El (1952) [MultiSub] - [Luis Buñuel]

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Francisco !
- l thought you had gone. - You see l'm still here.
Some friends of mine want to meet you.
Padre Velasco speaks highly of you.
Delighted... l'm afraid l must go.
Why so fast? Do you want to slight my friends?
l don't mean to, but l must attend to something very important.
lf it's important it's not for good Christians!
We absolve you!
We'll see each other some other time.
Many thanks, padres. You will excuse me, won't you?
Come in, Sir.
May l?
Follow me, please.
Sir, your lawyer's here.
Send him in and leave us alone.
- How are you? - Waiting for you.
You're late. l was about to call you.
Sorry, l couldn't get the files till this morning because of Holy Week.
Don't worry. Sit down, please.
Good news?
Just the opposite.
- How come? - Try to understand...
millions of dollars are involved and the other side doesn't want to lose.
The Devil take them! That land is mine...
The buildings and even some of Guanajuato streets are mine, too.
Our papers prove it!
Yes, but the documents are too old...
they're from the early 19th Century.
To go on fighting is mad!
Mad? Choosing you for my lawyer was mad!
lt's useless to talk further.
Send back my documents with your account.
But l did all l could.
Never mind, l'll see you out myself.
You're excited, Don Francisco...
take a friend's advice. Drop the case!
lf this were a simple matter, l'd have handled it myself.
l thought you were a smart attorney.
l'll find someone who'll win the case.
Good afternoon!
What's going on, Martha?
What happened? Answer me!
Ask Pablo.
What happened with Martha?
Permit me to explain, señor.
No excuses! l can imagine what went on!
l won't tolerate such disgrace into my home!
No excuses, l told you!
Señor, forgive me
but sometimes, well...
You know that no one cares about and respects you more than l.
That's why l don't let you go.
But this can't happen again.
- Fire that girl today! - As you wish, señor.
Are you ill? Bad news?
l thought my lawyer was honest...
but he sold out to the other side.
lt's not the first time.
You're too good, Sir.
They take advantage of your good nature.
But don't worry.
You'll get back your land.
Now try to rest...
Straighten that picture!
lt's perfect. Anything else?
No, leave.
l've come every morning, every afternoon, since that first day.
l knew l'd find you here again.
But for a moment l thought l had lost you forever.
Please! l must go.
l must know your name... and when we'll meet again...
-No. lt's impossible. - lmpossible?
You came because you knew l'd be here.
You were waiting for me...
- Then? - l don't know why l came.
Ask no more questions.
l can't see you any more.
Follow that car!
Good afternoon, Mr engineer.
Francisco! Good to see you! To what do l owe the honor?
lt's been a while and since Mohammed wouldn't come to the mountain...
l guess l deserve that. l've been too busy for anything. Come in.
l read about that dam you're building.
A hopelessly complicated job.
But how's your suit coming?
Fine. Can you do me a favor?
l need to know the value of all the suit's properties.
And since l don't trust strangers...
Do you know a reliable appraiser who could assess my properties?
Sure thing! When do you want to see him?
- Tomorrow, if possible. - lt's done.
- Thank you. - Come and sit down.
l know you're busy, Raul, but l'll wager you still run around some.
No more. l'm in love.
Since when?
l guess it's news to you... l'll be married soon.
A well-guarded secret! Do l know her?
No. She lived in Argentina until recently.
l'd like to meet her.
You will when l return.
Return? From where?
l'm leaving for the dam site in two days.
Too bad. l'd have liked to talk with you more.
- But if you must go... - Duty calls!
Well, l won't take up any more of your time...
lt certainly was an unexpected pleasure seeing you.
Look! Why don't you come to dinner tomorrow night.
l've invited some old friends.
Sorry. l have to take my girl to dinner...
and her mother goes along.
Swell! Bring them both.
l'll make love to the mother!
You're making things so simple.
- Deal? - Deal.
You're very beautiful tonight, and l love you so...
But why so quiet?
Raul, take me with you to the dam site. Don't leave me alone.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
What's wrong?
Nothing! The idea's wonderful.
l'm ready!
Señora, Gloria has a great idea!
She wants to go with me and you to the dam site.
lt's crazy! The two of us, darling?
l'm tired of the city, Mother. A few days in the country would be fine.
But there'd be no accommodations...
- l want to go, mother. - Say yes, señora.
But... it's so sudden!
Let's talk about it on the way.
My friend will be furious if we're late.
Let's go!
- Martini? - Yes, Señora.
No alcohol for me, bring me a soft drink.
Of course, padre.
A cigarette?
Will you excuse me?
- Here we are, Francisco. - l'm glad you could come.
We rushed all the way. l remembered how you liked punctuality.
l'll introduce you...
Make yourselves at home.
l've always wondered how an architect
could have dreamed up such odd ideas.
Sentiment, emotion and instinct,
rather than reason, must have guided him.
lt's quite odd, indeed.
This house was built by Francisco's father
on his return from Paris in 1900.
He wasn't an architect, but an engineer helped him with the plans.
He must have been original and moody.
Just the opposite of Francisco, who is so normal and level-headed.
That's the truth, padre...
Francisco hasn't changed since we were boys together.
Nothing to drink? Can l bring you something?
Allow me to sit by your side. l must talk to you.
Did you arrange all this?
Surely it was no coincidence.
l had no alternative...
but please hear my first...
Dinner is served, señor.
Very well, let us go in.
lf you like, we can have dinner.
That's a good idea.
Swell. l'm hungry as a dog.
Señora, this way.
- Padrecito, it's dinner time. - Much obliged.
What's the matter, Gloria?
Nothing, why?
You seem preoccupied.
Me? Just the opposite.
Just the opposite?
Only lovers secrets, padre.
- What do you say, Francisco? - l envy Raul.
Do as he did.
lt's very difficult, señora.
Not for a man like you.
How could a single girl resist you?
You are very gracious.
But l hold a highly singular view of love.
For instance?
l don't believe in set love, which apparently grows up with time.
Love must spring up with its own force, when two people meet,
and know that nothing can part them.
That's love at first sight. A poisoned arrow!
l don't recommend it.
lt takes time to fashion such an arrow, time to prepare such a love.
This love must be nurtured from infancy.
A man walks past a thousand women...
then suddenly meets one... that instinctive one!
She fulfills the dream, answers the longing...
This is man's lifetime wishes.
lf such a love, my son, is not reciprocal?
What would you do if she didn't love you?
She ought to!
Come on, you're not that romantic! What do you think padre?
My thoughts on love are sober... but the turkey is excellent.
What are you doing in here?
Looking for a bridge table, señor.
Get out and close the door!
My grandfather built this house. He liked to live near trees.
Something in me loves trees, too.
Your plane ticket, señor. The car is waiting.
Thanks. l won't be long.
This is a fine time to make changes. lt'll cost a fortune.
When will you return?
l don't know. These things drag on, need discussing...
You'll enjoy seeing Mexico City again.
You've been away a long time...
l wish it were forever.
Gloria! l didn't expect to see you so soon!
Neither did l.
How are you?
Very well, and you?
ls anything wrong?
No. l just don't feel well.
- Want a ride home? - No. Not that!
l must go, Raul. Leave me... please... forget our having met.
Excuse me for bothering you. But don't forget...
l'm still your friend.
Count on me if you ever need help.
Raul... wait!
l don't know if l'm doing right or wrong...
but l can't go on!
So it's something serious!
Take me home. Who cares!
We can speak as we ride.
You can imagine how l feel, telling you,
the last person who should hear this!
Don't feel badly, Gloria. You were frank with me...
what could l do if you loved him more?
lf he knew l was with you l don't know what he'd do...
Forgive me, but if he's that bad, why did you marry him?
Because l was fooled... like the others!
They all love and respect him. They don't know what he's really like.
My first surprise came on our wedding night...
on the way to Guanajuato.
He wanted to spend our honeymoon there...
- ls that you? - May l come in?
How beautiful you are, Gloria.
How l've dreamed of this moment!
l'm desperately in love with you.
And l, with you.
We'll be very happy, won't we?
What are you thinking of?
Tell me the truth, who are you thinking of?
Really. l'm thinking of you.
You're lying!
Lying? Who else should l think of?
Are you crazy?
Why do you imagine such things?
lt's natural.
You loved him, you were engaged and about to marry.
Didn't l leave him for you?
A whim! You must have kissed...
and embraced each other many times.
Don't tell me there weren't others!
Raul wasn't the first!
You're insulting me. Please, keep still!
Gloria, l want the truth!
Doubts will make me bitter. l have to know!
l swear l'll forget everything
and hold nothing against you...
tell me as your confessor. l'm your husband.
No more... please l've never done anything to be ashamed of.
You refuse to tell me! Can't you see that you're increasing my doubts?
Well, keep your past hidden.
l'll find out some day.
Gloria, forgive me!
- Guanajuato is beautiful, isn't it? - Yes, it's wonderful.
l always liked the view from here. l love the height...
it makes things look pure and clean.
See that big house standing out from the others?
All of them belonged to my family.
My grandfather was robbed of them...
if there is justice here, they will be returned to me.
How are you, Ricardo?
Small world! What a surprise to find you here!
We arrived this morning.
Ricardo Lujan, my husband.
Congratulations. l read about the wedding in the newspapers.
l envy you, señor, Gloria is a rare woman.
How do you like Guanajuato?
You must excuse us. We have things to do.
l'll be seeing you, Ricardo.
Who is that guy? Where did you meet him?
We met on the plane from Buenos Aires.
l saw him a few times.
Why were you rude to him? He's nice.
He seems like a pest. l'll bet he thinks he's a Don Juan.
Don't be so cordial if we meet him again.
He might take your good manners for something else.
lt's my turn now.
Wait! l'll take you to a better place.
- lt's done. - Now it's your turn.
Forget it. l'll snap your picture some other time.
Let's eat.
What's the matter?
l don't want to meet that man again.
The dinner, or a la carte?
The dinner.
The menu looks good.
You're pretty, Gloria.
l like your hair that short. So curly and silky.
- Do you really like it? - A lot.
Do you know what l adore about you?
What l love the most in you?
Yes, tell me.
Your sweetness.
Especially that aura of kindness, of resignation...
How curious! My mother thought otherwise.
Do you know what l like most about you?
Your self-assurance. lt attracted me from the very first moment...
You make me feel dangerous.
Now tell me truth:
what do you dislike about me?
There's nothing l dislike about you.
There must be something, nobody's perfect.
Well, there's one thing:
sometimes you're a bit unfair.
Nonsense! l don't have that fault.
Few men possess so keen a sense of justice as l.
- How was your stroll? - Very pleasant.
- Splendid day, isn't it? - Marvellous!
ldeal for newlyweds.
Well, so long. l'll be seeing you.
That guy's following you.
Ridiculous. lt's your imagination. He's probably staying at this hotel.
Maybe. But, l doubt it.
l'll have a steak... and a cold glass of dark beer.
He's more brazen than l thought. Now he's working at you.
Are you sure? lt's impossible.
l saw him. Don't look at him.
Don't smile at him either.
lgnore him.
That's the limit, he's laughing at me.
Let's go!
- Francisco, please! - l said lets go!
And be discreet.
- Aren't you going to eat? - We'll dine in our room.
Would you care to write Mother?
lt's not necessary. Send her my regards.
They're late with the coffee.
l can do without it. Anyway, the bell's out of order.
What miserable service! l'll go myself.
Do you know who's behind that door?
- Who? - Now tell me l'm wrong.
lt's that guy... he's living there!
- lt's impossible! - l just saw him.
He checked in before we arrived.
He switched his room to be near us because he likes you.
Come here! Come here!
He's watching us.
What are you going to do?
He went away!
l'll put an end to this...
Oh, it's you. Come in!
- Don't get sarcastic! - l beg your pardon?
l'll teach you to respect my wife!
Don't hit a man when he's down!
- Keep still! - What's happening?
What happened?
This man hit him.
He insulted me without provocation. Then he struck me.
What happened, Don Francisco?
l come here, my hometown, for my honeymoon...
and this dog tried to spy on us.
- That's a lie! - Keep quiet!
Had it been me, l'd have shot you.
Pack up and leave at once!
lt's all a mistake!
Leave at once!
You heard him. Go.
l'm terribly sorry, Don Francisco.
l'll send for the doctor.
This won't happen again.
Wait, Francisco. l have something here!
lt's your fault...
l'll never forgive you!
That's how we began, Francisco and l...
Three weeks later we went back home without any good memories.
Mother was waiting for us at home...
How l longed to see you!
Me too, Mother.
You can't imagine how much l missed you!
You know, it's the first time we're apart.
l do understand.
So, how was it?
Fine? Fantastic!
- You must be exhausted. - Yes, a little.
Our train had a four hour delay, unbearable!
lf you'll excuse us, we're going to get changed.
We have so much to tell, l'll be back in 10 minutes.
Will you have lunch with us?
Of course!
Then, you'll excuse us.
What's the matter? What are they doing?
Don Francisco ask you to forgive them,
Doña Gloria felt indisposed and went to bed.
- To bed? - Yes, Señora.
That's impossible, l'm going to see her.
Excuse me, señora, Don Francisco doesn't want to be disturbed.
Would you like your lunch now?
He didn't allow me to go down,
he hated me even if he pretended no to in front of me.
He didn't allow me to see anyone for months,
until one day he came to see me amiably.
Congratulations, Gloria! l didn't forget your birthday.
l want you to be as happy as l am today.
Here's something for you!
Do you know why l'm so happy? l just spoke to my lawyer...
although he's young, he has quite a reputation, and much influence.
Perfume, my favorite, thank you!
As l was saying, he thinks my law suit can be won...
and l'll have my land back in two months!
l'm glad to hear it.
l asked him for dinner tonight.
Who? Your attorney?
Why not? l want to make friends with him...
so be a perfect hostess tonight...
and charge it up to victory, alright?
l'll be glad to.
Then l'll call him up...
You'll be happy to hear this, l invited your mother as well.
Of course darling, l do like her
but l don't want anyone to interfere with our private life.
Am l wrong?
l want you to be very happy tonight.
May l take her away for a moment?
- The lawyer is alone. - l was with him a moment ago.
Good. Bring him a drink. Keep him happy.
Why so lonely?
- You deserted me. - Only for a second.
But l'm back now, and in good company.
- What shall we drink to? - Your birthday?
That's rather a reason to cry, one year older!
Hardly tragic at your age.
A toast for your happiness!
Shall we dance?
A wonderful rhythm, isn't it?
Well, if you won't ask me...
l was preoccupied.
Francisco's very happy, thanks to you.
Why me?
You told him the suit's almost won.
l couldn't have said that. lt's a difficult case.
He's sure of victory.
Your husband's an optimist.
Simple to judge a person.
Observe the way the attorney dances
knowing she's a married woman.
Compare him with Francisco, a perfect gentleman.
You might catch cold!
l'm used to the dampness.
l often walk out at night, till l'm ready to drop with sleep.
Escaping from the heat?
And from dancing. l'm not used to it.
Where is the Señora?
ln the garden, with your attorney.
- Are you sure? - Yes, Señor.
- Have you seen el Señor? - He had his breakfast early.
- Where's he? - ln his office.
He locked himself in all day...
then, at dinner...
What's the matter, Francisco?
Why are you treating me this way?
You're so lovely tonight!
l'll forget everything.
Forget what? l did nothing wrong.
Kiss me!
Please. Not here!
Why not? Do you prefer the attorney?
Do you think l'm blind.
What do you mean?
You acted like a tramp!
That's a lie! You asked me to be nice to him...
Did l tell you to stare at him and dance that way with him?
And vanish into the garden?
We're not alone.
Pablo, don't go!
The truth is for everyone.
How are you, my darling?
What's wrong?
l must talk to you, Mother...
in person. Can you come right over?
This morning will be fine.
Thank you, Mother. See you later.
Has my mother arrived?
Long ago. She's with the Señor.
- Why didn't you tell me? - La Señora didn't mention it.
lt's nothing serious, Señora.
l agree with you.
There you have it. Nothing that a scolding can't cure.
l guess l'll leave you two alone.
Gloria, let's have a little talk.
Francisco has told me all that's happened since your marriage.
- He opened his heart to me. - And?
You ought to be more understanding!
What did he tell you?
The truth. He admitted his faults,
but you have a few, too...
and he understands them perfectly.
And the insults? The viciousness? And this?
Francisco is a jealous man. Sometimes he thinks you're wrong...
and because he loves you so much, he tends to lose his temper.
He deceived you, too.
When a man talks with his heart, he cannot lie.
Listen to a mother's advice...
Be good to him,
and everything will be fine again.
What she said shocked me...
But who else would believe me?
l'd never felt so alone, so desperate.
The walls seemed to have low ceilings.
l went to the only person who could influence him...
ls that all?
lsn't it enough?
What you said, just to think of it... should make you blush.
l am blushing. But it's the truth.
Truth colored by youthful imagination...
l've known Francisco all his life. He holds no secrets from me.
He's a man of faith, a perfect example for others...
l speak as his confessor.
Padre, l swear that...
l'm not finished yet!
He never knew a woman until you came along.
So it's natural if you cause him resentment...
You don't behave badly but...
But what have l done?
Nothing. Yet much.
He opened his heart to me before you came.
For instance...
the way you danced the other night with the attorney.
l mentioned it to your mother.
Here's some advice...
Thanks, Padre,
but l don't need any.
So you went to see Padre Velasco...
Well, you won't tell our private affairs to anyone else.
Surprised l'm alive?
He wanted to teach me a lesson.
lt's hard to believe. He used blank cartridges.
How could you stand it?
l was laid up for a week.
My illness frightened him. He took good care of me.
He begged forgiveness and seemed to repent.
And you believed him?
He seemed like a different man.
Things looked brighter.
But this morning...
That can't be, counselor.
Pull strings. Do anything... but win the suit!
The documents prove it.
They're bluffing.
Do what you can, and let me know.
What happened?
Same old story: my opponents will stop at nothing to destroy me.
All l ever wanted was to do the right thing,
l'm only asking for justice.
What is it, Gloria?
l'm going to visit my mother.
Don't leave me alone today.
l need you.
l am sad.
You look a little pale, yourself. Some life we lead!
We never go anywhere. Never do anything.
- Let's get out for the day! - As you wish.
l'll be all yours, we'll have fun. What do you feel like doing?
- Anything. - You name it.
The movies?
Not the way l feel...
- The racetrack? - You'd like that? Hot, dusty...
and packed with morons.
Nothing l hate more than happy morons.
Wait! l know a wonderful place!
- Where? - Come on, you'll see.
lsn't it marvelous?
How can you compare it with the movies or the track?
lt's very beautiful, but l prefer more people...
To each his own. l like it here...
high, free from me worries
of a grubby world.
Look! Come!
Look down there... those people:
worms dragging...
that l could squash in an instant.
You are self-centered!
Why not? Self is the essence of Soul...
Their presence fills me with loathing.
lf l were God l'd destroy them.
Do you realize we're alone?
That no one could stop me from punishing you...
What if l took you by the neck...
and l threw you all the way down...
by sending you hurtling down against the sidewalk!
Gloria, come back! l won't hurt you. Come back!
l ran from the tower, disappeared in the crowd...
and walked 'til my feet gave out.
l was returning home when l met you.
Stop here! He mustn't see us together.
lt seems to me that you enjoy suffering, Gloria.
Why don't you leave him!
l would... but l feel deeply sorry for him.
l know he loves me, in some strange way.
l'm also afraid of him. Greatly afraid.
l can imagine. lt's reason enough to leave him.
Many times l thought l would. But there's something...
l just can't make it out!
The man's completely mad.
Yet, with others he seems so sensible...
Heaven only knows... what can l do?
l think you should talk to a psychiatrist about him...
and consult an attorney on your rights as his wife.
Maybe you're right.
lt's something to attempt... when l feel up to it.
One more thing: if you ever need me...
just pick up the phone and l'll be right over.
Come here!
Who took you home?
- So you saw me! - Yes. Who was it?
Very well.
Now you can't say l'm seeing things.
You're confessing at last!
Why not?
How right l was. You trollop!
Look, Francisco. There's a limit...
and you went too far!
l've taken more than l can stand from you...
and this is the end of the line.
- How dare you! - Now you'll say l'm no good...
that l'm ripe and saucy from another man's embrace!
Well, make of it what you will! Only l wish it were true...
so l could spit in your face for all the suffering you caused me!
How can you speak that way to me?
Because l'd do anything rather than live with you...
anything, rather than take more of what you've given... anything!
So could l, Gloria, so would l.
Who's that?
ls that you, Señor?
What happened?
l feel miserable, Pablo...
l need someone who can love, understand me.
Señor... you honor me...
you know how l respect you.
What can l do?
My wife... has betrayed me. l'm sure of it.
Yet, l love her...
there could never be anyone else.
l'm upset.
That's why l've come to you.
But how can l help?
With advice.
What would you do in my shoes?
Leave her. Get a divorce.
l'd get a divorce, Señor.
Wouldn't you kill her?
And spend the rest of my life in jail. Decidedly not, Señor.
Forgive my saying so, but you've been unhappy since you married her.
lf you're sure of what happened, get rid of her.
The world is full of women. You'll find someone.
Shall l bring you some tea, Señor?
- Would you come for a second? - What for?
Come... l beg you.
What do you want?
My head's killing me. l've got to write a letter about my law suit...
l'm afraid it's already lost. Those lawyers... they deserted me.
Come, sit by my side.
l don't know what's wrong with me. My head hurts...
l can't concentrate. Thoughts won't come...
and l must write to the Governor...
But, l just can't do it!
Then try it when you feel better.
lt must be written now. Too much depends on it.
l'll suffer horribly until it's mailed.
l'll type you out a draft.
Wonderful! You know the case as well as l...
present a review of the injustices.
lt's so simple, so clear, but l just can't...
You make do such a simple task for me! lt's humiliating.
l'll do it, no matter what...
Lock the door! We can't be disturbed.
Sit here!
You mustn't leave my side.
l can't do it!
Calm yourself, Francisco.
We'll write it together.
Everything will turn out fine.
May l serve dinner?
Don't bother us!
- Leave that. Come. - What do you want now?
- Sit near me. - Let me finish.
Forget the letter!
You can't stand me, can you? l know l've made you very unhappy.
You can't deny it...
but l feel lonely and sick. Take pity on me...
there's only you... and you hate me!
l don't hate you, Francisco...
You can't help it and suffer more than l do.
Don't leave me. Maybe it's not too late to find happiness.
Why don't you see a doctor. You're ill, now...
but you'll get better. Then we could...
l'll do whatever you say, just don't leave me.
Forget what happened the other day! l know you were telling the truth.
l never lied to you.
You were lonely, desperate...
you had to confide in someone.
l was terribly confused...
Of course you were.
Raul's a wonderful person. He's very understanding.
ln any case...
lt must have been humiliating confiding in an outsider.
Very. But l had to tell someone.
l could overlook almost anything... but not that!
You did wrong, Gloria, very wrong!
Hear that? lt's the Señora!
Let me go!
lt's me, señor.
Sorry to disturb you so early, but the Señora has gone.
What time is it?
Ten of seven.
Where is she? Send her right down!
Look for yourself! She hasn't been here.
- Call her mother down. - She's left town.
l know where she is.
He's not in.
l saw him leave as l was bringing in the milk, a minute ago.
- Did you laugh at me? - l didn't laugh, señor.
Start driving!
My God, they all know it!
Even you, Padre Velasco.
Don't hurt him! He's my friend.
He's gone mad!
You'll see him...
the picture of humility...
and not one complaint about him yet!
We're glad to hear that.
l hope we're not disrupting your schedule...
l had to come to Colombia on business
and didn't want to leave without stopping by.
He was so nice to us when he left the hospital...
So many years have gone by.
lf you like, l can take you to him.
Why lay bare old wounds?
- At best, it would hurt him. - l don't think it would.
Faith has become his shield against the world.
Will he join the Order?
lt's not possible. He's better this way.
And this young man?
What's your name?
Your son?
Thanks for everything, Padre. lf we can ever be of help...
Have a good trip.
How do you feel?
As you can see.
Don't tire yourself, brother.
Use this free time to become better acquainted with the others.
As you say, Padre.
Have the visitors gone?
What visitors?
The engineer and...
How did you know?
l saw them standing by the window.
l also saw the child. ls it their son?
Then l wasn't as mixed up as they claimed.
Time has proven my point...
but to what avail?
The real peace is here.
Good. Keep faith with your readings.
Processed by C.M.C.