Transgenic Foods (GMO)

Uploaded by simperator on 24.05.2011

Transgenic Foods
You think you eat healthily?
You are against genetically manipulated foods?
Just like you,
more than 70% of european citizens say “no” to transgenic foods!
Still, you too have long since eaten transgenic foods
without even knowing!
For example
70% of worldwide soy production is already genetically modified.
Such plants are being produced by the introduction of foreign genes.
In this way,
two main new characteristics emerge:
Either, the plants are resistant against phytotoxins
or they produce toxins themselves which kills pests - and other animals.
These plants then spread uncontrollably, as wind and insects disseminate the pollen.
90% of all genetically modified plants are cultivated in America
and exported to Europe on a grand scale.
All in all, 80% of all transgenic plants are being processed for pet food
and are largely fed to production-animals.
In this way, genetically modified organisms end up in your food, too.
Legally, this does not need to be labeled on meat, eggs
and milk products.
Perhaps you are wondering whether this is dangerous at all?
Well, there are already animal studies which document verifiable health consequences.
And what is bad for animals can become dangerous for humans, too.
It´s just that no long term studies have been conducted on that up to now.
But wait!
We are all part of the long term study already!
And we are all the guinea pigs of the big agricultural companies!
So, this concerns us all!
Our world is no experimental laboratory!
Stop genetic manipulation!
There are a lot more risks!
Get informed!