AdWords: 3 steps to keyword success!

Uploaded by GoogleBusiness on 04.02.2010

>> The keywords you choose are critical to the success of your advertising. Your customers
won't see your ad unless you've chosen the right keywords. So put yourself in their shoes.
What would they search for? When a user searches, they want to see an ad directly related to
their search. So they can find what they're looking for quickly and easily. This means
your keywords need to be closely matched to your ads and the landing page on your site.
And the good news is it's easy to do this on your AdWords account by following our simple
three-step plan. Firstly, take each of your products or services one at a time. Which
words or phrases would your customers use to describe it? Remember to include all brand
and product names as well as relevant variations and plurals. Secondly, do this for all of
your products. Each of these lists will become a separate ad group with a specific ad relating
to it. And finally, remove any keywords that may be to general or irrelevant. For most
businesses, two or three-word keywords work best. One last tip, use negative keywords
to refine your targeting. These will stop your ads from showing when you don't want
them to. For instance, if you sell a product but don't offer repairs ad repairs as a negative
keyword and your ad won't show on any search with that term. And there you have it. Now
when your customers search for one of your products, they'll see an ad which matches
their search. Small improvements to your keywords can make a big difference. Login today and
make sure your AdWords account is working for your business.