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Uploaded by KULeuveniGEM on 29.08.2011

Today we are going to show the children what synthetic biology is in a playful way.
We will explain that synthetic biology enables us to create organisms with properties which normally don't occur.
A more popular experiment is the extraction of DNA from kiwis,
because you can collect a large amount of DNA at once.
Today we will be working with tomatoes because you can get colored DNA which is much more fun for the children.
What you're seeing here is the DNA from a tomato.
We have added things like soap, kitchen salt, alcohol and others.
And afterwards we put it in such filters.
- What did that get you? - DNA from a tomato.
Afterwards we will ask them to think about synthetic biology, with which you can create all kinds of things.
We ourselves started with brainstorming about what we wanted to create, starting from scratch.
Now they will have a chance to imagine.
- What is your drawing about? - I drew a character which generates ice or wind.
During summer when you're hot.
A bird which can, through his singing, bring summer.
Do you think you'll grow up to be a scientist?
- no. - and why not?
- I don't think I'm that good at it. - Why is that? You did find DNA in a tomato today!
Yes, but mine failed.
I don't think so, but it's fun.
- And why not, is there anything you'd rather be? - Yes, firefighter!