Are Fake Drugs Safe?

Uploaded by VIAGRA on 22.08.2011

I can’t tell by looking
When you see them side by side you can’t tell the difference
You would be surprised at how good the counterfeits are. They look just like real Viagra. But
they’re not.
Viagra is a fairly distinctive looking tablet. It’s blue diamond shape with the name Pfizer
debossed on one side and VGR plus the strength on the other, so when someone makes a counterfeit
and wants to trick somebody into believing that it is a Pfizer product, they make it
look as close to the original product as they can.
The patient thinks that they are getting the medication because it looks like their medication.
It’s in the packaging like their medication.
These counterfeits now have foils, have holograms, have any sort of trademarking that you would
tend to look for.
They get something that tends to look like Viagra. But it’s not.
Taking a counterfeit medicine is not like buying a counterfeit watch that you know ticks
a little funny.
It’s the most dangerous form of counterfeiting in in the sense that you are taking this medication,
you ‘re putting it in your body.
When a patient thinks they're buying cheaper drugs, they're playing Russian Roulette. Counterfeit
pharmaceuticals could have a wild array of anything. We’ve seen boric acid, we’ve
seen floor wax, we’ve seen antibiotics.
For Viagra, they often use the ink from ink jet from ink jet cartridges to give it that
blue color.
There are instances where rat poison was found in pills. Brick dust. Talcum powder. Gypsum
from wall board.
Wall board. Dry wall. The idea is to have it bind. That’s all it needs to do is just
bind long enough and have the right shape or color.
We don't know that it's been formed in a controlled environment so there could be other chemicals,
bacteria, other things in a drug that can cause harm to the patient.
People think that they are getting a better deal and they are cutting out a middle man
but what they don’t know is they are getting it from someone who is making it in a basement
somewhere. It’s deplorable conditions that you wouldn’t even let your dogs or any animals
play in.
I’ve seen pill compression machines in the bathroom next to the toilet uh where they
were producing the tablets. I’ve even seen a counterfeiter in Columbia that was filling
the capsules in his backyard where the chickens were running around. There’s no way that
those pills don’t have bacteria on them.
You know some of them are rat infested, roach infested manufacturing facilities. I mean
I think people would just be shocked.
There are a number of websites that offer legitimate medications and consumers can find
those sites very easily. You can go to our website at and search
a list of legitimate pharmacies online and you’ll have all the information about that
pharmacy that you need; where it’s licensed, where it’s located, who the pharmacist is
, what products they dispense and other information that you would normally want and access as
if you were using a brick and mortar pharmacy.