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All officers Who haVe displayed braVery and courage this year...
...Will be giVen Medals.
The first Winner of the medal is Inspector Amar Chatter.
The neXt aWard goes to Constable Gopinath.
They'Ve announced your name to receiVe the aWard, Gopi!
Go on noW! Hurry up!
- A medal?! For me?! - Yes... never took a bribe in all those years of serVice.
So, they're giVing you a medal for your good character!
- Hurry up noW! - I see!
Hey you! Why are you pushing me!? What are you shoVing me for?!
- Look at him, sir! He's pushing me! - Silence!
- Which of you is Gopinath? - I am, sir.
The point is, I'm called Gopinath too, sir!
But this medal is for this Gopinath! Do you understand?
When I heard my name being announced, I thought...
Idiot! EVen if your address accompanied your name... should'Ve thought the medal belongs to someone else!
HoW could you dare to think you could Win a medal too?
You haVe a point, sir. I'Ve made a mistake. I'm sorry.
- What's up? - It's your Daddy.
Stop boring me, Dad. Go inside.
Is that hoW you speak to your father! Why haVen't you gone to school?
- I had a stomach ache! - Stomach ache, my foot!
Didn't you haVe a stomach-ache When you set out to play?
NoW look, Daddy; don't insult me before my friends!
"Insult" indeed! Your mother had spoilt you!
Wait till I deal With her noW!
Go in and freshen up!
I'll come after I'Ve dealt With my customers in 10 minutes.
HoW many bananas do you Want? A dozen? Or is it 2 dozens?
Your loVing-manner makes me Wish I had bought all your stock.
But What can I do? I'm not in the position, you see.
GiVe me 2 dozens then.
- Come inside, Chanda! - Can't you see, I'm busy?
- Won't you come in then? - What do you mean!
- Do you suspect me! - It's not "suspicion", Chanda...
I knoW your temperament... you're a raging "fire"!
Nobody can even dare touch you!
Don't I keep Watching you?
I do! I knoW everything!
Whenever you giVe customers some fruits... pass it on in a basket. So they don't even touch you!
But that "shop" you'Ve opened... I don't like that at all!
HaVe I started it out of choice?
Well, anyway... you Went to the function to receiVe a medal.
HoW many medals did you Win? Go on! Tell me!
I don't think Dad must haVe Won a single medal, Mom!
Which is Why he lost his temper With me!
Shut up! You talk too much! Go ahead and talk noW...
Actually, Chanda... I Was supposed to Win atleast 5 or 6 medals!
But I just missed out on them.
You alWays just miss out!
Don't get upset, Darling.
I promise to get atleast one medal neXt year, if not more.
What did you gain ultimately?
There are 5 houses of the policemen, nearby.
While fetching the Water...
...the WiVes of those policemen Will come With the medals...
...laVishing praises oVer their husbands...
...for bagging the medals.
My honour, Will I not lose it?
I too, feel ashamed a little bit.
Don't eXult unnecessarily.
It Won't help you, anyway.
Are you aWare that the prices of commodities haVe gone up?
Whereas, What is your salary?
Salary of Rs.800, my dad brings.
Rs.800 Won't be sufficient.
Are you aWare about our monthly eXpenses?
Three months are to be fed...
...besides Tinku's demands.
The eXpenses oVer his food, education needs to be...
...made but are you aWare about eXpenses of any child?
When the salary Was hardly Rs.800...
...Why did you desire to haVe a child, so early?
Better you ask him, dear mother.
During first night of our marriage I told him...
...not to go for the child, so early.
On his promotion, We can think of haVing a child.
Whereupon he said, "Don't knoW hoW long We'll haVe to Wait".
He further said, "To haVe a child...
...the heaVens Will not fall...
...but the gaiety you Will find.
He Was born much early.
The children are the gift of the God.
What did you say?
You mean you're helpless.
You only, ask his eXplanation.
When, I disagree to haVe a second child...
...he stopped doing the household jobs.
HoW a feeble Woman can conVince a strong man?
He used to ask me to shut the door quickly.
If a man giVes such orders...
...then, the Woman has to surrender meekly.
Hey you! You sWear and say...
...that you'Ve not shut the door Willingly...
...Without my orders?
Don't stretch the point noW I can read betWeen the tWo lines.
Whenever the guest Visit us...
...I used to tell to go inside to sleep.
But you never heed to my suggestion...
...adVancing many eXcuses. I am aWare.
Don't adVance the same point, again and again.
In What Way, it is related to child birth?
The relation eXists! Your salary is so meager...
...that a shop needs to be run to meet both the ends.
A Head Constable, like you, stays in that front house.
Three autos of him are doing business.
- HoW? - Listen, mother!
It is okay but our neighbour... not a Head Constable...
...but an ordinary Constable.
Whereas his Wife Wears gold chain... ring...
...and bangles too.
You fool! You just bring the salary of yours.
Why can't you bring money from other sources?
When the salary Was Rs.800, Why did you marry me?
Shut the mouth, all of you.
Can't you feel ashamed... utter such Words despite being relatiVes of a policeman?
It Will be alright if I don't bag any medal.
Whereas, Wearing this uniform...
...I'll never malign the reputation of the Department.
I'll never accept the bribe in my life. Never!
I sWear on my mother.
RemoVe your hand! When you'Ve taken an oath...
...then, go to duty, daily Without muttering a Word.
Returing in the evening, go to bed much early.
Don't adVance any eXcuses to aVoid duty.
O Lord... I'm just not cut out to be a cop.
But What could I do? I couldn't find anything else.
So I became a cop.
I didn't knoW I Was letting myself in for a lot of trouble.
If I don't solVe a case, my Senior scolds me.
If I don't accept bribes, my mother and Wife taunt me!
What is Worse, O God... son, Who is only so high; he doesn't respect me too!
O Son of the Winds... O DeVotee of Lord Rama...
...if you're really Very poWerful and if you really care for me...
...then come to me in any form you Wish and protect me.
Here you are... the Wages for the Work you'Ve done in prison.
And this... is your certificate of graduation in the Arts.
As a result of the injustice being Wreaked on someone... had ended up killing a person.
And you spent your childhood behind prison bars.
And noW, on seeing on the injustice being borne by someone...
...don't lost your temper once again.
Or you might haVe to spend your youth in this prison too.
Rs. 75? That's okay. Go noW.
HoW Will you pay the bill today?
Hey, you! Come here!
Take this... and pay our bill along With yours too.
But, mister... I'Ve nothing but the Rs.2 I'Ve had tea With!
And What's this in your pocket?
Oh! A matrimonial necklace Worth Rs.2,000!
I had paWned this for my Wife's treatment.
I'Ve retrieved it after 6 months With great difficulty.
PaWn it again... ...for our sake noW.
Don't lose your temper at the injustice being heaped on someone.
I'm a Very poor man! I'll never be able to free it again!
NoW listen, punk...
...if you don't paWn this noW,
...your Wife Won't be fit to Wear it ever again! Understand?
Get lost!
Your bill, sir.
Hey boss! Look there!
If you Want to prevent your WiVes from being WidoWed...
...then quietly pay all those bills.
Kishen! My son...'re back, are you?
HoW are you?
I'm still aliVe... ...not dead as yet.
It's so many years noW...
...but your anger at me has still not subsided.
EVen in prison... you'Ve met me only on tWo occasions.
And that too, When I insisted.
Till When, Kishen... Will you make your mother suffer?
Till such day as you tell me the name of my father.
Who is he, after all?
Why haVen't I had his presence through my childhood and youth?
If he's aliVe... then Where is he?
And if he's dead, then Why do you still Wear the necklace in his name?
Who am I, mother? Which sin am I an offshoot of?
People tolerate any abuse that is hurled at them...
...but they can't tolerate something about their mother.
But I'm the unfortunate one for Whom the Word mother is itself a curse!
No, Kishen... ...don't say that, my son.
The Almighty knoWs...
...I haVe not sinned. I'Ve committed no transgression.
But today... ...I Will tell you everything today.
Your father Was a decent man.
I Was Very happy With him.
He Was a manager in a JeWellery store.
He Was not the socialising types.
It Was home after office... ...and office from home.
I still remember...
...he used to return home eXactly at 9 every night.
But once, it Was already midnight...
...and there Was no sign of him.
I Was Very Worried...
- Mr. Commissioner! You?! - Search the place.
- Are you Mr Chaudhary's Wife? - I am, but What's the matter?
Your husband has escaped With all the jeWels from the Kishangarh temple.
What's that you're saying!
You must be mistaken! He'd never do that. He...
There's no one here, sir.
Okay. Let's go.
And When I Went to the police station to enquire about him...
We are in the possession of a lot of eVidence against your husband.
We even found a pistol at the Kishangarh temple...
...Which Was used to kill many innocent people.
The finger-prints on the gun do not belong to anyone else...
...but to your husband! - What!
Do you still believe that your husband is blameless?
If he is innocent, Why is he running aWay from the laW?
Why doesn't he come out in the open?
From that day to this...
...We never met again in our liVes.
It Was only through neWspapers that I kept a track of him.
His photographs are published Very often...
...linking him With some crime or the other.
HoW could I tell you, then?
...that your father RajeshWar Chaudhary... the biggest criminal of this city?!
Who is Wanted by the police of the entire nation.
I haVe still not been able to decide, my son.
...Whether this is his real self, or that one...
...the one I Was married to.
I'm aWaiting his return to this day, to ansWer this query of mine.
I'Ve hurt you a lot, haVen't I, Mother?
Please forgiVe me...
I never kneW that you... Mother...
Don't cry, Mother.
I sWear by the tears that floW from your eyes, Mother...
...I Will certainly bring your husband to you at least once.
I'Ve been alone all my life, son.
I lost my parents When I Was a child.
And I stayed Without my husband in my youth.
I can't liVe Without my son in my old age noW!
I'Ve already lost my husband to crime...
...I don't Want to lose my son too.
I don't Want to lose my son noW!
HaVe faith in your blood, Mother.
I Will certainly penetrate the World of crime in search of my father.
But I Will not get caught in the quagmire of crime.
That's my promise to you...'s my Word, Mother.
So, you're Chaudhary's son, are you?
It occurred to you pretty early to find your father, didn't it?
I Was in prison, sir. I Was released only recently.
That's not surprising.
Chaudhary's son Wouldn't be found in a temple, if not in a prison.
You're misunderstanding me, sir.
I serVed a sentence in prison for a crime I did not commit.
Henceforth too, I'Ve decided to keep aWay from crime...
...and look for my father.
Which is Why, I'Ve come to you, sir.
Look at this, sir...
...I studied in prison and completed my graduation.
If you recommend me, I Will certainly get a job in the Police.
I Will be able to reach my father then.
My mother Will pray for you, sir.
NoW look, son... I can understand your feelings.
But somebody With a Criminal Record cannot get a job in the Police.
Where haVe you got to go, sir?
- I don't knoW. - Don't knoW?!
Which place is that!
Hey, girls!
I'll see hoW they oVertake me noW!
Hey, stop!
You dare ram into my car! Stop, you idiot!
Stop the car!
- Stop, Will you! - No, I Won't!
I Will certainly not stop!
I said, stop the car! You Won't stop, Will you? I'll shoW you!
Hey you! What are you upto?
I certainly Will not stop!
- Stop the car, Mister. - I Will not!
Hey, Bantya! Look ahead!
- Are you alright? - Nothing's happened to you, I hope.
Your friend's not alright. Take her to the hospital quickly.
To the Mental Hospital, that is. She's lost her marbles.
If this is hoW much you loVe your car, then keep it safely at home!
Because the car might eXist in the future...
...but you Won't; be there to sit in it!
Hey Mister... We admit you'Ve saVed her life...
...that doesn't mean you can even insult her.
Besides, she's not used to being scolded. Get it?
Please forgiVe me.
Boss! The Police!
Keep the soda bottles and acid-bulbs ready!
And listen...
...neither that scoundrel nor his henchmen must escape today!
Go noW! March!
Come to think of it, life's the dearest!
And Where are you going, Gopi?
- I'll spread myself, sir! - Shut up!
No... Do something I say... go inside and beat those hoodlums and bring them out.
I'll handle the rest! Life, anyway, is the dearest!
What are you thinking about? Go inside.
- Go noW! - No, sir!
God knoWs hoW many guys are aWaiting me in there!
I don't even knoW What Weapons they are carrying!
And I haVe only a stick Which Won't even break an egg!
HoW could you be the Head Constable, Gopinath!
We, the cops, are supposed to haVe a heart as tough... a rock! With a lot of courage!
And We must alWays be ready to sacrifice our liVes!
That's fine, sir. But one can manage Without Violence too.
- What does that mean? - I haVe an idea, sir.
And What is that?
We can achieve our goal Without Walking into that place.
Let's remain here and attack them With tear-gas shells.
They'll haVe to Walk out, once the shells eXplode.
- We'll catch hold of them then! - DoWn! Get doWn, I say!
And take off your hand! That Was a brilliant "point"!
And do you think I haVen't thought of this, too?
Ofcourse I haVe!
But What can I do if our fools haVe forgotten to bring tear-gas along?
They'Ve made the mistake! Why am I the "sacrificial lamb"?
Learn to play With danger, Gopinath! Just learn it!
Only those Who play With danger, become great men in life!
Don't you Want to be an Inspector then?
- Ofcourse, I Want to, sir! - BraVo!
Then go and obey my order!
Go ahead, Gopi! March ahead!
You're braVe and you're bound to be Victorious! March on!
March ahead!
Go on!
You Want to be an Inspector, don't you?!
Then go ahead! Don't Worry! I'm backing you up!
- Go on! - Glory to the Lord...
...saVe me from being slaughtered!
O Lord...
SaVe me, O Lord...
...saVe this disciple of yours! SaVe me!
SaVe me... O Lord... ...SaVe me!
They're thrashing me, sir! SaVe me!
Help me, someone!
They're bashing me up! They're thrashing me!
Oh, Mother! SaVe me!
What state haVe they brought you to, Gopi?
NoW look here, Sharad... ...hand yourself oVer to the LaW!
Don't you dare take a step forward, Mishra...
...or I'll make mincemeat of your Constable!
Actually, one must preserVe dear-life, Mister Sharad...
NoW don't be adamant...
...because it Won't be easy for you to escape noW!
I Will certainly escape, Mishra. That too, in your jeep only!
- Let's scoot! - Hey! Get lost!
Don't you dare get closer!
Why did you haVe to park the jeep there? Why not here?
It Wasn't me, sir... It Was him!
LeaVe the jeep alone! It belongs to the GoVernment. I'll lose my job!
Stop screaming!
I Was unfortunate to haVe married to a man like you!
There Were 7 of you Who had gone to arrest that hoodlum.
The others didn't even suffer a scratch...
...but you Were the one Who Was beaten up!
Why didn't the others suffer any injury? Tell me!
Because they come ahead only for bribes!
And send you ahead, to get a beating, right?
Your life is Very precious for me.
To hell With such a job!
I'll start an eatery alongWith my fruit-Vending store from tomorroW!
- A snack-bar! - Let me go!
Certainly! Lt'll do roaring business!
The daughter-in-laW makes Very good snacks!
Oh no, Mother!
I'm prepared to be beaten-up a thousand times!
I Won't even scream When it hurts!
But for God's sake, Mother... don't talk about such scary things!
The fruit-shop Was bad enough... ...There Won't be an eatery noW!
Why are you guys in such a hurry to leaVe?
A nice queue you'Ve formed!
If I Were to tell you to go and confront a gang of hoodlums... guys Would run backWards, rather than go ahead!
Because dear-life must be preserVed, right?
But that poor Gopi of mine...
...if I ask him if he Wants to be an Inspector...
...he'd obey every order of mine.
He'd never think of the number of men he'd be confronting...
...he quietly gets on With it!
All I Want is that there must be a confrontation...
...betWeen Gopi and Sharad Kana once again!
And I take an oath this time...
...that no matter hoW badly Gopi is beaten up this time...
...I Won't let the crooks escape! I'll surely arrest them!
If there's someone from the Police Station asking for me...
...tell them that I'Ve gone to the temple.
No, not the temple. Tell them I'Ve gone to Chanda's parents house.
HoW did it occur to you to take me to my parents house today?
Not you... ...I'm going there all alone.
Why alone? To tease my sister, eh? Tell me?
It's not I, but she Who teases me!
Whatever it is, I'm the loser, aren't I?
And noW get this straight... ...I Won't let you go alone!
Okay, then... Come along!
Who'll look after the shop and Tinku if you take her along too?
Tinku Will take care of himself!
As for the shop, set it on fire!
- Let's go. - But my clothes!
That's okay... We're not going to your parents. We're going elseWhere.
Let's go.
What are you looking at? Hop inside!
Come noW on! Sit inside!
- But Why? - Oh! Will you question me noW?!
You Will question the Wisdom of Inspector Mishra noW, Will you?
With these modern clothes, you'Ve changed your style...
...of speaking to the Inspector, too, eh?
Shut up!
- NoW look, Gopichand! - It's Gopinath!
You can't change your status by Wearing these clothes! Understand?
You Will still remain What you are! A Head Constable!
What are you Waiting for?! ShoVe him inside!
- Get doWn! Put him in! - What are you doing, sir!
But at least listen to me, sir! What's all this?!
That's enough.
Come along, Gopi... Let's go.
- NoW look, sir... - Oh come on, Will you!
Don't you Worry! I Won't let you get beaten up every time!
I'm With you, aren't I?!
Step out! We're here to take you!
Welcome, Mishra...'re a Very shameless guy indeed.
HaVe you forgotten the humiliation of the other day?
...that you'Ve arriVed here again?
We'Ve come to aVenge that Very humiliation, Sharad!
We'll beat you up today... ...and drag you... the police station in such a Way...
...that only mad dogs are dragged aWay!
You act Very smart, Mishra!
Don't you knoW, I'm the Wiliest of them all?
Your dream can never come true.
Take a look around yourself.
- HaVe you informed the Control Room? - Yes, sir.
NoW look, Sharad! Don't come closer!
- Else, I'll fire! - If you do...
...not a single of you Will escape!
Do you understand, Inspector Mishra?
So?! You too haVe come With them, eh?
But the condition I bring you to, today...
...forget me, then... Won't be able to arrest another criminal ever again!
What's happening, sir?!
I can't figure out, too...
But Whatever's happening, it's just great!
Mr Gopi... We'Ve reached your residence, sir!
You should go around Without your Uniform. In this Very dress!
It's proVed to be lucky for us! Go to your house noW...'re drenched! Drink some milk and go to sleep!
See you tomorroW... go on noW! Go ahead!
I'm damned today! I certainly am!
- You're fine, aren't you? - Absolutely fit, sir!
Whom did you call "sir"? You'Ve never even Wished me earlier.
Neither had you done something so great... that's Why, sir.
But your miracle of yesterday floored everybody, sir!
It Was simply great!
- The miracle of yesterday? - Yes, sir!
- Let me haVe your hand, sir! - Why?
I Want to kiss it, sir! Congratulations to you, sir!
Congratulations for What?
I Was on leaVe yesterday, sir. I couldn't see it for myself.
But When I came today, my colleagues told me...
...that you Worked Wonders yesterday!
HoW many people Were a Witness to the "Wonder"?
Witness, did you say!
Who didn't Witness it?!
The entire department Witnessed it and enjoyed it, too, sir!
The Whole department! And I didn't even knoW it!
HoW Would you knoW, sir? You Were busy With your Work.
WoW! What a sight it Was!
The shoWers... and the grip...
...the grip and the jostle!
The fall to the ground... ...and the flying mount!
You'Ve really Worked a miracle, sir!
When and Where did you learn the ropes, sir?
No, Gopi... you don't haVe to salute me noW.
Didn't I alWays ask you in jest...
...Whether you Wanted to become an Inspector?
I did, didn't I? The Lord has turned the joke into reality.
Here you are... your Promotion Letter. Take it!
From today, you are the Inspector of this Police Station.
What's that you said, sir?! "I'Ve" been promoted?!
I find it unbelieVable too, Gopi...
...but you Worked up a miracle yesterday!
You gaVe us a jolt!
A jolt that has resulted in my transfer.
But I haVe no regrets about this.
I'm Very glad for you.
Not like that... shake hands! Come on, let's shake!
That's more like it.
EVery cop gets a promotion for some reason or the other.
But I can't understand Why I'm being promoted for that "point"!
Stop pretending, sir! Sharad is no ordinary criminal!
You publicly beat him up With his accomplices yesterday.
And confined him to the lock-up!
That's not a small point, sir!
If "this" doesn't get you a promotion, then What Will, sir?
Please come... sit doWn!
Tell me something, sir.
You're normally a Very peaceful and level-headed person.
- What made you angry yesterday? - It's like this...
...this chap beat up the boss Very severely last time.
Which is perhaps Why sir lost his cool!
Why are you smiling so much?
If the Lord Wills...
...there'll be many such Wonders in the future too!
Many of them... ...everyday!
Glory to Lord Hanuman!
Glory to the Disciple of Lord Rama!
Glory to the Son of the Wind!
You're attention is noW centered on me, isn't it?
To saVe your disciple in this era of Sin... Will arriVe in my place to Work miracles!
But Lord, if you keep roaming around as me...
...and I go around too, there could be trouble!
We could land in the soup.
So, tell me in adVance, as to When you Will arriVe...
...and What I am supposed to do.
If you tell me in adVance, I'll folloW your programme. Okay?
Tell me, O Lord...
...there's no else here noW. There are only the tWo of us.
I understand! You must think I'm a mere mortal...
...hoW can I appear before him, right?
But, O Lord... We're one noW. Then Why the hesitation?
Okay! Don't appear before me, if you don't Want to!
I'll close my eyes noW... can speak Whatever you Wish in my ears!
Glory to Lord Rama!
This is your handWriting, isn't it?
"My dear friend, Gopi..." Great!
You haVe really come Very close to me, O Lord!
"You Will only go to the Police Station from tomorroW"
"And haVing signed the muster, you Will return home..."
" haVe fun With your Wife"
"And I Will handle the rest"
"Glory to Lord Rama... ...Hanuman"
I Will sign the muster at the police station from tomorroW... you haVe directed, and return home.
And after that, With my Wife...
...l'll do as you haVe said!
But you must take care of everything else, O Lord!
Good-day... I'll be on my Way then, okay?
I haVe a small request.
For the Whole of the month, as you haVe directed...
...I Will Visit the Police Station only for half an hour.
But on the day of the salary, till I get my pay...
...I'll stay back there.
NoW you mustn't misunderstand me.
Actually, the financial condition of my house is such...
If I Were not to get my salary, I can't say...
...What else could be sold apart from fruits and snacks!
Please forgiVe me, O Lord.
I'Ve used your name to fool a simple man.
But as you knoW, I don't intend to deceiVe him.
I only intend to get my mother her rightful matrimonial necklace...
To get to her husband Who is lost in the World of crime...
...I had no other Way too.
Help me O Lord... I can Wipe the tears of sorroW aWay from my mother's eyes.
Will you only chant his name or think of fiXing the sWine too?!
HaVing ruined our business, he's roaming around and enjoying himself!
You people should be ashamed!
Finish him. Kill him!
Kill the scoundrel!
Who Will bargain With you, Madam? You're Mr Gopi's Wife, after all.
And Mr Gopi's heroics are anyway the talk of the toWn!
It's said you go to the Police Station for half an hour everyday.
Then hoW are the neWspapers publishing tales of your eXploits?
You do haVe a point.
Do you knoW, Who's lot it is to roam around aimlessly?
It's the domesticated animals.
But there's a ferocious animal among these too.
Which peacefully sleeps in its den. But When it's hungry... knocks doWn the poWerful elephant too!
I folloW the same principle too.
Prime-facie, everybody must be thinking...
...that I am taking rest.
In reality, while taking rest...
...I chalk out my next day's programme...
...and following day, I get up like a lion...
...and catch my prey within no time.
Hey Chanda!
Seeing your bravery all smugglers might have...
...crossed their horns against you.
But, I care least.
Are you aware the path which I beat...
...the smugglers never cross the same.
Their legs shake in fear When they think of approaching me!
You could say they haVe the guns and the ammunition...
...but they lack the guts to kill me!
- What's going on!? - It's a shoot-out, sir!
What are you hiding for? Pull out the gun, braVe man!
Eh? Glory to the Lord then...
EXcellent! You'Ve proVed to be a real lion!
What are you doing? Don't get closer! There are bullets flying about!
Don't mess With such nasty people, so they'd become my enemies too!
I Was fortunate to find my aim today...
...or else, you had made all preparations for my funeral!
Should I tell you a secret, O Lord?
I had Without doubt clutched a reVolVer...
...but I knoW What I Went through in using it!
As it is, the police are giVen a quota of bullets...
...take a look at this!
I'Ve used all the siX bullets.
But if someone Were to attack me noW...
...What Would I do With an empty reVolVer? This...
It's loaded!
Not a single bullet has been fired!
Then Who killed those enemies of mine?
I understand it! You'Ve pulled off this miracle, haVen't you, O Lord?
ForgiVe me! ForgiVe me, O Lord...
...for suspecting you!
Go on messing... Mess all you Want noW!
I knoW, no harm can befall me so long as you're protecting me!
- Stop her! - What's going on, Guddi?
Get that photo-frame noW!
I'm damned! I'll be ruined!
Ask your friends to stop this battle!
Break of the alliance you'Ve fiXed for me...
...and the bullets Will stop in a jiffy too, Dad!
No! You Will surely be engaged!
Is that so? The guns Will keep firing too!
We're your parents, my dear. We aren't your enemies.
Whatever We're doing is for your oWn Welfare!
You'd never find such a groom anywhere!
- But, dear... - Will you do something else noW!
- But I... - Stop stammering. Call the police!
Come, Inspector. Take a look at What's going on here!
The police is here, Barkha.
So let them. I'Ve yet to see a policeman With guts... even step into this bungaloW.
Don't you dare talk about your engagement before the Inspector!
Come in, Inspector...
...and take a look at What condition that girl has brought my house to!
But Why has she done this?
She's the Commissioner's daughter, after all!
She knoWs that the LaW can't harm her in any Way?
Let me see noW... What you do With that girl.
That Inspector is coming in, despite reading the board on the gate!
At the most, he'll say...
...I'm not arresting you.
Please put in a Word for me to your father.
Let him come.
It's you!
I Wondered Whether I'd ever meet you again.
So, you're an Inspector, are you?
Which is Why you displayed those heroics on that day.
Why are you standing? Please sit doWn.
I'll make some coffee for you.
I'll treat you to coffee at the Police Station.
What impudence is this?!
- I thought, you'd treat me to a cup of coffee in your office.
Then perhaps take me out to dinner someWhere...
...folloWed by a film in some theatre.
Why? Is that hoW the police should deal With offenders?
Don't try to act smart! Do you knoW Who I am?
You're a nobody.
You are knoWn only because your daddy is the Commissioner of Police.
But What serious crime haVe I committed?
I'Ve only broken a couple of things in their house.
I certainly haVen't committed a murder!
You may collect any fine that you Wish.
But I Will not remain in this lock-up. I simply Won't!
If this girl talks any more nonsense...
...then let a feW rats and cockroaches into her cell.
The bananas today are superb, Mr Gopi.
I'm told you Worked Wonders at the Vegetable market yesterday.
Wonders? I Work Wonders everyday.
In fact, I can't even remember What Wonders I'Ve Worked and Where!
But you take on so many thugs, Mr Gopi...
...don't you feel scared? - Scared?!
I don't knoW What that means.
If I'm afraid of someone... it's only of the Lord Himself!
- Who arrested my daughter? - Mr Gopi, sir.
- Want to knoW a secret? - What is it, sir?
HaVing heard of my eXploits in the last feW days...
...the Commissioner is beginning to feel scared of me, too.
The Commissioner has summoned you.
The Commissioner?! Why is that?
The courage With Which you arrested his daughter and locked her up...
...maybe he'll reWard you for that.
His daughter? The lock-up?! HaVe I done it?!
O Lord... What is this you haVe done, O Lord
This is funny, sir... make a mistake and blame the Lord for it!
You Wouldn't knoW... I Was even promoted because of Him.
And noW, I'll probably be demoted because of Him too!
You Will decide on the punishment he should be giVen, Barkha.
But you must remember that your father is the Commissioner...
...Whose primary responsibility is to safeguard the LaW.
Although this Inspector kneW that I'm the Commissioner's daughter...
...he still arrested me.
We should admire his honesty and courage.
I Want to present him this gold-chain in appreciation.
- It's just that... - I understand.
You did it to instill the fear of the LaW in my daughter's heart.
No matter Whose daughter she is, the LaW's the same for everyone.
One Will be punished for the crime one commits... is necessary for everyone to knoW that.
But look at the greatness of my daughter.
She admitted her mistake and even reWarded you!
Let's go, dear.
- What is it? - I must search the Minister's car.
- Search it? - Search it?!
Whose car do you Want to search, Inspector? My car?!
I'm a Minister!
This is clearly an attempt to defame me!
You seem to haVe got fed up of this Uniform!
Apologise to the Minister, Gopi, and...
According to my information, the Minister is...
...under the preteXt of inaugurating a school for the blind...
...transporting contraband goods.
I haVe information that instead of serVing the nation...
...he serVes traitors of the country.
Don't do it, Inspector! Don't...
...try to level false accusations at me!
Let him conduct the search, Mr Minister.
What are you saying, Commissioner! Are you suspecting me too?
It's the Officer Who's suspicious, not me, Mr Minister.
Besides, you're a decent man. Then Why should you be scared?
Let him satisfy himself.
- What's this, Mr Minister? - I knoW nothing, Commissioner!
I sWear by God and by this Nation, I knoW nothing of this!
I think it's an attempt by the Opposition to defame me!
But I Will proVe it...
...that I am in no Way connected With this contraband!
ProVe Whatever you must, in the Court.
As of noW, you Will accompany me to the Police Station.
HaVe you sent or me, sir?
Yes. You must be knoWing...
...that the Department has promoted you.
There's no need to thank me for this.
Your performance merits the promotion.
But there is something more you must do.
- What is that, sir? - I Want you to loVe my daughter.
- What are you saying, sir?! - Don't you like my daughter?
It's not that, sir.
Then What the hell is it?
- So, it's you, eh? - Don't change the subject...
...and giVe a quick reply. Else, I'll kill you!
Greetings, Mr Gopi!
You shouldn't be surprised.
Do you think you Will haVe me rot in prison forever?
No Way, little boy!
Ministers like us haVe influence reaching the high portals of poWer.
And yes, I can certainly haVe you rot in prison forever.
You must Wonder Why I'Ve addressed Inspector Gopi as Kishen. Right?
You and I belong to the same tribe.
The only difference is that you'Ve serVed a long sentence in prison...
...and I'Ve spent a feW hours!
Let's forget the past... ...What does it hold, anyway?
Join us and you stand to a great benefit.
I'll introduce you to a Top Gun today...
...for Whose audience even the big-shots craVe!
Don't Waste time in thinking it oVer.
Lest he calls the Commissioner and informs him of your true identity.
So, you'd better hurry. Get it, little boy?
Let's go.
Please forgiVe me this once, sir! I'Ve made a mistake!
There is no such Word as "forgiVe" in my dictionary, Shambhu!
Please forgiVe me, Mr SaWant! I admit my mistake!
Celebrating the festiVal, are you!
Look, Who I'Ve brought along! Mr Kishen!
Welcome, Kishen!
You don't knoW me; But I knoW you Very Well.
My name is SaWant.
There's no need for an introduction. Why haVe I been called here?
I haVen't called you here. My boss did.
Only he can ansWer this question of yours.
My eyes haVe been longing to see you.
I too Wanted to meet you from many days.
I see. Just a minute...
...get rid of this body, SaWant.
You knoW I hate the sight of blood.
ThroW it aWay in the sea, so that the poor hungry fish...
...may bless us.
Okay, then... tell me What harm haVe We done to you?
What grudge do you bear that you're bent on ruining us?
I hate criminals.
Had a decent guy said that, it Would'Ve been alright.
But you too are a criminal like We are!
I'm told that you'Ve spent your childhood behind prison bars?
Not every man in prison is a criminal, Mr Chaudhary.
There's an old saying, Kishen...
...that even if you're seem drinking milk in a liquor-bar...
...people Would still call you an alcoholic.
So, no matter hoW many good deeds you do in the garb of a policeman...
...they Wouldn't be of any use.
Do something good for us, and We'll reciprocate it for you.
All that had to happen has already happened, Mr Chaudhary.
AWait all the dreadful things that Will noW happen to you.
You must acknoWledge your helplessness, Kishen.
We can do anything in business.
But you Will haVe to eXtend a hand in friendship to us.
I'm only measuring your Wrist... that I can send for a handcuff.
I Will not go to prison all alone, Mr Chaudhary.
I'll take you along, too!
No, SaWant! This is not hoW you mould iron.
You first haVe to melt it...
...and it is I Who Will melt this "iron".
You Will yourself come to seek my friendship in 24 hours time.
You're still a kid, Kishen.
Because I'm a father to you in Crime!
- What is... - Don't apply the Vermilion, mother!
Wipe aWay the dot of matrimony from your forehead!
No... this cannot be true, Kishen!
He cannot die like this!
It's a matter of regret that your husband is still aliVe, Mother.
I Wish he Were dead before I could see him... and you Were WidoWed!
What's Wrong With you! You should be ashamed to speak like this!
Go ahead, Mother... Hit me!
Any son Who speaks like this to his mother should be killed!
But had you met him today, Mother, you too...
...Would'Ve regretted spending so many years in Wait for such a man!
Yes, mother! The picture that the neWspapers paint of him... his real self, too.
Crime is his profession; Wealth his Religion!
I can say With confidence today...
...that he might never haVe thought of you or his son till today!
Stop it, Kishen... Stop it!
Hadn't I promised you that I'd never enter the World of crime?
But my oWn father today Wants to inVolVe me in that quagmire of crime.
It's true, Mother... And I'm helpless, too.
I can't do anything about it.
I leaVe the decision to God noW.
Let's see What He Will noW.
I Want to see Who triumphs in this battle of nerVes.
Will it be your Virtue... ...or his Vice?
Incredible! So many marbles!
SaVe me, Daddy! Help, Daddy!
Come, Kishen...
Hadn't I said...
...that you'd yourself eXtend a hand in friendship Within 24 hours?
And it is not even 24 hours yet!
SaVe me, Daddy!
Help! SaVe me, Dad!
These people Will kill me, Dad!
SaVe me, Daddy... ...he'll kill me!
SaVe me, Daddy!
That's more like it.
Let's shake hands... Come on, you stand to benefit a lot!
SaVe me, Daddy!
I'm ruined! I'm damned!
My son... the apple of my eye!
I Wonder Where he has gone! And Why are you crying?!
Tinku is my son, too! I too should be crying!
- We're home. You can go noW. - But Where are you off to?
- To get you a lollipop. - But I'm already eating one.
Oh yes. I'll get you an ice-cream then. You'll haVe one, Won't you?
Get doWn then... I'll be back soon.
Tinku, my son!
- Why is Tinku shocked to see you? - I can't understand it, too.
Where Were you, son?
I'Ve got "tWo fathers"! "TWo fathers"!
"TWo fathers for me"
SaWant alWays donates for a good cause.
I thought he Was a decent and straight-forward man.
Can you get into that "decent" man's house and plant this microphone?
Because I'm conVinced that he is a Very big smuggler.
I knoW that nobody Will believe What I'm saying.
Which is Why I'm looking for some solid eVidence.
If you plant this bug in his house...
...We'll easily knoW of the people Who Visit him.
And also What they discuss.
It's a Very true saying...
...that marrying an acrobat means haVing to perform stunts yourself!
You're making a cop out of me, too!
My girl-friend must haVe a mind slightly like that of a cop.
You could even call it a test for yourself.
What Will I get, if I pass the test?
- Anything you ask for. - Will I get a kiss?
You sure Will.
Consider your Work done, then.
I'm the Commissioner's daughter, no less.
But Where Will you listen to their conVersation?
I'Ve booked a room in a hotel opposite their bungaloW.
I'll listen to it from there.
Lot of thanks to God...
...that you'Ve been found, Gopi.
I Was thinking...
...that under this scorching sun...
...carrying the heaVy load...
...hoW can I reach home?
Make moVe! Why are you staring at me?
Start the Vehicle! Chanda maybe Waiting for me.
To use GoVernment Vehicle for priVate Work is not permissible.
- Go by auto! - My goodness!
Don't tell me and adVance sham eXcuses.
You'Ve been promoted noW.
Yet, you'Ve remained fool.
For police and for their relatiVes nothing is non-official.
- DriVe, noW. - Don't argue, unnecessarily.
I am Waiting for some important Work.
Okay! You finish your job. I'll sit here, only.
Good that you'Ve come, mummy.
Since last one hour my daughter-in-laW has a stomach ache.
Seems she Will giVe birth, during 7 th month of pregnancy.
- Hurry, mummy! - Listen, Gopi!
Don't go anywhere.
These goods, keep at our house.
- But mummy! - I told you keep it at home.
Won't you obey? Ugh!
What is the matter?
Last night, you straight aWay Went to sleep.
Why, dear?
You're Wearing something else, While leaVing.
Whereas, you're Wearing something else, noW.
- The policemen haVe to go incognito, my dear. - I see!
Hey Gopi! Let us go to bedroom.
- Hey Chanda! - Okay, dear!
We'll not go to bedroom.
I'Ve prepared a hot dish for you, dear.
Better taste the said dish.
I'll taste the same afterwards.
- I see! - My goodness!
GiVe up the childish pranks.
Can't you mend your Ways despite my admonition?
May I beat you?
You can't be my life partner.
You seem to be someone else.
- What? - My Gopi can't be like you.
I used to shoW displeasure as Well as pranks too.
But, so far, he didn't resort to beating.
Hence you can't be my Gopi.
- You're someone else. - Listen to me.
Don't Weep, Chanda.
I am much distressed, today.
Are you distressed today?
Eat this dish, then.
Okay! Will you bring Water for me?
Water? You'Ve not eaten, anything yet...
...but Will you drink Water?
After meals, I'll obViously drink the Water.
- Right! - Bring it quickly, dear.
- Hence, my request for Water, dear! - I see!
You finish the dish. MeanWhile, I'll bring the Water.
My goodness! The Vessel is empty.
Here is my faVourite dish!
EXcellent, Chanda!
Take this and buy yourself a chocolate.
I'm in here... and Whom is Tinku calling "Daddy"' out there?
"My pants are seXy, my shirt is seXy..."
"My hair is seXy, my Walk is seXy..."
"This dough is seXy, too"
- I'Ve tWo fathers! - What?!
I'Ve tWo fathers! I'Ve got tWo fathers!
- What? You'Ve got tWo fathers?! - Yes, Daddy...
...the other Daddy just gaVe me 20 bucks to haVe chocolates!
It looks like someone else is upto tricks in my place!
You're right, Gopi!
Am impostor in your place could proVe to be dangerous for me, too.
You must go to the office noW...
...and keep a strict Watch on that other man.
You must find out Why and hoW he's upto all these tricks.
Yes! That's a good point, I must say!
Good Lord!
What sort of a miracle is this?!
He's just like me!
You must be Wondering hoW I got here, right?
I'Ve been a cop for many years noW!
HoW I must nab a criminal and at Which place...
...I'Ve got it all Worked out in my brains!
It's a good thing that I'Ve met you, Gopi.
I myself intended to meet you and discuss something important.
Don't you try to act smart!
I knoW you only too Well.
You pretended to be decent till I got a promotion.
And you Were back to your old profession once I got the promotion!
I'm lucky to haVe caught you red-handed on the first day of smuggling.
Or else, you'd really haVe ruined my name!
You're misunderstanding me, Gopi.
- The truth is that... - You're a criminal from childhood!
You'Ve spent your life till noW I prison. I knoW that!
Atleast listen to me.
You can say Whatever you Wish in the Commissioner's office.
As for noW, just tell me...
...Where that bag containing drugs is.
Which means you Won't rest till you get the bag?
The question simply does not arise!
- There's the bag. - Which one is it?
The one lying on the counter... contains the drugs.
Till I return With the bag...
...don't try to moVe from here.
I'm the police! Wait! I'm a cop!
Consider What you'Ve done for us today to be a small errand.
It Was a test to see Whether the plan We're making With you in mind...
...Will be successful or not.
You'Ve got to do something really big for us noW.
HoW and When is something We'll tell you When the time comes.
He's blinded by fury!
He can't giVe me a punch, you see.
So the poor chap got it out on the fish tank.
Just a minute, Kishen.
When you send the Commissioner's daughter to spy on us neXt time...
...send her With a tinier bug.
- Sir's just left. - Where has he gone?
His Wife Was here to take him.
- His Wife? - To discuss his son's education.
Son? Who are you talking about?
Mr Gopi, ofcourse.
A son? Mr Gopi's son!
- I didn't knoW he had a son, too. - A big boy too. Almost 6 years noW.
Can you giVe me the address of Mr Gopi?
Bloody ass! You're just like your father at studies!
Look doWn When you read. Look doWn, I said!
Bull's eye!
It's you!
What is it?
She's the Commissioner's daughter.
- She's calling you names! - It must be you! Get lost!
Hey, Madam! So What if you're the Commissioner's daughter?!
You might even be fluent in English!
But it doesn't mean you can abuse a man in the presence of his Wife!
Speak up!
I'm behaVing just as one should With a crook!
Actually, I'Ve no clue of What she's saying!
What Was that? Can't you understand!
Don't you remember the gold-chain I gaVe you as a reWard the other day?
HoW you had eagerly accepted it that day!
You could understand everything then!
And When I Winked at you on the streets With an "loVe you..."
- You understood everything then! - Just a minute, noW!
What you just spoke about the Winking part...
...did it stop at Winking, or Was there something after...
Stop blabbering!
I admit I'm a modern girl... ...but I knoW my limits.
But you crossed all limits!
Inspite of being a married man and the father of a child...
...Was it only the Commissioner's daughter you could flirt With?
Shameless being!
Can you make out from What she's said as to What this is all about?
If I don't eXplain everything to her just noW...
...then I'll haVe to lunch in the lock-up and not at home!
Goodness! In that case, tell her everything you knoW!
Your anger at me is Wholly justified.
All the names you called me also haVe some justification.
But I'm not the one to haVe jilted you in loVe...'s somebody else.
I see! To fool your innocent Wife...'re even proVing me Wrong noW!
I sWear by my son... ...I'm speaking the truth.
I'm not the one to haVe deceiVed you... it's a look-alike of mine.
Until I haVe throWn the one Who has cheated me behind bars...
...and giVen him a couple of hard slaps... I Won't be at peace, too.
You must really do that!
He's promised to meet me at the club today.
I'm sure he'll come.
You must be knoWing hoW capable my husband is.
But he still couldn't get hold of that scoundrel.
And besides, you're only a Woman.
What can you alone do? Take my husband along too.
But your husband and that scoundrel both look alike.
HoW Will I knoW?
My husband Won't come in this dress.
He'll come in a disguise.
EVen earlier, I Wanted to talk to you in priVate.
You'Ve yourself giVen me the opportunity today.
I Want to punish some criminals for their crime.
It is only till I accomplish my mission...
...that you Will sit quietly at home.
Great! I'm the genuine guy... ...and you're a fake.
And yet, you say you Will haVe the guilty punished.
Am I bloody fool then?
Try to understand me, Gopi!
I admit I'Ve spent my life till noW in prison.
But I'm not a criminal!
I even serVed a sentence for a crime I did not commit!
I admit I'Ve Worried you; I'Ve fooled you or your position and uniform.
But I had no other Way to giVe justice to my mother.
But like you, they came to knoW of my true identity too.
They threatened me that if I didn't cooperate With them...
...they'd kill you and I'd obViously be blamed for the murder.
I still didn't giVe in.
But When they kidnapped your son, Tinku...
...I had to perforce, cooperate With them.
You're good at WeaVing a yarn, Mr Duplicate!
But only a Village rustic Would believe What you're saying!
Not a cop like me.
Look, I haVe little time. I'll count till three...
...drop your gun and giVe yourself up to me. Or else...
Go and telephone the police immediately!
I'Ve listened to you both speaking.
And something tells me this man is not lying.
Oh no!
A man I'm in loVe With can never be a liar.
What are you upto?
I'll go the Commissioner and tell him everything about the tWo of you!
Else, I'll open fire!
What is to be done With him noW?
That's a problem you must think of!
Let's shake... Come on! Let's shake hands!
Your husband Was simply brilliant!
Actually, I alWays thought him to be a fool.
But WoW! The Way he fights! I Was stunned!
He's alWays been a rough-n-though guy!
Why haVe you gagged the scoundrel? And Why're you taking him inside?
Actually, if he Were taken to the police station...
...his colleagues might run aWay after getting scared!
So, till such time as his other accomplices are... arrested...
...he Will haVe to remain here.
And do you knoW Why he's gagged?
Because he has a Way With Words.
He Would trap the Wisest of men With his smooth talk.
So, till Gopi tells you, don't undo the gag!
Glory to the Lord!
Where are you going noW? Speak up!
- I'Ve got to... - I understand.
I'Ve made something you like Very much.
- What is that? - Potato-rolls!
SerVe them to the Commissioner's daughter. I'll get another promotion!
- Make her eat all of them! - Here you are.
To celebrate our success... you must eat them all!
Barkha! I know not their whereabouts.
Sawant is considered by the society to be a big businessman.
I assume the role of Gopi...
Hence I can't harm them.
The Commissioner will he accept their version or mine?
My aim is not to arrest Chaudhari, Sawant or Minister...
...but to arrest each smuggler who has nexus with him.
Well, Mr SaWant... Mr Chaudhary tells me that many years ago...
...the statues and jeWellery that Were stolen from Kishangarh temple...
...he Wants to talk to me about it.
I'Ve left everything else to negotiate that.
- Where are the goods? - You'll get them in a couple of days.
I knoW that you are Mr Chaudhary's most trusted lieutenant.
But I'Ve alWays dealt only With Mr Chaudhary.
And I'll handoVer this money to him also.
Mr Chaudhary refuses to come, sir.
Mr Chaudhary can't see you today. He's not keeping Well.
That's alright. I'll come the day after tomorroW With the money.
But the deal is struck.
We must surely get the statue.
SaWant had found out about...
He had returned it to me.
But then I had put it around SaWant's dog's collar.
Wherever SaWant and the dog go noW...
...We'll be able to hear their conVersation noW.
No, SaWant! Don't punish my Vicky for What I'Ve done!
What's up?
I don't knoW! I can't hear a thing!
No, SaWant! You can't do this!
You knoW it, Chaudhary... SaWant is capable of anything.
When you haVen't met him once in tWo or three months... get restless, don't you?
Come along.
No! Please don't hit my son! Please stop!
Please stop him, SaWant!
Let him go.
My son!
What noW, Kishen?
I'm bored to death With this play-acting, dad.
Till When Will I haVe to continue pretending?
This is our business, my son.
It's necessary to make Chaudhary do my bidding.
You may do as you Wish, Dad.
GiVe me Rs. 10,000... I'Ve to go to Madness Club.
I can't understand a thing, Kishen.
But I can understand it, Barkha.
It's not as simple as I had imagined it to be.
And to unraVel this mystery noW...
...I'll haVe to meet Chaudhary When he's alone.
For Which, I'll haVe to Visit Madness Club tonight.
Will you tell me Why you're hitting me?
To eXtract the information I'm seeking...
...I'd never haVe succeeded, had I not beaten you up so much!
Which is Why I'Ve had to beat you up first.
NoW tell me... Where does Chaudhary liVe?
Looks like I haVen't softened you enough!
I'll tell you! I'll tell you everything!
Who is that?
Don't you make a sound!
HoW did you get in? Who gaVe you the address of this place?
I'll ansWer every question that you put to me.
But I first Want the ansWers to some of my oWn questions.
I haVen't come here to kill you.
If you can't believe me...
What do you Want to knoW?
The Chaudhary Whom the police of the Whole nation is looking for...
...Whose photographs are published in the neWspapers everyday...
...Why is he scared of one of his accomplices, SaWant?
What could be the reason for you to be blackmailed?
This is something only I or SaWant or a feW of his trusted men knoW...
...hoW did you get to knoW of this?
I'Ve already told you...
...I'll ansWer your questions afterwards.
I don't knoW What could be your reason to find out all this...
...but I can understand that you mean Well.
But do you knoW something?
Whatever you'Ve Witnessed till today, is not the complete picture.
The truth is that the Emperor of the World of Crime, I... a mere puppet is SaWant's hands.
The neWspapers certainly publish my pictures, but...
...all those crimes are committed by SaWant.
You might not believe it...
...but I haVe not committed any crime or offence till today.
I'm absolutely innocent.
Absolutely blameless.
It's an old story; I used to Work in a jeWellery store...
I Was once sent to the Kishangarh Temple to clean the statues there.
And there Was a sudden attack on the temple by SaWant and his henchmen.
Many innocent bystanders and priests Were killed in the attack.
SaWant intended to steal the jeWellery in the temple.
I tried to stop them...
...and SaWant's bother died in a scuffle that ensued.
SaWant pinned the charge of his brother's murder on my head...
...and held me captiVe.
I succeeded in escaping him after a feW months.
But I found...
...that my photograph Was published in the neWspapers.
And I Was held responsible for all of SaWant's crimes.
Those people held me again.
I haVe still not forgotten my brother's death.
You Will haVe to pay for his death.
Kill me then! You'Ve made a criminal out of me!
You'Ve made me responsible for all your crimes!
- Kill me then! - I'll satisfy that desire too.
But not today; We'll do it only When the time arriVes.
Your Wife has committed suicide on learning of your crimes...
- What?! - But your son is still aliVe.
Would you like to meet him?
HoW should I knoW it's my son? Where's the proof?
I haVe no proof, I admit.
But as far as you're concerned...
...if you really think he's not your son...'s okay then.
You knoW I feed a lot of meat to my dogs everyday.
I Won't send for some today.
I Was helpless... and started dancing to SaWant's tunes.
Only for the sake of my son.
Only for my son.
I'm not scared of death.
Because even death can't be as dreadful as the life I'm leading.
I'm only Worried about my son. That's all.
I hope he escapes from this detention...
...or I Won't be able to face my Wife even in HeaVen.
What's that you're doing?
Your Wife is still aliVe.
This is a photograph that Was taken some months ago.
SaWant has played a Very dirty game With you.
The son for Whose sake you sacrificed your Whole life... actually not your son; he's SaWant's flesh and blood.
No! This cannot be!
- No... my son... - Your son... standing before your eyes.
My son!
- My son! - Father!
That scoundrel has destroyed my life!
That's enough, father. Stop crying noW.
It's not you Who has to cry noW. It's SaWant Who Will!
He'll craVe for his son.
I contacted all of Vicky's friends. But he's not to be found.
Go and make enquiries at the Madness Club.
Where he had gone yesterday.
Go and find him!
What's up, SaWant? You look Worried.
No, it's nothing important.
- This happens to be our... - You're absolutely right.
This is a blueprint of the Police Headquarters.
The day has arriVed When We Will make you do...
...What Mr Chaudhary has Wanted to do for years.
This is the Commissioner's office.
There's a staircase to the basement from near his office.
There's an underground cell here.
Buried deep in the Walls... jeWellery Worth crores of rupees belonging to us.
You haVe to eXtract this treasure from there.
And this is Mr Chaudhary's order.
HoW did your jeWellery... I mean, Mr Chaudhary's riches...
...reach here? - Some years ago...
...Mr Chaudhary had stolen them from a temple in Kishangarh.
The police Was hot on his trail and so the loot had to be buried there.
It Was a year before things cooled doWn.
When We reached there after a year...
...We found a big building of the Police Headquarters there.
But are you sure the treasure is still buried in those Walls?
Yes. We couldn't get hold of the loot...
...but We succeeded in finding out that it's still there.
We therefore needed a cop like you.
Because We knoW, it's only a policeman Who can do this for us.
You haVe the Commissioner's daughter With you, anyway.
It shouldn't be a difficult task for you.
"You haVe a mole on your right thigh"
Nobody but my husband knoWs about the mole!
Are you really my Gopi?
HoW could I haVe done this, Gopi!
Please forgiVe me, Gopi!
ForgiVe me!
Let's first go to the Commissioner!
Hey, stop!
Take a look at this!
What can I do about that? I'Ve already got a passenger.
This is the Police ID card! Make the passenger get doWn!
Hey, Madam! Get doWn!
Kishen, my son!
Where had you disappeared?
You had promised to return in a month.
But hoW many days is it noW?
What's all this about?
He's my son, Kishen.
He's Kishen, my dear.
Oh no! He's Gopi, Madam!
- He's Kishen. - No, he's Gopi.
- I say, he's Kishen! - And I say he's Gopi!
My mother's speaking the truth!
- I'm her son, Kishen. - Did you see that?
This is my mother!
She's my Wife, Chanda.
Your Wife? But When did you get married?
It's 8 years noW, Mother!
8 years! Did you marry in prison then?
Yes, it Was in prison!
No Wonder you'Ve got such a Wife.
Let's talk about everything else at home. Okay?
What is this you're doing!
I'll make a Video cassette of this Woman noW...
...and send it to Kishen.
That if he doesn't surrender to me in 24 hours...
...then his mother Will come to a lot of grief!
And then... saVe his mother...
...he'll fall at my feet!
Your brains Work only in a crisis!
But Why haVe you put that black screen behind her?
It's a Very big point, Chanda!
If Kishen gets to knoW that his mother is being held captiVe...
...he'll even kill us to free his mother!
That's Why I'Ve put up this black screen... that he doesn't get to knoW of the background at all!
Only the cops can think of such ideas!
Okay then... you hold the light and I'll get on With the shoot.
- Where haVe you gone?! - Take off the coVer atleast!
NoW here We are!
HoW Will Kishen be Worried if you look so sullen?
You should imagine that I'm about to attack you With a knife. Okay?
- Get scared! - Get lost!
Get scared... please! Lt'll solVe my problem!
- Who is it? - It's me! Open up!
Shameless beings! You'Ve even got a son noW...
...but you still shut the door like a teenage loVers!
Won't the neighbours make fun of you then?
I'Ve told you so often! But you absolutely shameless...
When did you come to the city?
And What's this? Why haVe you been tied like this?
- Don't untie her, Mother! - Shut up!
She too has a son, Who looks eXactly like me!
I knoW everything.
What's going on, Janki?
He insists he's not Kishen, but Gopi. You agree With him too!
He's right, Geeta.
He's not your son, Kishen. He's my son Gopi.
But Gopi is also your son. He's Kishen's tWin-brother.
A tWin?
Will you narrate a story in the flashback like they do in the moVies?
It's not a story; it's the truth.
Do you remember, Geeta, that I Was your midWife?
Yes, I do.
When I Was giVing your elder son a bath... gaVe birth to another baby-boy too.
You Were unconscious then and didn't knoW about it.
And I kneW, considering the difficulties you Were facing... couldn't haVe brought up both your sons.
I Was a childless Woman, Geeta.
My motherly affection Was rekindled...
...and I brought your elder son With me.
Welcome, Kishen. HaVe you done the Work?
Yes, Mr Chaudhary.
You'Ve pulled off a Wonder, Kishen!
You'Ve fulfilled a Very old dream of Mr Chaudhary!
You should be amply reWarded for your loyalty.
Put the gun aWay, SaWant.
Those Who dare to mess With snakes...
...also knoW hoW to deal With their poison.
If you fire, then not only I, but Chaudhary's son Will die too.
My son?! Where is my son?
Put the gun aWay, SaWant! This boy is not to be trusted!
- He'll kill my son! - Just a minute noW!
First let us get the proof that he really has your son With him.
Let me speak to the Prince.
One moment. Speak to him.
Speak to your father.
HoW are you, my son?
Please saVe me! These people are dangerous! They'll kill me!
No, son! I Won't let you die!
What did you say? They'Ve giVen you a sound thrashing!
They'Ve broken your limbs?! Don't Worry. I'll get your released!
Let me speak to him!
- This is SaWant speaking. - Please saVe me, Daddy!
Don't forget in your business that I'm actually your son!
Don't scream, SaWant. The line must haVe been disconnected.
I had left instructions to disconnect the line in 2 minutes.
And if I don't reach there in half an hour noW...
...then the boy's life Will...
- What do you Want? - From the sale of the jeWellery...
...I Want half the proceeds that acrue.
You haVen't gone mad, haVe you!
Not at all. I knoW What a son's life is Worth to a parent.
No, Kishen!
I agree to your demand.
I'll come here With your son tomorroW morning.
Keep the money ready.
Why leaVe it till tomorroW? Why not today?
You can take aWay your share right noW!
No thank you, SaWant.
I Want the father to suffer a little more in separation from his son.
And remember to tell Chaudhary...
...that if tries to haVe me tailed or tries a trick of any sort...
...he'll haVe to lose his son forever.
The time for the arrest of all those criminals has arriVed.
GiVe this receiVer to the Commissioner eXactly at 10 tomorroW.
He'll get to knoW the Whole truth.
- But Where are you going? - Don't Worry about me.
I'Ve got a lot to do. I must call tWo more smugglers to SaWant's den.
This has to be communicated to Bhupinder Singh, too.
So that SaWant admits that Chaudhary is merely a puppet in his hands.
This is most necessary.
I had promised my mother...
...that I'd surely bring her husband to her.
I see! There Were so many Vital points!
Kishen Went around posing as me till today.
The climaX is noW upon us, O Lord!
I'll go around as Kishen noW!
Kishen has already arriVed. But he's all alone.
Why haVe you come alone? Why hasn't my son...
...I mean, Why hasn't Mr Chaudhary's son come With you?
Which "son" is he talking about, Daddy?
He's talking about his oWn son!
Are you talking about Mr Chaudhary's son...
...or are you referring to your oWn son?
I see... so, you already kneW about it, did you?
Yes! Vicky is my son! He's my blood!
If he as much as suffers a scratch on his body...
...then I'll kill you, Kishen!
Hey! You'll kill me for a scratch he suffers!
I'Ve had enough of your drama!
NoW quietly tell me Where my son is!
Cool doWn, sir! You haVe fathered a son...
...When you don't knoW his Whereabouts, hoW Will I?
Thrash his rascal! Break his limbs!
Make him tell you Where my son is!
What's all this, Dad?
You're the boss around here; and your guys are bashing me up!
It's a neW ploy... he's putting on an act!
What are you saying, Daddy?
You don't knoW me... ...but I do knoW you!
Remember the incident that occurred 25 years ago...
...go into that crucial flashback!
I'Ve come here to saVe you, and you're trapping me!
You must turn an ApproVer...
I'll try to haVe your prison term reduced.
I'll haVe the rest distributed among these guys of your!
I can't understand the nonsense he's talking, SaWant!
But I'Ve begun to understand everything noW.
Well, Mr. Chaudhary...
Come here for a moment.
NoW tell me; What proof do you haVe to proVe...
...that he's your father?
- It can be proVed in a minute! - HoW's that?
My mother's Waiting outside; I mean, his Wife!
HaVe her called inside. It'll clear all doubts!
Where had you gone, leaVing me all alone?
And Why did you go aWay?
WoW! Mr Chaudhary, braVo!
Only a little While ago I thought you'd die like a lonely orphan.
But no, sir... You're Very fortunate.
I think you Will noW die With the rest of your family.
- Tie them together! - Run aWay! I'll handle them!
Why are you men treating you like this?
What is this you haVe done, Kishen?
This is not Kishen. He's Gopi.
He's our son Kishen's elder tWin, Gopi.
I see! I Wondered hoW Kishen could so something so foolish!
What are you saying, dad! You're insulting me!
You're not the real Police Officer; you're an ass!
Why did you bring your mother here?
It looks like you're really Very fortunate, Chaudhary.
So, if Kishen does not a riVehere in 15 minutes... Will all be bloWn to smithereens!
Why is my clock running faster than yours?!
Come on outside, SaWant!
You Wanted to double-cross me, did you?
You're mistaken, Mr Bhupinder.
Believe me, I Was about to giVe the jeWellery to you!
If you can betray your boss and tie him up like this... can never be loyal to anyone!
Yes, Bhupinder! You're absolutely right!
Untie Mr Chaudhary, Goga!
Mr Bhupinder... he's not my boss. But I am actually his boss!
It's a long story.
I used this ploy only to escape from the LaW.
I haVe giVen him the notoriety in the eyes of the Society and the LaW!
Or What is he Worth? What crime is he capable of?!
You believe me noW, don't you? Please help Kishen noW, Daddy.
I'll giVe his jeWellery only to you, Mr Bhupinder.
- But you'll haVe to Wait a little. - And Why is that?
So that Bagga and Dholakia come here too.
Not at all!
Only because Kishen is holding my son to ransom!
Kishen is holding him! Kishen is himself in their custody!
- I' m Kishen. - He's not Kishen; he's Gopi!
- He's Kishen's tWin! - No, Mr Bhupinder!
He's trying to confuse you and eventually Wants to fool you!
Tie him up!
It's a lie!
Here they are! Bagga and Dholakia are here too!
What haVe you come here for?
We'Ve been called by Mr SaWant. To negotiate for the jeWellery.
It's a lie! Believe me, Mr Bhupinder, I haVen't called them here!
It's a conspiracy the father and son haVe hatched!
You'Ve escaped unhurt, my son!
See another lie being eXposed!? He Was called my son his oWn!
HoW are you, my son!
Vicky... my son! Who is your real father?
You idiot! My life is in danger...
...recognise your real father noW.
- The Minister? - Mr Bhupinder...
...I must speak to you. Could you come aside please.
Set him free.
This jeWellery is fake!
Fake?! Then Where's the real?
It's here With me.
If you care of the liVes of your family...
...then quietly handoVer the jeWellery to me.
These poor guys are also entitled to the jeWels as you are, SaWant...
...Who haVe serVed you like faithful dogs for years noW!
Look at Robert!
He's Working for you since the days he had hair on his head.
But he's bald today! What does he possess?
It's true.
Shoot the rascal!
Run oVer him! Finish him off!
You rascal... you'Ve killed my son!
I'll see Who saVes you noW!
Call your brother! Go on, call him!
Glory to the Lord!
Should I pardon you noW? You made me suffer all my life!
You made me suffer all my life!
You separated me from my Wife and my sons!
You made me suffer!
Victory to the Lord!
Kishen... my brother! You're okay, aren't you?
You'Ve dared to hit my brother!
Arrest all of them! Get up, Minister!
I didn't eXpect this from you, Minister! Take him aWay!
I'll haVe you arrested under TADA, you rascal!
Come along.
You're free from today, Mr Chaudhary.
My daughter has told me everything about you, Mr Kishen.
You haVe broken the LaW, but you haVe helped it too.
The LaW Will certainly deal leniently With you.
And What about my Gopi? Speak up!
I'll try and make Gopi and CBI officer instead of a Constable.
- I haVe tWo! - No! He has only one father!
That is, I, Gopinath!