Bulandi (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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and arrange lor milk, books and other thing. - Thank you, Sir.
That's Manorama coming.
- Yes, lather? - Your Aunt's here. Make arrangements lor her to sit.
- My respects, brother. - Bless you. - Hello, Aunt. - Bless you.
What's the matter? you came in this sun?
- Brother...The local-court... - l know.
- The accused is my son. - l know that too.
You'll be giving the verdict. You're not my real brother...
yet you reared me as a real sister. You got me married...
you became my mother and saw to my evey happiness.
Today, all that joy, depends on your verdict.
My son is still childish. He doesn't know good lrom the bad.
Taking his childishness and immaturity into consideration...
il you can lorgive him this one, then l...
Son, whatever gold we have in our sale, give it to your Aunt.
Look, l'll give you a mango-orchard.
Also, 200 acres ol lertile land. And not just this...
Even il you ask lor my lile, l'll give you that too.
But we cannot bend the rules which we've honored lor centuries!
But, il you want, you can...
l knew you wouldn't budge lrom your principles and pride.
l had come to console mysell, that il l request you personally...
you may change your verdict. A mother is sellish about her kids.
ll l've erred anywhere, then lorgive me, dear brother.
l'm not bitter. In lact l'm proud to be a sister ol such a just man.
Bless you.
Get the buggy ready. Ramu the Thakur is leaving soon.
This is lrom Babuji and... Hey! Where are you going?
And this is lrom me.
- My respects. - Bless you, dear. - It makes me so vey happy...
to see you give love to them. No sister-in-law does this.
- They're like sons to me. - Wonderlul! May you be happy.
Son l'm vey lucky to get such a daughter-in-law.
Remember one thing, always eat curds and sugar lrom her hands.
- It's lucky. - Yes, Father. - Let's go.
- Tata, lather. - Shall we go, Father? - Yes.
Stop! Stop.
No matter how big a man is, he's humble at his sister's door.
- Come in and have something. - l'm not a brother right now.
But a judge ol a local-court. Have you lorgotten that...
l don't even drink water lrom the house which is involved.
Let the verdict be given,... we'll all sit together and eat.
Be carelul with the verdict. He's your sister's son too.
ll the verdict is wrong, the outcome will be vey bad.
Let's go, son.
My daughter was bringing lirewood. And this man raped her.
Her honor is most valuable to us. Who'll wed her now?
You're the chiel justice. You give us your verdict.
- Any eye-witnesses? - l saw it all, sir.
- Are you related to the girl? - Yes. l'm her Aunt.
Then your statement cannot be considered.
A person who has seen the crime and is not related to the girl...
will be heard.
ls there any witness like that?
Yes there is, sir.
- l saw it all. - What did you. See, son?
l saw him take her on his shoulder lorcibly into the shed...
and then shut the door.
She was yelling ''Help'', but, there was nobody around...
When she came out later on, her clothes were torn...
and she was cying, saying ''l'm ruined.''
You damn cur! What do you think these poor are?
These are the laborers whose toil and sweat maintain the corps.
We owe our land lordship to these poor people!
And in exchange they get led 2 a day and a sheet to cover them.
And you dared to lorce yoursell in that sheet and raped her?
You're no better than an animal! Get some 'vermillion' lrom the temple.
Come lo_ard, girl. The hands that raped you...
will put vermillion in your hair and wed you! You'll be his wile.
That's why verdict.
Change your verdict, l say!
Don't spit lire at me! This lowly girl, whose leet would soil my lloor...
... she'll be my daughter-in-law?
Don't you knowthis is a common thing surround here?
Landlords and peasant women are always involved. Nobody weds them.
Silence! Landlords don't own these girls to play around with them!
A girl's virginity is precious. Whether she's rich, or poor.
Have you gone cray? You're not lit to give justice.
You'll pay heavily lor this.
One more word, and l'll have your tongue!
You're not worthy to stand belore me and yet you challenge me?
l've never bothered with outcomes. Il l have bothered...
it was only about pride, justice and laith.
This girl's caste matters not. Only her honor and purity matters.
Jaganath put vermillion on her!
Bless you. Il you trouble her, you'll have to answer to me.
Long live the Thakur.
No! You'll not widow your own Aunt, son.
Dear brother...
He shot my brother. He killed my noble brother.
Why did you do this? What a catastrophe!
Stop! Let him be.
He'll be punished lor the crime he has committed.
From today, lor 1$ long years, l declare this man an outcast!
ll anybody keeps any relation with him and his lamily...
... he'll be an out cast too!
This is my verdict.
Those who give justice, have no relations or emotions.
One may lose one's lile, but never one's pride.
He who protects honor with his lile, is a true judge.
He touches the Zenith ol justice
From today l hand over the chair ol justice to you.