The History of the Geocoin

Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 28.05.2010

MOUN10BIKE: I had no idea how big they'd become.
There are a lot of memories here for me.
It's up here just a few more miles.
I'm Jon Stanley alias Moun10bike and I created the Geocoin.
I knew I wanted to have a signature item, something that I would put in every cache.
And I wanted to debut it at that hundredth cache.
I know there are a lot of people who'd like this coin.
I kept the first one for my personal collection.
So it was number two… 002. That was the first one placed.
Well you know, it started off really slowly.
I didn't think anyone else was going to do the coins.
It was about 6 month after I placed or minted my coins and placed them,
that anyone else started making coins that I know of.
It was almost like a Beanie Baby craze. There was the Geocoin craze.
They became desired items. So rather than people seeing them and moving them on,
the goal was to get to it first and keep it for their collection.
The spot where I placed that first Geocoin was in a cache on Lighthouse Point.
The coin was placed September 30th of 2001, so we're coming up on nine years.
Involved a rickety aluminum ladder, that you could only access during low tide.
Climbed the ladder. I didn't know if I'd be able to do it because I have a fear of heights.
But knowing I wanted to place that coin in a special cache got me up the ladder.
And I placed it in up there and didn't think that much about it.
And then it just started to explode from there.
Over all I put out about around 1100 or so.
This is Light House Point, it's where I placed the first Geocoin.
It's no longer there anymore… but the area is beautiful.
It's a shame that ladder is gone now. It would be nice to see it again.
From computers to the web, to gadgets and then foremost the outdoors,
I just couldn't ask for a better hobby.