Uploaded by geekandsundry on Oct 1, 2012

Hey, everybody.
Hello, everybody.
I'm here to announce my participation in a very cool
YouTube community event.
Rhett and Link, who are amazing YouTube creators and
also the directors of our very cool "Written By A Kid"
episode "Goth Boy," have a great project that they do
every year.
It is called a Supernote.
Here's how it works.
Team captains--that would be me-- sing the longest note
they can in a video--
that would be this video.
And then team members--
that would be you--
sing a note on their own video and submit it as a video
response to my video.
All those notes get added and linked together, and the
longest cumulative note wins.
Wins what?
The Supernote thing.
Click right here to watch Rhett and Link explain it to
you in a way that more humans can understand.
I'm going to sing a note, you sing a note,
video response to me.
Adds up.
Yay, winning.
The deadline to submit your video response to my video is
October 31, so all this month you guys better be singing.
As a reward to the Geek and Sundry team member who has the
longest note, I'm going to give you a whole set of
"Guild" DVDs.
All the seasons.
I'll even open it up and sign them.
Maybe put a hair in them.
I won't do that, that's creepy.
And a team Cox button.
Because I found it in a drawer.
Kissed it.
Don't lick it.
All right.
Is it time for my note?
Aaaah [COUGHS]
That wasn't my note.
All right, send your video responses in.