Race Four - TTA - Racing Elite League 2012 - Falkenberg

Uploaded by TTASweden on 08.07.2012

Welcome to the TTA - Racing Elite League and the fourth race, this time held at Falkenberg.
A crowded track with just over 6500 spectators present at the track, waiting for some great racing.
Even the Swedish King has made his way from Stockholm to Falkenberg to see who to be crowned racing king of Falkenberg in the TTA.
Lets have a look at the season so far where we at Karlskoga had Linus Ohlsson as winner, Fredrik Ekblom at Anderstorp and most recently Thed Björk in the middle of Gothenburg.
It was an awesome event for us at Volvo Polestar.
We are at Falkenberg today, a completely different type of circuit.
For sure, it is the quickest circuit in Scandinavia.
It is really a great contrast and the experience is completely different. The track is faster here, but Gothenburg feels fast as well as the track is so tight. It is going to be tough.
Falkenberg, the legendary West Coast Race with the TTA - Racing Elite League.
Richard Göransson in pole position.
It feels good to take the first pole this year. A great feeling to secure this at our home race.
It is amazing to get my first TTA pole on the home circuit of WestCoast Racing with BMW. I have messed up my past two qualifying sessions, I went off at Anderstorp and I hit the barriers in Gothenburg. To bounce back and be fastest is great!
Next to him is Linus Ohlsson.
I was second and third in testing and I'm starting second, just a couple of hundredths from pole, for the race is a great comeback. It is nice to show that it wasn't a one-off at Karlskoga when I won, but that I can be in the top here as well.
Robert Dahlgren in third and Fredrik Larsson in fourth.
Qualifying was all right, the times are so close. But I think we got it quite right, not perfect but good to start at the front.
I got one good lap, then the oil pressure dropped completely and I had to shut down the car.
Robin Rudholm is behind Larsson in fifth.
We had a rather good qualifying session and the car was overall good.
Fredrik Ekblom in sixth.
You hope and plan for pole of course, but we didn't get it this time. We lacked 17 hundredth of a second, we knew it was going to be tight and if you can't get that perfect lap, then you'll end up in sixth.
Thed Björk in seventh, ahead of Alx Danielsson in eighth.
The car felt great, but I didn't get those clear laps that I needed on fresh tyres, I had a lot of traffic.
We were out on our fast stint on new tyres and I don't think I could have gone any faster actually, but I still wanted to try.
It didn't really turn out as Alx had planned. He out braked him self a bit.
Ninth for Tommy Rustad, Andreas Ebbesson in tenth, Martin Öhlin in eleventh, Daniel Haglöf in 12th, Mattias Andersson in 13th ahead of Viktor Hallrup, Jan Brunstedt and Markus Nyberg. 16 hungry drivers.
And we release the fourth TTA race! A good start by Linus Ohlsson, he is alongside Richard Göransson, they are side-by-side for the first corner.
Göransson dives in first and it is really tough behind. Alx get squeezed off track.
We've got Göransson ahead of Ohlsson and all cars have managed to get through the first couple of corners, nice to see.
Linus is faster off the line than Richard and gets up alongside him, but then he has to decide if it is worth to sacrifice it in to the first corner.
They have got 43 laps to go and he realizes that there is no room. Richard is not going to give away this and he backs in behind, nicely done.
Then we got Alx who got him self a trip over the gravel.
It is the second time that Alx visits that gravel trap this weekend, but this time the front of his car stayed in one piece and he got through it with some places lost.
Dahlgren in third, followed by Larsson in fourth, then a gap to Ekblom who has managed to get past Rudholm up in to fifth.
Rudholm in sixth, Björk in seventh, Danielsson in eighth, Ebbesson in ninth and Öhlin in tenth position.
Rudholm has a look on the inside of Ekblom, he is attacking him again. Rudholm is really eager to be in the fight for podium positions right now.
Larsson must have made a mistake on the backside, he was close to Dahlgren and all of a sudden there is a gap and he has got cars right behind him, Ekblom and Rudholm.
Rudholm is forced to defend from Björk who tries on the outside, but he has to step back.
Problems for Daniel Haglöf who has to use the escape road, rejoining the track a bit down.
And we got an attack from Larsson on Dahlgren, he is alongside, and Dahlgren misses out and Ekblom gets up alongside, both Volvo drivers and it is Ekblom who get ahead. Dahlgren goes wide and has to let Rudholm and Björk past.
He loses four positions as he got too wide and opened up on the inside.
He was still awake, Dahlgren, as Larsson braked really late. It is difficult to keep the line, they almost made contact, but Dahlgren made sure they didn't wheel-bang. He had to get out of line because of that and he lost out big time.
The other Fredrik, Ekblom, wasn't late to follow through and he didn't care about them being Volvo colleagues, it is maximum attack.
We ride along with Ekblom.
Larsson is really late on the brakes.
Just watch how quick they are to take advantage of that behind, getting past without hitting each other.
Quickest on track right now is Fredrik Larsson in third, three tenths of a second faster than Göransson and Ohlsson in the top.
Further down the field, Tommy Rustad, a bit frustrated, he wants the pace, he gets past Martin Öhlin to tenth position.
Nyberg spins down at the chicane, he spins around for the third time this weekend I think, but it is tough. He locks up the wheels and then it just goes around.
Larsson misses a bit down there, he has got some oversteer.
The question is if he pushed too hard and destroyed his tyres during the laps when he got a clear track. He was really fast then and he has perhaps gone over the peak of the tyres, getting a tough time now.
Brunstedt is going to be lapped, Linus gets a bit stuck behind and can't really get past.
He must be able to... No, Brunstedt closes the door on him! He can't get past.
It was good that Linus was awake, there was a gap on the inside, but Brunstedt went in there and perhaps felt that he wasn't able to keep that gap open.
And he does not move! Brunstedt, ouch! Parts flying everywhere from Rudholm when he tried to dive on the inside of Brunstedt.
He slowed down and was about to move, but Robin was already down the inside. It is difficult, fast and a lot of things happening. But he has to be more decisive.
He gets a warning flag, Brunstedt, and we got a collision!
It is Alx Danielsson, while lapping Jan Brunstedt...
The question is where the rear-view mirrors were today...
It is over today for Alx Danielsson by the looks of it.
The question is if isn't over soon for Brunstedt as well.
Brunstedt tried to let Alx past while being lapped, but it all went wrong and both cars had to retire.
I saw Alx coming and I thought, I'm not going to mess this up for Alx, I dove to the very edge of the track, even out on the grass, but he went on the left.
You had two similar incidents before that.
Yeah, I can't really understand what happened there. I know that Rudholm went on the inside as well.
You haven't taped over the rear-view mirrors?
No, not at all, I saw him clearly and it was unpleasant. I am really sorry for Rudholm, I don't think it affected him too much, but it affected Alx. I am damn sorry for that.
Lets have a look behind, we've got Andreas Ebbesson playing lawnmower.
Time for some more lapped cars, Mattias Andersson who can't get it right at all this weekend.
Two laps left and Mattias lets him past nicely, really good work.
Richard Göransson has got 250 meters left, 200 meters, 100 meters, he hasn't got anything left because he is the winner of the West Coast Race with his BMW on the home track of the team.
I headed the field from lights to flag, I had the race under control and it feels completely amazing.
I am really pleased, we wanted this when we got here and it is so important for me with Falkenberg and being able to win on home grounds. Completely amazing. And here he is who really wants to be on TV.
Thanks, so damn nice!
Amazing for WestCoast Racing and BMW to win on the home track and claim the first victory of the year. Now we are starting to fight for the championship again.
I won!
I am happy to finish third after the problems in qualifying, it feels really good. We only had ten minutes left before the race when the engine was changed. The team did a great job and they are really worthy of this result.
I got a better start than Richard, but he was really tough in the start and I wasn't able to get past him. Then I just followed him and was able to match his tempo. I was much faster than him on some sessions and much slower on some parts. But he had an amazing pace this weekend and I am really happy with second.
What can we expect of the second half of the season?
We can expect a hard fight in the top between the drivers starting to prove that they are in the very top. It is going to be a top fight between three or four of the fastest and most skilled drivers in Sweden.
A big thanks to everyone at home and here on the track supporting us, thank you!