ENG SUBTITLES: 4/7/12 Homs, Deir Bialbeh Massacre--eye witness account by survivor

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-In the name of God, most merciful, most kind. Today is April 7, 2012.
-With us is is a man who has spent 5 days besieged in Deir Bialbeh, Kassara.
-He will tell us what happened in his village from the moment the Syrian army and the thugs until he was able to escape.
-Praise be to God for your safety, brother. Thank you
-Start from the beginning and tell us about the shelling.
The army entered the village and began to shell us with rockets.
And following them, the thugs and regime supporters began to rape the women and slaughter the children in front of our very eyes.
They raped the women. Then they lined us in about three lines, with about 60 people in each line. I was in the middle line.
They sprayed us with bullets and we all fell on top of one another. I was shot in my right shoulder, right eye, and left arm.
I stayed until night and I was then able to escape and hide out on the roof of a building.
They came early and took all the corpses and burned them.
-What did they do with the children of the village?
They slaughtered them all. They raped the women and then slaughtered them all with knives.
-Did you witness this with your own eyes?
Yes, I saw them rape the women in front of us and near us. They did not spare anyone. The elders and the youth were lined up and sprayed with bullets.
-So it was a massacre in the village?
A massacre that I can not even begin to describe.
-Was anyone else able to escape?
I was the only one who escaped. I hide on the roof of the building for 5 days.
-How did you escape?
In the black of the night, I escaped. I crawled all the way until I reached the men who rescued me.
-What about your family, your kids?
My family--they slaughtered my children in front of my very eyes. I don't know where the rest are.
-You don't know where your remaining family is?
I don't. I don't know where they are. They were all slaughtered.
And after they slaughtered the people, they began to to loot and sack the homes.
-Could you tell me some of the families [that were murdered]?
The Maddiya family, the Ghalyoun family, the Mahbane family--they were all slaughtered. Many, many other families as well.
-What is happening to the village now, with the destruction?
Destruction, rockets...They have not ceased with the rockets. They completely destroyed the village.
All from Iran and wear yellow bands with their beards down to [here.]
-What do you say to the Arab people? What do you ask of them?
I ask for help. My wife and children--I don't know where they are. 34 00:02:38,00 --> 00:02:40,00 -What do you say to the Islamic scholars and Muslims?
Where are these Islamic scholars? I swear they're not even looking at us.
-You can not see from your eye?
It's been closed for 5 days after I was injured. I can't see from it. For 5 days without any food or drinks, I hid out on the roof.