Teen Titans - 1x00 - Promo - The Lost Episode English/Japanese CC

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subtitle by d.f.r.tommy
Rubbish! That music's ruddy awful! So quiet and proper!
Let's pump up the volume and blow 'em outta their seats!
Now that's music to my ears The Sound of Chaos!!
When there's trouble you know who to call, Teen Titans
From their tower they can see it all, Teen Titans
When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
'Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol
Teen Titans, Go
With their super powers they unite, Teen Titans
Never met a villian that they liked, Teen Titans
They've got the bad guys on the run
They'll never stop 'til their job gets done
'Cause when the world is losing all control
Teen Titans, Go
1,2,3,4,Go! Teen Titans
Only two more laps, Robin and I'll be the new champion!
No way, Cyborg! You're going down!
Let's see. A half a cup of dried zorka berries... ...four tablespoons of melted sputflinks
Almost done! Soon everyone will be enjoying my favorite Tamaranean dish
Raven! Would you like to taste my homemade Glorg Supreme?
Not now, Starfire. I'm on the last chapter
Yes! Hahhahah! Eat my dust!
Aw, man!
Let's rock the house
Did I do that?
How could you mess with the main power source?
You made me lose the game!
Now there will be no glorg for anyone!
I'll never know how it ends!
Ah, no worries. Generator's kicked in
There, that's better. What were you guys saying?
I don't want to hear this
Titans! Trouble!
Hey, where's everybody going?
What's your hurry, blokes? This is much better than what you paid to hear
No one's staying for my encore?
Hey! Concert's over, Punk!
That's Punk Rocket to you, mate! Now let's kick it out!
How's that for a No.1 hit?
I don't think I could take another hit
I've heard enough. Titans! Go!
Ruddy fools! No one can stop the sound of chaos!
Listen up! Those sonic waves are coming from his guitar!
We gotta shut him down!
Ohhh! Okay
Arrgghh .... I think we need another plan
Leave that to us
Long live the Punk Rocket sound!
I'd like to dedicate this next song to all my female fans!
This one's for you!
Why does the Punk Rocket wish to hurt people with his music?
Music is a glorious expression that is supposed to make one feel happy
You obviously haven't heard any of my music
All right, Punk Rocket What do you want?
I wanna bring the world to its knees with the sound of chaos!!
You are so one-note
We're never gonna beat him while he's got that guitar
Yes, we will, as long as we work together as a team
Let's go
You're daft, thinking you can beat me?
Now here's something to really bring down the house!
What THAT?
Up to now, his whole act has been...unplugged
Which means...
...he's just getting started!
Hahahaha!! Ouch! That looked like it hurt...
but not enough!
Blimey! That looks a bit dodgy now, doesn't it?
Are you okay?
messing up my circuits!
...Not sure how much longer...
...I can keep it...together!
Hey, Punky! You call that the sound of chaos?
Sounds more like elevator music to me!
I can't hear you!
Beast Boy, stop!
We cannot endure the sound!
Dude! Give it up! Your sound is old and tired!
You are so not cool
What? Hey!
Waxy buildup saves the day
You gonna be okay?
Thanks to you, little buddy
Looks like Punk Rocket's next tour will be behind bars
Okay! Before you start yelling at me for playing my music too loud
Let me just remind everybody that I'm the one who defeated Punk Rocket and saved the day!
So next time, instead of getting on my case for not listening to you guys maybe you should start listening to moi!
Did he say something?