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DENTON TARVER: Today on Urban Gardener--
we're headed to Clinton Hill to visit a backyard that's
become a jungle.

So the first thing that really jumps out at me about this
garden is this really interesting
espalier right here.
Espalier is the art of training a vine or a tree,
usually a fruit tree--
this happens to be a pear--
into a special shape like this.
This is a practice from the Middle Ages in monasteries.
It's probably related to how Christianity felt that human
nature had to be controlled, and so they tried to literally
control it as it grew.
And now we're descending into the real jungle.
You can actually get a sense of the difference in the
humidity level from here to the house.

So this is one cool thing that I really like in gardens.
If you look right through the trees over here, you can see
that there's a mirror.
The reflection is literally about reflection.
And it's a symbolic reflection, as well.

So about how long have you been in the neighborhood?
BILL: 24 years.
A little more than 24 years.
And what was it like when you came here?
BILL: It was, um--
sketchy, at best.
BILL: Yeah, it was a pretty frightening
place to be, actually.
There were many times when I thought, I can't be here.
I can't stay here.
DENTON TARVER: Oh, really?
BILL: It was that bad.
But one place that was always wonderful to
be in was this garden.
Totally different from the environment on the other side
of the house.
And I wanted it to be not urban.
A shrub should look like it hasn't been touched.
The garden that you see right here was originally my garden.
We've expanded to include the neighbors.
All these bricks that you see here were in the garden.
I always wanted to have a water feature.
DENTON TARVER: Did you have to dig it out?
BILL: It had to be dug out.
There happened to be a lot of stones in
the soil around here.
But we used those stones to create part of the coping.
There's a skimmer box over here.
The water gets pulled in.
It goes through to that filter to the top of the stream.
And then we start over again.
BILL: Yeah.
DENTON TARVER: How long did it take you?
BILL: Oh, it took a couple of weeks.
DENTON TARVER: Couple weeks.
BILL: Yeah.

DENTON TARVER: What's this all about?
BILL: Oh, he's just a Thinker.
DENTON TARVER: Oh, he's a Thinker.
And what about over here?
We have a Victorian ball?
BILL: Yes.
I love these things.
DENTON TARVER: It's in kind of a disguised
position over here.
BILL: Yeah, it's tucked in.
I certainly wouldn't put that in the center.
And asymmetry-- that's important here, too.
DENTON TARVER: Yeah, definitely.
All right.
Well, thank you so much, Bill.
It's been a real pleasure to walk through
the garden with you.

See you next time on Urban Gardener.
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