How to Make a Bloody Mary Recipe

Uploaded by MyBigFatBloodyMary on 05.06.2011

cavalier lounge La Crosse, Wisconsin
show you how to make perfectly bloody Mary Cocktail
This recipe is a good starting point from which you can expand as you gain confidence.
but for now let's start with the basics
you'll need a shaker
a juicer is also quite helpful
measuring cups are utterly useless Fill your shaker with ice add fresh-ground pepper
good quality of vodka
celery salt
cayenne pepper
horseradish if you like
now add worcestershire sauce
cayenne pepper
celery salt
not too much
we don't want too much salt
and freshman
let's fucked up
well so i can start to see it i think it's a fun
now it's time to shake
and pour
I like to top with pepper and celery salt
more for the smell
top with the garnish of your
this is what people seem to remember
here in wisconsin we always serve it
with a beer chaser
from from all us at my big fat bloody mary Cheers!