible]
there should be a more uniform policy
because I know another class there's a teacher if someone
on the wait list they add them [inaudible].
That way they don't get that class they can go shop
around for another class [inaudible].
I'm not really [inaudible]
that I'll get another class [inaudible]; it's kind of a pick
and choose kind of thing.
So, if there could be a more uniform policy
like if someone doesn't show
up on the first day you automatically go to [inaudible]
because as it stands right now you have [inaudible]
that are currently registered that didn't show
up for the class [inaudible].
If they're not there, they're not there.
It's not fair to [inaudible] when there are a lot
of people [inaudible].
[Inaudible] speak for other people as well as myself.
I know ultimately our goal is to get [inaudible].
[Inaudible] as well as trying to develop a more uniform policy
for adding students that are on the wait list.
I want to also say I appreciate all
of the work our student government is doing.
I really appreciate every step they're trying to take
to ensure student success.
Thank you very much.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible comments ]
>> [Inaudible]
>> From what I understand there's some changes this
semester, classroom changes in the adding policy.
I've heard actually the [inaudible] said
that if a student is not present first day they're
not [inaudible].
I also know there have been fewer [inaudible]
and fewer opportunities to add a class [inaudible].
So, those are going
to be [inaudible] keep those in mind so thank you.
Anyone else have any comments?
Especially affected students we'd love to hear students
who may have had their classes cut and how it's affected you.
We really need that information so we can not only help you
but also have a firmer understanding
of exactly how this has affected students.
Yes, please?
>> I'm an international student
so first I must apologize for my poor English.
So, my story is that as an international student
with Visa we're required for like 12 units for every semester
to keep the our Visa, to keep our status,
but now [inaudible] transfer so we have to follow certain units,
certain requirement class
but right now our situation is we can't get our requirement
class but for the 12 units we have
to choose some class [inaudible].
It is not [inaudible].
So that means we spend money on something we don't need.
Not only money [inaudible].
For some of us trying to transfer [inaudible]
that makes us a little bit harder to get transferred
from here and as we know [inaudible] is a school
with a good reputation so that's why we choose here,
but the situation right now make us to double think about is
that good to stay here until we transfer?
So that means we spend more money [inaudible]
because we are international student.
So, we need to consider our finance problem [inaudible].
So, we're thinking about [inaudible]
and also the new policies [inaudible] some professors are
not able to add students manually that's supposed
to be okay for like last fall semester.
This is a problem [inaudible] right now
as an international student.
So, that's my story.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible] the specific problems we've been trying
to address is especially students
who may have lost the [inaudible]; that's very,
very [inaudible] and I think that's one reason [inaudible]
students often have to take classes, [inaudible] classes
that they don't need, [inaudible] classes
because classes they do need aren't [inaudible].
I do think that the [inaudible] offer more classes
that are necessary but it's certainly [inaudible].
>> If I may say something, actually it's a similar problem
to what you just stated which was to enroll
in frivolous sections, just random sections to try
to increase the enrollment priority.
I stressed that to several different legislators
when I went on the board of trustees [inaudible].
So I'd just like to say that's important
that we have [inaudible].
So think you very much.
>> Anyone else like to share their stories?
Yes, please.
[ Inaudible Comments ]
>> Hello, my name is Fernando.
Well, I wasn't affected by the class cuts luckily,
but I have been noticing [inaudible] what you said
about how it was limiting the [inaudible] numbers,
it was limited to about 30 and you add
about 5 more totaling 35, which doesn't really make much sense
to me because some classes were bigger than others and I know
that they also kind of cut back on those big, big classes,
what do they call them?
>> Large group instruction.
>> Large group instruction classes.
They've cut back because they've, I'm not sure
if [inaudible] wasn't as learning efficient,
which I think is really [inaudible].
That's a way that a lot of students get that [inaudible]
and I notice that when working
in the records office I've seen a lot of cases where because
of that [inaudible] cap that limited a lot of students
when there's seats in mine, there's seats in my class
that are empty and it's [inaudible] but because
of this policy it's like they're going to be, there are seats
that are going to be empty for the rest of the semester
when they could be filling them
and it doesn't make much sense to me.
Thank you.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
There are restrictions on class sizes.
One of them is the physical size of the rooms;
sometimes [inaudible] how many students get in
but often there is normal closing numbers
which are largely faculty driven and these give a max cap
of the amount of students who adequately learn
with one professor despite any facilities the max number
students could learn effectively in that class
in the beginning [inaudible]
and that I know a lot of times when you see a lot of chairs
around you there's [inaudible] cap size.
So, their goal I think affecting the size of classes
and there seems to be certain [inaudible] of faculty
within the [inaudible] of some [inaudible] ability
to teach more students [inaudible] faculty say no you
need to limit class sizes in order to make sure
that every student has the attention they need.
>> Yeah. I feel like,
I feel like it's been more bewildering seeing empty seat
next to you than it would be to have a full class size.
You feel more confident learning when you're surrounded
by people who are also engaged.
So I feel like it's not helping at all.
>> There are faculty who have actually figured out ways
to add students over the cap because they know
that they're going to have natural attrition
so they'll [inaudible] the cap anyway, but the fact
that personally feeling that faculty have to go
through this game with the normal closing numbers is a
little bonkers to me and I'd like to be taken up at a later,
one of our meetings I'd like us to think about, you know,
how are we dealing with faculty that maybe some
of them say they want to take on more numbers,
some of them say they can't, make it more
of an individual decision rather than them having
to risk the wrath of their dean or whoever it is
and the final thing I'll say is that so I just want to clarify
that this isn't an issue of, you know, because there are seats
in the row doesn't mean
that they can take the student in; is that correct?
Yes. And where is that set down?
>> That's done by the curriculum instruction committee.
We've been doing that a lot this year.
Normal class numbers are a state mandated requirement
that our institution must have normal class numbers that apply
to all sections within a specific course.
So, for example, English 1A has a specific number
than that is the max size for all English 1A classes
unless there's other things [inaudible] so it's harder
to do it as opposed to your professor's personal,
what they want to do.
I do know that this year
as we've been discussing [inaudible] those numbers I did
[inaudible] one of the first times it was reviewed in years
and I [inaudible] to faculty that most
of the normal closing numbers were kind of just past practice.
Most of the classes had been this size for this long
and so continue that and I asked the question
of the faculty [inaudible] okay say there's a class
of 20 students why did you really look
into whether these students would still be
in an effective learning environment if it was 21 or 22?
One or two students more in there?
So there's multiple sections so more students getting classes
and the faculty [inaudible] require
that they had adequately looked into that.
I don't know if that's true but that is the answer
to that question [inaudible].
>> My final question is [inaudible].
[Inaudible] students interested very clearly to LGI classes
as opposed to the regular 30, 35 students [inaudible].
>> We're not really clear what does LGI mean?
>> Large group instruction the classes that have sort of 50
to 100 to however many students in them.
So they would be in a large environment
like [inaudible] theatre arts classes [inaudible] intro
to poly sci classes [inaudible] the LGIs.
And so just once again how many people are sort of interested
in those sort of classes?
Okay. That's a fair amount.
[ Inaudible ]
>> Hi, my name is [inaudible].
I'd just like to [inaudible] going on.
One is I'm not graduating from here until 2013.
I'm a biology major so it takes a little while
to get the chemistry classes, it's really hard getting them.
I tried to chemistry [inaudible] last semester I was
on the waiting list [inaudible]
after I was already [inaudible] and I didn't get it.
This semester I happened to get it by luck
and our class is really full and there's been about 5-6 students
in our classes waiting to get in as well.
So, I mean just that fact that we don't have enough
of those classes, [inaudible] classes along
with other classes is a problem and along
with I understand the cap that [inaudible] in a certain class
and that's all you can have and that's it,
but from [inaudible] cap size is bigger
and so this semester they just automatically wanted
to start enforcing it now and you're enforcing the cap size
in the middle of spring semester
and it's kind of like, well, what if I'd be here
for a long time [inaudible] all of a sudden it's changed
when I'm getting ready to graduate, when I'm almost there
and now I'm hearing that we might not have a winter,
might not have a summer and that will affect me tremendously
because I need that winter and summer to transfer
in fours semesters, I have four semesters left
and those two are gone then I have to stay here to 2014, 2015,
I won't get to a four-year school until [inaudible] I'll be
like 30 when I'm trying to get a BA.
I'll be 40 when I try to get a masters,
I'll be 50 when I'm trying to get my doctorate and I'll be 60
when I actually start [inaudible].
[ Applause ]
Starting now I think is throwing everybody's game off and I think
that that's kind of unfair.
If this is going to happen,
it should have started next fall; not spring semester.
I talked to Dr. Rocha [phonetic] and I talked
to Dr. Bell [phonetic] about this problem and they kind
of explained [inaudible].
I have a sister who just started here,
she just graduated from Ruby High.
She by luck got a couple of classes but now [inaudible]
where she has to take frivolous classes
to get [inaudible] art 14 that doesn't even matter.
So I feel like if the classes are going to start changing
to where we're only going to have the major classes
that we need like math or chemistry,
whatever it is we're not going to have classes for our major
like maybe sociology 20 something.
I feel like [inaudible] should change that because I don't feel
like I should be here taking frivolous classes
so that she can get up to take her major classes plus her
[inaudible] classes and the thing is so, you know,
[inaudible] and then everything is going to change
and the [inaudible] is going to change.
So I have no choice but to be here longer.
So I just feel those types
of things should be taken into consideration.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> As a STEM major myself, I feel your pain.
I remember taking frivolous classes that were
in no way necessary for anyone doing the physics
or [inaudible] computer science.
I've taken so many random classes just
to get [inaudible] so I feel your pain.
It's an issue especially considering this is a country we
need STEM majors especially and we're not getting [inaudible].
>> Absolutely.
And it kind of goes back to clarify what we're trying to do
with the schedule is I don't think there's going
to be elimination of the classes that are not
as specifically [inaudible] things like that,
but [inaudible] for the classes that help you transfer,
that help you achieve your goals so you can transfer certificate,
get a new job or [inaudible] but I do know that [inaudible]
and classes that offer [inaudible] being taken
into account in the discussions
of what classes we should prioritize.
>> Okay, [inaudible]?
>> Hello, for those of you who don't know me,
my name is Brian Travis [inaudible].
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the board
and the AS for the job that you guys are doing stepping
up to the plate and holding a forum on this [inaudible].
I just wanted to let you guys know here in this forum
that although advocating for classes
and advocating [inaudible] my teacher's request
that advocating [inaudible] but the fact of the reality
of the matter is we need classes now.
[ Applause ]
And so I think as students it's a responsibility
to take more aggressive stance and start demanding these things
because the fact of the matter is
that this semester I've been very blessed
and I have a schedule that's going to suit my needs
so I can move on, but hopefully I can say the same thing next
semester, but I know that from a lot of my friends, 3,000 people
who got their classes cut [inaudible] that's not the case
and [inaudible].
I mean really.
So what I want to challenge is you guys as our AS I want
to empower you guys, really challenge you guys to do it.
We support you guys, we're behind you guys,
we need to start demanding these classes and we need
to take a really aggressive stance
and that's I think [inaudible].
Now, I did want to mention
that someone mentioned more instruction classes
and this semester taking differentiation,
integration [inaudible] and I have Dr. Turner,
the guy is pretty brilliant and he's funny,
but what I've seen him doing was [inaudible] chemistry department
has been providing supplemental instruction
to all of our classes.
Pretty much we have a tutor or somebody
who has already taken the classes and they sit
in the class and afterwards you meet with them
and it's kind of lab [inaudible].
So really in this hard time we need
to start [inaudible] resources and looking at what we have
and on campus I see [inaudible] and my suggestion to the
AS is going to be let's use those resources,
let's put in our [inaudible]
or whatever the need is let's take a math 131 class that's a
basic skills math class
let's [inaudible] a reasonable amount of students that can get
in there and then find money, find resources
to supplement those instructions
because that way I mean that's what you do
at UCLA when you transfer.
You go and you sit in a large auditorium,
I've been there I've done it, you know,
there's 500 people next to you and no one cares if you learn it
and people who really want to learn will learn
because at the end of the day there's a need for it
and you're going to learn it
and that's something I learned a long time ago.
If we do that, you know, 500 pairs of ears get
to hear the message and then those who really want
to learn I think we can afford [inaudible]
to supplement those classes be it math, be it science,
be it history, whatever it is and, you know, [inaudible]
and guess what we're learning, but I mean that's something
that I hope we look to this semester;
it wouldn't be too late.
You have classes on campus that start halfway
through the semester and guess what?
This is what, week 2, we have some time
and that's a reasonable solution
because that's what we need, we need solutions.
We don't need [inaudible]
but we need classes now you know what I'm saying?
So, what I think would be a better idea is look at that now
and if we [inaudible] a half a semester of class and even
if you've gotta go to the math lab it's [inaudible] class.
[inaudible] and guess what you can do
that [inaudible] something called student success.
[ Applause ]
That's one suggestion.
I could be up here all day but I'll make it short.
Another suggestion is you know we keep hearing
from our administration that we have 0 money,
our bank account was 0, but you know, [inaudible]
and it's public information and I understand there's legality
to that that we need to have [inaudible] or whatever it is,
but we're a little bit over that from my understanding.
>> Fifteen; fifteen percent.
>> Fifteen percent.
Okay. Well, I think there's still some overage there.
>> We're required to have 5, we have 15.
>> So we have, okay, so 10%, whenever that 10%
of [inaudible] yeah,
that's about right move the decimal, yeah, 1.2 million.
Hey guys we've got 1.2 million to work with and, you know,
they say the sky is falling in.
It kind of is, we don't have our education so let's do this.
I mean let's use that money.
Guess what if we use that extra 1.3 million and we [inaudible]
to get someone to tutor or hire an adjunct
as a tutor for the semester
and have them supplement
that instruction guess what our learning, whoever wants
to learn is really going
to learn the material and the end results.
Among other things [inaudible] is that you can't tell students
that you have no money and then hire [inaudible].
You just can't do it.
[ Applause ]
>> We're 20, going on 21, 22, and we're going to be 20 going
on 50 because we have to deal with these issues
and I just don't buy it personally
when the board [inaudible] we have no money.
Guess what we had the money to buy [inaudible]
and we had money to, I came
to the board meeting last week and I was so shocked.
I was in [inaudible] last semester
and that was a great experience and when I found
out [inaudible] I was devastated.
I said these guys are crazy because we had such a good time
out there and to think that they would cut [inaudible] it's
beyond me.
My point is that I was in here last time they were protesting
and I think [inaudible] waiting to do that to get the message
out there, but after we get their attention [inaudible] calm
down and that's when we need ears to listen to solutions
and I just don't think it's reasonable to say
that we don't have money
yet we just bought new desks for trustees.
I mean they look nice, but
and one thing I'll show you really briefly is I was in Italy
and it's the fashion capital of the world and someone told me,
a [inaudible] designer told me, you know,
in times of [inaudible] depression, you don't look
so good in a Gucci suit.
You look better in jeans and a t-shirt.
I think that holds true here.
It would be nice if our administration showed us they're
with us and they just started wearing jeans and t-shirts.
[laughter] [Inaudible] that's all you need
and you have the tools to do it.
So, that's what I wanted to say
to the administration that's here [inaudible].
I'll have a mouthful to say about that next board meeting,
but if you guys want to work with us, jeans and t-shirt guys.
I mean that's really what it needs to be
because like I said I have one idea and let's do big class,
let's do instruction and we'll get [inaudible].
You can still do it halfway
through the semester [inaudible].
Thank you for listening.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you.
Just really quickly.
One of the comments about math lab,
I'm going to totally stand behind you [inaudible].
I understand a lot of people don't learn that way,
but if I hadn't used math lab I'd be here for about 8 years.
So, I greatly appreciate math lab programs and I should hope
that everyone has the tools for jeans and t-shirts.
>> Thank you again.
Those are the kinds of ideas and things that are,
I personally love to hear from [inaudible] so thank you.
Feel free by the way we have [inaudible] committees.
Students like yourself who have those ideas and want to speak
like that those are the kinds of students we want
to fill those positions.
>> [Inaudible] have suggestions you can always come
to our office hours too.
Our email addresses are online .
You can always email us, [inaudible].
But if you want to speak one-on-one with a person,
feel free to come by because that's really our job.
We love to hear from you, we love to hear this kind
of feedback on a regular basis so we can make sure
that when we go to the student government meetings
and we do [inaudible] administrators,
we have as much feedback as possible
because we do want to represent you guys the best we
possibly can.
So, thank you, again for the suggestions.
>> Sorry. One other comment.
[Inaudible] seats filled.
We have a [inaudible] onsite,
but [inaudible] get involved student governance.
There's a little switching
of [inaudible] committees out there.
Maybe not everyone [inaudible].
I'd also like to say something about perception and the jeans
and the t-shirt thing because I know that some
of us [inaudible] the jeans and the t-shirts.
[ Inaudible ]
>> [laughter] I think that there's been a disconnect here
as far as perception goes and one of the things that I noticed
and I said this in [inaudible] discussion
with me was there was a moment in the board of trustees meeting
where someone was talking about SASI, S-A-S-I,
and even to this day I don't remember what exactly it stands
for, but there was a confusion about what it meant
and just now there's confusion over what [inaudible].
I just think that it's part of business to try to move along
and use the acronyms SASI, LGI, whatever it is, but
why are we here?
We're here for the students.
And I think that taking that time to ensure
that there's not [inaudible]
but accessibility is really important here
so that we're not bogged down by
or at least the [inaudible] having acronyms
and then not really sure where to go to find out what they are.
>> Okay.
>> My name is Kirstin [inaudible]
and I was directly involved in cut classes because one
of the classes that I always take was actually cut
and when I first came here 7 years ago I came here partly
because I saw PCC was different than other community colleges.
Apparently I'm wrong because I thought they actually care
about musicians but every time they have
to cut a class it's let's cut the music class
and this one class first.
It's like so you don't care about musicians then?
[ Applause ]
The other thing is I'm having trouble getting my science class
that I need for graduation and transfer
because there's not enough sections [inaudible] already
filled up.
So, the other thing is assuming class was not cut I'm having
trouble getting into it because I got an [inaudible] said class
cancelled so what's up with that?
[ Applause ]
[Inaudible] if I can even get in the class.
>> Good luck and I'll talk to you afterwards
and I'll see what I can do.
I'll clarify what's going on and I hope
that that gets better for you.
That's not good especially for someone that's [inaudible].
Thank you.
>> [Inaudible] the music class.
I need it.
It's not a requirement but I need it so when I don't do well
in a class I still have a good GPA.
Otherwise it'll go down.
Thank you.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible] is one of the things I was talking about.
It doesn't help that the drop date is [inaudible] date
because then you wind up with a class
that has maybe [inaudible] wants to add are no longer able to
and it's a little [inaudible].
>> I do want to remind or let you all know
for students [inaudible] to come talk to us
because we're actually in the process of [inaudible].
So if you had a class that got cancelled,
please reach out to us.
Currently I believe emails are being forwarded
to [inaudible] student services,
but any of those could do the trick.
So, if you have [inaudible] come talk to us.
>> Thanks.
>> Hi, my name is [inaudible].
I haven't been directly affected by the cuts,
but I've still seen the effect of it.
It's really, it's pretty shocking.
Also I think there's a missing section
with the information about classes.
[Inaudible] says that there's only been about 40 sections cut
when in reality we've cut 90 sections
and then added more sections to the classes
that are more popular.
So, I think that there should be a clarification about that.
Also, during the last board meeting he said that he wanted,
that he was suggesting [inaudible] classes
which I think is an example of how we are rerouting our school
into a trade school sort of.
We're pipelining people into jobs rather
than giving them a [inaudible] education.
So I think that that's just a bad idea.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible] culinary class that was cut here this evening?
>> Just to clarify as far as the 90/46 number discrepancy.
The college has a normal and regular practice prior
to this semester and don't quote me on this because I [inaudible]
but I know there's a regular [inaudible] classes are cut.
This is not directly affected by the budget cuts
but is [inaudible] regular process.
The classes that we're cutting due
to the budget cuts were sections that we're all talking about.
So, [inaudible] I think probably bring in some resources,
some information because I was [inaudible] meeting.
[inaudible] numbers, and I think the [inaudible] was addressed
so hopefully that helps.
>> [inaudible]
>> Just to speak to the [inaudible] classes,
when the college talked about [inaudible] courses,
they talked about courses that community members
that aren't traditional PCC students come and ask for
and charging them a higher rate
so that way we can offer more courses
for our regular everyday students.
So just to clarify that it's not classes that we are [inaudible]
and make them [inaudible] but rather classes
that community comes to us for.
Since I was at the [inaudible] with Danielle and I was
at the board of trustees meeting [inaudible].
I do want to let you guys know
that they [inaudible] overall fact sheet
of [inaudible] working with all bodies on campus to make sure
that we get accurate information.
>> Can you include the [inaudible]?
Because I'm still a little confused.
So if we can get some more information on what
that means I'd appreciate it.
>> Hopefully I'll do this justice.
In essence, it means that we will be,
instead of it being a class that is kind of at the rate
of $36 per unit, 46 soon enough,
it is charged at a higher rate.
So, we can charge my understanding is we can charge
what the actual charge of the class is
which we don't do everyday students right now.
>> So we would have to pay the [inaudible] fee beyond $46
per unit?
>> That would mean anyone that,
ideally that would be the community members
that enroll in that class.
So if the community wanted [inaudible].
>> [inaudible]
>> Are those classes necessarily academic classes
or are you talking about like community [inaudible]?
>> [Inaudible]
>> Okay. So, not going to conflict
with the actual academic classes.
Because my personal fear
and we haven't had this discussion before,
is for a Phoenix class to come
in between a student that's [inaudible] able to pay for that
and then someone that can pay for it be, you know,
customers [inaudible] but just
to clarify these classes are not like math or English.
It's community classes.
>> I do want to kind of move on [inaudible] get to everyone.
So, hopefully we can [inaudible] as well.
>> Hi, my name is [inaudible].
I want to thank you guys for having this meeting
and giving us a chance to actually give our voice.
I've been coming here for three years.
My goal was to be here for two years and [inaudible].
Sadly that hasn't happened because there's
so many students, there's so many what do you call it,
there's so many like budget cuts going
on that they don't allow them to add as many students
as they can, you know, and I was going to say like [inaudible].
Actually [inaudible] because basically it's a gamble.
Coming here is a gamble.
If I wanted to gamble, I would go to Las Vegas.
[laughter] But at this rate I want to be the first one
to graduate college from my family,
but at this rate I don't know how long it's going to take
and I want to tell you thank you for actually putting the word
out there for us and don't get discouraged.
Thank you.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Silence ]
>> [ Inaudible comments ]
[ Applause ]
>> [inaudible].
>> I have a question.
>> Yeah?
>> [Inaudible]
>> Basically to say that there are professors who are willing
to teach more students even the right to teach the students.
If there are professors who are willing to teach the students
and they shouldn't be stripped of the ability to do that.
[inaudible] students and professors
who are willing to [inaudible].
>> Hi. My name is Jasmine [inaudible].
I'm a foreign student nursing student
and I was not really directly affected by budget cuts;
however, I feel the need to take [inaudible] position
here tonight.
I do understand all of your guys frustration and being upset
because you're not getting into certain classes or whatnot,
but I've actually been going to a community college since 2006
and I'm just now going to be finishing
because classes cancelled or can't get
into because it's already full.
These things are going to happen.
This is college, this is life.
It's not all because of the budget cut.
I know [inaudible] happening to you
but I mean we're sitting here in front of our faculty
and we're saying that we're taking frivolous classes.
This is a standard for higher education.
There isn't such a thing as frivolous knowledge.
You're complaining because you learn something
that you weren't planning on learning.
I mean [inaudible] I guess.
[laughter] Yeah, that's really all I wanted to say.
Oh, one more thing one thing
that has been concerning me actually
as I say I'm personally not really affected, however,
all our faculty seems to be heavily affected.
Basically every time they have class we hear
from them how they're continuously being hassled
to basically leave; like they're being asked to retire early.
I know there's several members
of the nursing faculty have been let go over break and the hours
for our nursing retention counselor were cut drastically
through [inaudible] and, yeah, those things are, I guess,
some things that are going on on the other campus
where the nursing [inaudible] is now.
>> Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible] a few times my word choice for frivolous.
I didn't intend it to mean that.
I actually appreciate the class that I did take very much.
It just seemed [inaudible] graduating
and getting out of here.
>> But I'd still be considered one of those students that has
like two classes left to go, the bio and the math class.
So, I signed up for those two classes I was put
on the waiting list, I was like number three
on the waiting list for those classes.
Normally I would assume
that that gave me a pretty good chance of getting in the class.
All of a sudden about two weeks before this semester started
like a week and a half.
I got pushed to like number 10 and number 12
on the waiting list like [inaudible]
and then the day before the class started
on both sections it said wait list ended
and the class is cancelled [inaudible].
So, I'm kind of, it's been a week,
and I still can't get a real answer to that.
I'm wondering also how much
of that is actually being considered into the numbers
when we talk about classes being cut
because we were told there was a wait list
and there was no wait list.
So, that's a problem.
And also so as far as providing those [inaudible] classes I
think a lot of times those [inaudible] classes are
important for students like me and other students
who aren't able to get those classes but still need
to get 12 units for whatever reason and so I had to sign up,
[inaudible] waiting list for those classes.
I ended up with a schedule that looked like crazy.
I had like 10 classes because I was on a waiting list
for 3 important classes.
So I have to take Spanish Conversation.
Spanish Conversation is a class that's
like a lower [inaudible] class I suppose and that class is cut
so now my schedule is like I had 10 classes.
I had 3 classes and I [inaudible] 12 units
and I was providing a safety net for myself, you know,
[inaudible] classes and you'll get at least four.
Didn't happen because of the results like accommodation
of all [inaudible] one time.
So, those are my two things.
I think it was [inaudible] in these hard times
and I also think I'd like to get some clarification what happened
with the wait list.
I know you guys were talking about solution.
I just want to say, you know,
[inaudible] meeting was really commendable.
I'm really excited to come this semester and see that there's
such an energy because,
and I really don't appreciate the comments
from the administrators saying that we were being uncivilized
or that, you know, we should wait for a chance to speak
because a lot of us have been coming to these meetings,
to these board of trustee's meetings to, you know,
try and empower the shared governance [inaudible] two weeks
before the semester starts they try
to do something like this to us.
So, I really don't appreciate those comments and I think that,
you know, the solution is to keep putting pressure on them.
Thank you.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> If I could just briefly go off of that
and then I'll [inaudible].
I've already seen some progress in that and it's
because the students weren't speaking out.
I think we are [inaudible].
I argue that in meetings
where the student voice has been raised to a level of respect
that I hadn't see and I think that's happened
in the past couple of weeks
because students are getting involved,
students are being active and [inaudible] and heard
and that's something that is powerful and I think that,
I agree that those kind
of actions [inaudible] what happened
on Wednesday the idea students coming out
and voicing their opinions is something that should not stop.
[ Applause ]
>> Hello, my name is Bejan.
I have a few bullet points of issues that I want to discuss.
First of all to the brother
that said maybe we should have huge classes for math.
I kind of disagree with that.
I think that we need to have learning as our first priority
and I don't believe in a class
of 200 people you can actually learn Math and English
and subjects like that that you need personal attention.
So, while like maybe lecture classes that would
like such classes I don't believe it would work.
[inaudible] governance.
That's a very important issue.
It has failed at this college.
Students do not have a role in the decision making.
The cuts did not go through students.
We got cut.
So, the [inaudible] shared governance
and joining these committees
when the decision is already made for us
and we have an advisory vote, that is not shared governance.
[ Applause ]
[Inaudible] to that I would like to comment
on the presence of the police.
I know Chris made [inaudible] board
of trustees, but this is insane.
We had a meeting outside out in the open
and we had 7 cops there.
We had 7 cops for an outside meeting
in front of the [inaudible].
I don't think that's right.
I also don't think that the academic senate meetings should
be policed that way
where there's only [inaudible] there --
[ Applause ]
-- how are students supposed to be involved in their own college
when they're not invited to the meetings?
[Inaudible] being implemented everywhere.
We've had meetings at that same room
where it was packed surrounding, now we have both cops
and this is a form of intimidation.
I'm sorry but that's what it is and as students we won't stand
for that and we're not scared, and I hope that you guys speak
out for us because you did
and I hope everybody else does as well.
My next point is the cuts.
I really am proud of this board because for the first time the
AS board took a strong position against the cuts.
[ Applause ]
But these cuts are not new.
We had 300 last year.
Students protested but the AS didn't take a strong position
like they did this past week.
Now at [inaudible] Center, Miller, who is a presentation
about 540 sections being cut this coming year, 540 sections.
That's winter and summer and [inaudible] said
that they are going to cut winter and summer.
Those are essential to transferring.
I'm finally transferring and it was
because of winter and summer.
[ Applause ]
I really am looking to you guys
to take a position against the 540 cuts.
We can't take those cuts as a give me.
We're going to fight them
and I hope you guys are part of that fight.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible] until I gave up my seat for presenter
and then wasn't allowed back in and then the
AS was offered an expanded police presence tonight.
We did not take it.
[ Applause ]
>> We have four out there.
>> There is none in here.
Well, the one in here but that's it.
>> Okay.
>> About the idea of shared governance and our seats on it.
This Wednesday
at the [inaudible] we will specifically be [inaudible]
for more student seats
on at least one shared governance committee,
which is [inaudible].
>> What [inaudible] is it going to be in?
Is the public going to be able to be at this meetings?
Because if they're trying to limit the seats and tell us
that we're not allowed in them?
>> What they're doing is they're moving most of the large,
all the large and more important shared governance committees
excluding the college council into this room, the [inaudible]
and we will also be filming it
and broadcasting live every single one of those meetings.
I do know today [inaudible] I was late,
but I was not [inaudible] even though I am technically the
AS liaison to that body and that's because of [inaudible]
and that was upsetting.
So, but we are trying to get more official representation
on [inaudible] to at least be equal to [inaudible].
>> Finally the [inaudible] rotates pretty much almost
unanimously to bind itself voluntarily
to the [inaudible] meetings anyone
in the public has the right to come and speak
on anything [inaudible] college council this semester
or last semester.
So, we'll be holding the college council to that.
>> Thank you.
>> My name is James, and I was here on Wednesday and I was
so inspired by students I think it was about 200 students
that participated and I was so inspired
that when I got home I just had to write [inaudible]
to the students and I posted it to the Students
for PCC Facebook page.
I think this issue is an issue for each and every student here
and [inaudible] told me there's about 25,000 students
or 20,000 students enrolled this semester.
Two-hundred is a small percent out of all the student body
and I think this is an issue for each
and every one this role directly or indirectly.
I had 17 units.
My [inaudible] got cut so I'm down to 14
so thank God I'm still full time
or else my financial aid would be screwed up.
I come from a place where we don't really have a lot
of democratic [inaudible] and it was a public university
that I went to and what's happening here is very familiar.
Every year they cut budget to our college and eventually
out public college,
our republican person will probably [inaudible].
So, I think it's not an issue of cutting class here or there
or whatever or, you know, the state budget
but I think its [inaudible] approach
to converting public institutions,
rights for the people into profit-making machines.
[ Applause ]
So, yeah, [inaudible] class and I hope my teacher forgives me.
[laughter] So, [inaudible] because I think it's
about leadership that you guys got elected and I'm not sure
if some of you will take that call or request seriously.
At least 15,000 students mobilized in small
or big ways whether it's writing a letter or signing, yes,
I'm for, you know,
more education basically making PCC more accessible
and have more quality education as compared
to making this campus pretty.
It's a pretty campus, but what I think is important is having
access to [inaudible].
I don't have a lot of choices so as a lot of students here.
We don't have a lot of choices.
We have to work, we have to get financial aid
and I think that's a primary focus of that administration
and the [inaudible] to fighting for [inaudible] more accessible
and having great t-shirts, having quality education
and the semester has just started.
I think it's going to be a great semester and I truly hope
that some of you guys will take the leadership in getting,
20,000 students [inaudible] great power to turn
around the budget cuts.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good luck getting your class.
[Inaudible] or something.
>> My name is David, and I'm [inaudible].
I haven't really been affected by the class
so I can't really speak for a lot of the people here
who have been affected.
It has been [inaudible].
I'm just here for a question I wanted to ask you guys.
It seems that PCC has a [inaudible] but I was wondering
if the [inaudible] universities were also
in the same [inaudible] same cuts?
Because my one of my friends here has been trying
to get this math 55 class, it's the highest math class;
he's a genius he can take it.
The problem is that he doesn't have [inaudible] he's a 4.0
student but cannot get this class and he's about to transfer
into the [inaudible] can't take this class will this affect me?
UC Berkeley, for example, wasn't aware exactly of his situation.
So, it kind of put on hold [inaudible].
So [inaudible] exactly going on in terms of [inaudible].
Are you considering the fact that some of our [inaudible]
or even thousands
of our students [inaudible] the classes we need
and might not get this class even though they were told
that they [inaudible]?
>> Actually I've been trying
to help a student [inaudible] get his class.
One of the things that we,
that I personally [inaudible] hold was [inaudible]
which was simply [inaudible] graduating
and need 1 class [inaudible].
[ Applause ]
What I say to students that are in that situation is
that by talking not just to us but to,
through us to the administration [inaudible] we can try and help
as much as we can and I hope the transferring institutions are
aware of this because I think they're
in similar situations as ours.
>> And actually [inaudible] and something that he is doing
for students who can't get into those classes
for whatever reason that are [inaudible] writing letters
to the big universities like UC Berkeley [inaudible] I'm pretty
sure that most college universities
at this point completely understand
that we're all facing budget cuts
and facing unfortunate situations
and so they're basically saying, you know,
this student only needs this one class but hasn't been able
to take it because the administration had
to cut these classes that are required.
So, I think if we [inaudible].
>> And any students in this situation,
any student you guys know that's
in this situation please tell them to call [inaudible]
because there are always avenues
that we can explore [inaudible] help directly
but at least we can point them
in the direction [inaudible] get somehow.
So, that's what we're here for.
>> [Inaudible] first two days or whatever, and by this week
or not even this week but the second day actually none
of them [inaudible] wait list.
Actually they come back and made us, the students,
and the teacher wondering, well, why don't they come if they were
so [inaudible] the classes.
So, what I'm trying to say is that there are room
in the school that there are classes
and even though it might seem bad
and might seem very [inaudible] maybe you're not getting the
classes you need to transfer there's room
and there's [inaudible] hard to get [inaudible] but we submit
to ourselves to really push it and change also.
So, please I urge you guys
to if you guys didn't get the class then try another one,
try it again, try as long as you can until you actually get it.
So thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> [Inaudible].
Anyone else got questions or comments?
>> Can I say something?
>> Yes, please.
>> I guess I have a comment [inaudible].
My name is [inaudible].
There are students who try very hard to get a class
and they're still not able to get classes.
So, I encourage students who come
to [inaudible] consistently come and just, you know,
really pressure the board of trustees and do whatever you can
to get [inaudible] back.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> My name is [inaudible].
Some of you on the board actually know me.
I just want to say in my experience of what I've been
through and what every student should go through, you know,
I'm fortunate enough to be, come into my first year at PCC
in the [inaudible] program and a lot of you guys know about
and there's [inaudible] program
and they guarantee you English and math class.
I know a lot of students like some of my friends who come
in to PCC are coming from high school to PCC they had to take
like random classes like what John said
and some classes you don't even need for your major
or electives just to get those units
and I was very fortunate enough to get into that program to get
into that program to get all the stuff that I needed, you know,
the units that I have [inaudible] a lot of my friends,
which was [inaudible] but in
which every student should actually get it and it was
until this year where I actually had trouble getting the classes
that I wanted winter and spring.
I mean I don't [inaudible] not to worry about, oh,
should I get this class or this class just because I need units?
But they should be like, oh, I don't have to worry
about taking this class because I already got this
class covered.
Also I want to say that since I'm majoring
in radio [inaudible] major is there's a TR 120 class
that I took over the winter and it was very fortunate
like [inaudible] that that class might be only once a year
and that class is really essential for all radio,
people who want to go into radio and the industry
because that's where I got experience on how
to do [inaudible] techniques and how to do
like [inaudible] it's really essential for people who want
to go in that area and it shows we're being really affected
by this and I just wanted to say that.
Try to save us [inaudible].
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you [inaudible].
I just wanted to say there's been rumors going
around that some of the [inaudible]
who have been speaking out have been getting threats.
I just want to say to all of the faculty
and students don't be scared to speak out.
There are students that have your back and we will continue
to mobilize and take this [inaudible].
So, thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> I just want to know [inaudible].
>> [Inaudible].
Definitely [inaudible] committees if you want to do
that but doing a lot of [inaudible] committee deals
with a lot of these [inaudible] these academic problems coming
up [inaudible] exactly what's happened on campus.
But [inaudible] to get involved is you can get the word
out you can start meeting, having student meetings
and getting involved with us [inaudible] classes,
talking to any student you can to really get involved
and make sure if there's a [inaudible]
on campus that's the most powerful thing
that there is [inaudible].
>> You can really take advantage of the services that we have
on campus like tutoring or like [inaudible].
All of those are available [inaudible]
about them [inaudible].
All those resources are here for you so you need
to take some initiative to look to that.
So, we really encourage you to [inaudible].
>> Another thing for you to try and help fight
against these section cuts is come to March and March.
We have the assignment list in back.
Carrie has it right now.
Oh, Kim has it.
>> There's a mentoring meeting tomorrow at noon.
If you don't sign up, just go to [inaudible] tomorrow at noon.
>> What room, Terri?
>> [inaudible].
>> [inaudible].
So tomorrow at noon [inaudible] for those of you that don't sign
up and interested to go.
Last but not least I feel like [inaudible] for students
to get bullets per se.
We want to say in the forum we're doing, we're putting a lot
of effort into putting all the information that we have access
to available for you guys and [inaudible] to do
that indirectly would be go to our website.
So, [inaudible] fellow board members [inaudible] they have
access to.
So information is out and the best way to be persuasive
and strategically speaking
to [inaudible] have the right knowledge when you come in.
So just keep me informed in making sure that,
you know, you can [inaudible].
>> Every single piece of information
that we get whether it's [inaudible] whether it's the
high [inaudible] of the United States or whoever,
we will be putting our [inaudible] and we're going
to start using that to make sure that you sign up there.
[inaudible] we'll start emailing updates
to those email addresses regularly with every piece
of information that we get.
So not only will [inaudible] [inaudible].
[Inaudible] everything we get and please just keep talking
to us because if we aren't being talked to there's only
so much we can do and there's only so many places to go
and we meet every Wednesday in a business meeting kind
of like the board of trustees does
and we want students to come and tell us how they feel
and what we should be doing.
I think we're going to move there when we [inaudible] here.
>> Just to piggyback on what everyone has [inaudible].
I would say that the bottom line is that get involved
because just [inaudible] involvement anywhere here
at PCC is empowerment everywhere at PCC
because if you are to join a club, a program,
you develop relationships with faculty, staff, other students
that you may not have had
and that way you yourself can become a [inaudible]
of somebody else's information.
So, we have success and we have supports and then
that way the voices that speaks get louder and louder and louder
to the point where we are truly a [inaudible].
Please take advantage of [inaudible] the AS
or other programs we have.
Again, if you're involved, you are [inaudible].
>> And also very quickly [inaudible].
I guess [inaudible] as well.
So if you're interested in student government and you want
to make sure that you are [inaudible] or you want
to be sort of a liaison between [inaudible]
and the student body, you know, participate and run and we win
and then you can get involved as well
and learn more about yourself.
So, more information on that will be coming up.
We'll definitely put it on our website.
[inaudible] definitely try to continue
that just [inaudible] can find out information as well.
So, give us feedback because that really helps us
to do the best job we can.
>> Okay. So I have a question and I have a suggestion.
So last spring unfortunately I received an unsatisfactory grade
in [inaudible] class and this class was not offered
in the [inaudible].
This specific class was not offered in summer so when I went
to take it it was not offered last fall and it was not offered
in winter and now it's [inaudible] offered
this semester.
At the department I've been getting the runaway.
So, are some of these classes
that have been cut are they being cut completely
or what can I do to take this class
over because it hasn't been offered
for the past two semesters?
>> Can I ask what classes?
>> History 27A.
>> Okay. I know those kind
of classes are only offered [inaudible] anyway
and so that's kind of one of the things that [inaudible].
I know that's off of our roster.
I heard numbers today that we had 1,700 different classes
that we offer at any one time we offer 700 of those.
And so at this time no class has been taken off the roster
[inaudible] offered, but I don't know specifically.
Those questions are really on the division side.
>> Okay. And second, I don't know
if someone suggested this already, because I had
to leave for a little bit,
but my friend that goes to UC Riverside
when they started having problems with the people
like the freshmen and sophomores getting classes,
they kind of tapped the seniors and juniors
to only getting 14 units
and then having a second registration date
to see if anything was left.
So maybe that's something
that we could probably try to do here.
>> A faculty member mentioned that statement [inaudible].
I think that's a good idea.
[inaudible] to see whether our IT can handle it
because unfortunately that's not a [inaudible]
on this campus [inaudible] system,
but that's definitely [inaudible].
So thank you, Myra.
[ Applause ]
>> Myra, I would also suggest talking with a professor
because I know that sometimes there's only one professor
who will teach that class and they will rotate what they teach
and so they only teach it every few years.
So, you may also want to [inaudible] the professor.
>> One thing I found as the [inaudible]
to fund [inaudible] classes [inaudible] we do it on basis
of [inaudible] scheduling so that by looking
through the groups that are close to transferring by looking
through the classes and looking at the ones that are high demand
for transfer and some of that maybe could be more specifically
[inaudible] the classes that are going to get students
out the most [inaudible], but it's one thing that [inaudible]
and I know there are a bunch of various different suggestions.
>> [inaudible].
The reason why we're [inaudible] is because a lot
of the community [inaudible]
and they actually need some more stories.
So after this is over [inaudible] questions
if you want to stay and share your experience
because that's what we put together to [inaudible].
So I really encourage you
if you've got 10 minutes afterwards to stay.
>> Thanks.
>> I'm sorry.
Excuse me for being [inaudible].
So, I just had another comment about the class limits
because I think it's important just
to get all the stories that are out there.
I actually heard of an online physics class
that a specific professor was actually kind of upset
about the class limit being that it was an online class
and I really like the idea of the online learning
because I think it does give students an opportunity,
more students an opportunity to take classes.
So he was kind of upset because he couldn't add more students
to an online class where there's not an issue of fire limits
in the classroom or anything like that.
It's very manageable for him to manage those classes.
So I thought that was worth mentioning.
Also, I like it that there are some trustees here
in the room also to take this in.
I just want to get it out there
that the trustees are actually elected by constituencies
that is based off of students and the students' parents
and stuff like that that live in the area and a lot
of us don't even know that.
So it's important for us to know that we do elect our trustees
and so that's another way to, another avenue for us
to get involved is to, you know,
look into who we're actually electing, trustees,
but also one more thing I wanted to speak about was,
is our ability to block classes for things
like I'm [inaudible] major and I know that it would be useful
for me to have one class of math and physics together
or something like that and I'm sure a lot
of other [inaudible] majors could attest to that.
So I think it would be useful to maybe take a look
into getting some curriculum
that involves block classes for STEM majors.
[ Applause ]
>> Anyone else comments or questions?
>> Actually I have a question.
About the Spring Forward Program.
I was just curious how would that work?
So it will be, it's already limited?
>> No. From what I'm sensing it's still
in the beginning stages but it should be going fairly quickly
on what we're going to do and it should start
in about three weeks I think.
Yeah, in March, and it will be a short 12-week inner session
within spring semester and we're doing our best to make sure
that it will help us to have full-time status
so they will have financial aid and insurance
and what have you available to them and it will focus
on those students especially who are about to transfer.
>> Spring Forward is actually
where I [inaudible] scheduling idea
because the way [inaudible] it's going to be [inaudible].
>> I was personally contacted with a question
of are the classes specifically only for those students
and it certainly targets the students who need to get that,
but I would be surprised and shocked
if these classes were offered, for example,
it's a 30-person class and 20 of the students who need
to take it were the affected students
and the 10 extra were given out to other students.
So, we are going to do our best to make sure this is effective
for all students but especially those affected.
>> Can you explain I guess the graduation [inaudible]?
>> The Spring Forward is a specifically an initiative
for this semester to counteract the effects
of the recent cuts before the semester and it's going
to be a one-time thing specifically to address that.
Whereas the graduation fund will be a fund that's created
through voluntary donations
that will throughout starting next semester,
next year probably in the fall start creating classes
that are specifically high demand transfer classes
to get students able to graduate and move
on to achieve their goals.
That will hopefully be a continuing thing
that perhaps will continue to add [inaudible] help
in that area but that won't start until fall.
>> Yes, I also was on the waiting list for a class
and I checked today and it said wait list ended.
Does that mean I'm not on the wait list anymore for the class?
I don't get it.
>> Were you written on it or were you online?
>> No, online.
>> Have you checked your schedule?
Does your schedule still say you're on the waiting list?
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah. Then you will still get on the waiting list.
>> [inaudible].
>> On the class schedule you mean?
Is it on your specific schedule or on the scheduled classes
for the entire school?
>> My schedule.
>> It said wait list ended?
>> Yeah. I don't know what that means.
Does anyone else?
Specifically what it says on your schedule wait list ended?
Okay. We'll find out.
>> I just want to make sure I can clarify the avenue
that students can take to talk to you.
We can email you [inaudible].
We can email you at, do you guys have emails
by chance?
No. Okay. Just want to make sure.
We can call you, you guys,
your office is downstairs immediately downstairs, correct?
So you also have March in March, you have shared governance,
which will be online has a description of that, correct?
As far as the information from [inaudible],
any information regarding this issue from it
because I have the problem of getting different stories
of what's happened and you have all that information
on the website, correct?
And it will also be given to those that are
on the subscribe list?
Oh, and then you can join the committees and run this spring?
Oh, cool.
>> [inaudible] actual questions.
[laughter] One thing that you didn't mention, Carlena,
one of the things you said
at the very beginning [inaudible] today.
That's because when we make our plans for actions that's
on Wednesdays at 12:00 because that's our regular business
meeting and that's specific to the things and that's
where we get together
and we make funny things called motions.
What those do is they say, well,
this is where AS is planning to go.
So, we can talk about different ideas and get feedback.
This Wednesday will be where we as a group so all six
of us will, 12 of us, will have a big discussion
about where do you want to go with this now.
That means that we'll probably take some sort of action.
Whatever that action looks like students can have input on too.
We can't do that here because of some funny California laws,
but at these Wednesday business meetings you guys are welcome
to come.
We meet over there in CC212.
There's a whole group of people on the wall
and so it's a nice little conference room,
everyone is welcome to come to that and that's a place
where we do make decisions
and we do actually say this is what we're going to do,
this is how we're going to treat this situation.
So, other members of the public are just as welcome
at these events to come to us
and tell us what they think we should do there too.
>> I talked to a faculty member
and I'm not really sure what she said was true
about [inaudible] laptops and computers.
Since we [inaudible] it really does make sense why we would buy
more laptops and computers.
Most of the students own their own laptops
and her lab that she works at they've got 15 laptops,
15 computers, and she said
that in the last 5 years they've only used it twice
which makes no sense.
So, if they're going to buy more laptops
and computers you might as well [inaudible].
>> From what I understand our technology
on campus especially our system that deals
with basically everything, administration, emails,
all of those things that really are [inaudible] is
extremely old.
It's '83 or something, '82?
And so one of the priorities right now of administration is
to upgrade that system and to go along
with that I think I also heard that will include having
to upgrade computers and the hardware here
on campus basically to be able to run the new system
since our hardware is also relatively old.
I know what we're doing and I don't know
if this is [inaudible] is we're calling
for efficient spending across the board.
Definitely prioritization of classes and sections
above anything else, but for these needed upgrades for it
to be efficient so there's, for example,
a lab that isn't being used properly,
start using the lab properly or don't put money into it.
Those are the kinds of things that we hope to continue to say
when we get in these discussions as they come up.
>> One thing I'll add to that conversation we have
in our Wednesday groups it's going to be
which is spending [inaudible] should be changed [inaudible]
discussing over the next few weeks including
technology [inaudible].
>> Will there be another [inaudible] meeting?
Or is that a one-time meeting?
>> Every Friday.
>> Every Friday.
In this room?
>> It's here.
>> A comment about [inaudible] it's run by us [inaudible].
[laughter] I oversee at least 90% of the [inaudible].
I attend directly [inaudible].
[ Applause ]
And as efficient as 12 people on the board are and, you know,
the [inaudible] that we [inaudible] on committees,
imagine how much more we could do
if more people were on our committees.
Now I know I'm speaking to a small room here
and people have class and people have things to do,
but I encourage you all to encourage others to stand
with us and [inaudible].
We really appreciate if you guys could pass
on the message we would appreciate that so much.
>> Is there a meeting this Friday?
>> Yes.
>> No.
>> No? Not this Friday?
>> Not this Friday.
>> Not this Friday.
Good question.
So, okay. It is, yeah.
>> I have a question about the communications.
I do realize there is not effective communication
through the [inaudible] population of the students
because I mean I personally wouldn't have known
about this meeting unless I was in AS a previous semester.
So, I think maybe there should be a way to actually send
out information about a lot
of the stuff you guys have got them the board
of trustees meeting and send it out to the students
so we have accurate information.
>> One of the things we don't have access to is the ability
and then we [inaudible] we had to request pretty seriously
for about [inaudible] is the ability to email all students.
>> Okay.
>> We don't actually, we're not given that privilege I suppose.
It's something that I have said several times
that we should have.
>> Yeah.
>> We should have authority to sparingly
because we don't want to [inaudible].
>> Right.
>> But sparingly get out information
about AS to our student body.
Unfortunately, we have not yet been [inaudible]
and it's something that we are going to [inaudible]
because we think it's very important
to the students [inaudible] and what we can do for them
because right now one of the big complaints we've have
from previous [inaudible] has been, well,
even though there's a [inaudible] free
food [inaudible].
That's not the way it should be.
We want the students to know if they have an issue they come.
That's what we are here for.
So, [inaudible] directly email all students with information
about Associated Students and how to get involved
without actually, obviously
that doesn't mean we get your email address
that would be a whole privacy issue but that we have a system
that could let us do that
and negotiating access to the system.
>> I guess going back
to the emails I do realize you guys have had an email
for all the students and I'm not really, I guess I kind of want
to have an understanding [inaudible] to the email.
>> When was that?
>> The [inaudible].
>> We used to have something I think it was called Pegasus
and there was some sort of, it was like your ID at
>> Yeah.
>> That thing.
That thing was trashed essentially
because it wasn't working properly.
You couldn't access it if you were off campus
and so it was horribly inefficient
and so it was trashed and my understanding is
that we are now trying to move forward on a
so you're not [inaudible] weird letters and periods everywhere.
So, I think they are trying to get
that ready this coming fall
and [inaudible] we will be much more successful in being able
to send out emails to students.
>> Because I do believe information is power
and there are a lot of students
who aren't aware what's happening
around campus with the budget cuts.
I feel like the ones that do know are the ones
that are affected and the ones
that aren't affected they really have no idea what's going on.
>> And one of the things I watched students trying
to do is trying to get more classroom visits
because everyone is [inaudible].
[Inaudible] what is that?
So, that's something that we're trying to solve by going
to [inaudible] students that are active
in their classes [inaudible].
>> I do appreciate the fliers that get sent out on campus.
That really helps to get out the information about [inaudible].
>> Okay. But just to clarify PCC students have never had their email address the way that a lot
of other campuses have.
We do have Pegasus but it was the closest thing we've had
to it is like [inaudible].
We've never had that sort of system.
So, hopefully we're going to have that very, very soon,
maybe in the fall, and that is a thing
that [inaudible] definitely advocate
for as well [inaudible].
So we can email students and we can get the word out in a way
that isn't just limited to people
who occasionally [inaudible] or who are in AS
or involved some way or another.
>> I had another question.
[Inaudible] I guess the management orientation meeting
tomorrow 12 to 1, right?
Is that when we have to bring
in the $25 deposit tomorrow as well?
>> Yes.
>> Very good question.
If you're going to [inaudible] tomorrow,
you must bring $25 refundable deposit.
>> [inaudible]
>> Wednesday night at 5:30.
>> No, 5:00; 5:00 to 6:30.
>> Where is that?
>> [inaudible].
>> For those that don't know where [inaudible] is,
is you were to exit the cafeteria
from the left most door to where I am now probably all
of you [inaudible], it's directly outside to the left.
So, that's where the [inaudible] is.
>> So tomorrow is [inaudible].
>> Yes.
>> And the meeting is right across from the [inaudible].
So where that little garden is
and where those [inaudible] are it's just
like [inaudible] once you exit from the lamp post place.
[ Overlapping conversations ]
>> There will be signs and directions for people
who don't know where, what all the [inaudible] means
for the buildings on campus are as well.
So, definitely.
>> Any other questions or comments?
>> Thank you all so much for coming out.
Really we do appreciate it and I've got a lot of notes
and we're going to use this and talk about this tomorrow
and Wednesday and make sure that your voices is also [inaudible].
So thank you all very, very much.
>> One thing just to add
on Wednesday [inaudible] will be discussing what we discussed
[inaudible] get to tonight, but again, you're more than welcome
to come to CC212 [inaudible] approaching this issue
and where we should [inaudible].
So thank you.
>> Additionally those of you who haven't shared stories
or didn't get a chance to,
please feel free I'm the point person for this.
Please feel free to type up your emails and send them to me
and my email is on the website
under VP for Student Services.
So, once again, please feel free to voice your concerns
and please send them to me.
Thank you.
>> Thank you all very, very much.
Please get some stuff on the way out.
I drank too much coffee.
>> [Inaudible].
[ Applause ]
>> My name is Myra Whittington.
That is M-Y-R-A.
Hello Jerry Brown and the rest of the state people who,
you know, basically make all these decisions
that affect my future.
What's been happening is very counterproductive
to my education.
I've been here at Pasadena City College
for a little longer than I expected.
I'm not getting my classes and it's very discouraging
and I feel that you guys should make education more
of a priority.
I know the state is having all these problems with funding
and everything but if you guys could just put education up more
that would be helpful to a lot of us who have been here
who have been at whatever community colleges we are
or universities that we're coming
from that are having these cuts that are effective to us
and very discouraging.
So, you guys are making a lot of people very depressed,
very worried about their futures and I would just appreciate it
if you all would cut us some slack.
Thank you.
>> I am Michael, oh, Michael Abi-Farah.
That's M-I-C-H-A-E-L, A-B-I- F-A-R-A-H.
I'm a student here at PCC.
I've been a student for five years now.
I'm a biology major.
I'm finally on track to transfer this semester
or this year actually, this past two years,
finally [inaudible] the classes that I needed
until these budget cuts come along it's been hard
to get the classes I needed.
I've applied to transfer for this coming fall.
I don't know if that's going to happen anymore
since I haven't had the classes I needed and again that's all
because of the budget cuts.
Please help us out.
I'm talking to you legislators, we need your help.
There's a lot of students like me, I know there's students
in my class with the same issue, you know,
we're in limbo here trying to figure out what we need to do
to get the classes that we need and to transfer
so that we can get our life on the road.
So please help us out, please.
Thank you.