IOG - Bible Speaks Lesson - "Death: It's Only For A Little Season"

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I've been looking searching trying to find the way to walk
Lord I humble myself before thee I don't want to be lost
I've been taught to search the scriptures and read the word of truth
Like you said
Just like you
I'd be just like you
that's designed
God is coming down
Jesus Said it
i like to welcome everyone into the body speaks
there's a bible study program that is designed to better help you understand
your bible and to prepare you for the caramel
when i was with a great opportunity to put too much less
reading from me tonight will be brother jerry
the lesson tonight is Death
It is only for a little season
the reason I'm teaching you this lesson
and is subject tonight is because
that's walking right
and have that man decries
they're not worried about that
because they know the only going to be a formal seat
the people
who don't know them all
and don't have that mandy cracks
that none of that
and they also want to be a little seeds
but the law is already listed
and unemployed apple
and this is what we don't want for him
what we would like for you to do isri and would mean
that's what we want you to do
it is already had enough of speculation that the about what god has seen
and woody c
we have all kind of doctor has been talked a lot of people
so what we're going to do is we want to look
at death will take a look at it
and we caught up
optional you
what they've done a lot had to say
and how
it's only going before lucy's
when moses now wake up
what day policy differences all the technology and planes and
was only for cattle field like that on the date they have been there but we
will see
not only game in seven thousand ease
their products that are missing some different but i think that yesterday
is gone they like and does that poor sick
vehicle raval when you come up with one of my back
well let's take a look at something the u_s_ will start as well
in genesis
the first chap
and my brother james mcdougal
adverse twenty-six genesis one and twenty six
go every budget and gone to see it
letters made made an our in baja capita our like going and let them have domain
over the facial desi in all the file of the air and all the cattle
you know what all the year
going away every creeping p decreed it up on the air go ahead
so god created man in his own in that look
answer and guide say
actually a dot said the guy let us make man in architect
and then you talk about and god created man in his knowledge so you understand
it has to be drawn here
every artist that's still what
what the book is saying here
annual gradual book you wouldn't know
jesus created everything that was created
but we don't read that twenty seven groups
in the image of god pete a_t_t_ hill are male and female created byval voted
and god saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good it's in the
evening in the morning where the six-day not everything that you may want to look
budget as i want to do me a favor
i want to go back to me burst twenty eight he goes up and i want to point out
here delivery and god bless them
and dots the until the end
be fruitful
and multiply and replenish the earth audience of do we
and have been the you know the face of the sea and all the file of the air
uh... every living thing demo upon the addresses the rosary that i have no
reader twenty vs
i wanted you to see from the beginning
man was supposed to be overworked of got aids
that is what we blew we blew it we're still a little works of his hand boldly
are not
we were not
got from the beginning
but from the beginning hint images
to be over to work
of using three that their differs virtually
and god saw everything that he had made
and be whole
it was very good lock in this evening and the morning where the six-day now
let's go to the second chapter and we won't pick it up
but he said he said he made man and his it was right did you read the blueprint
dot bring imports
by to reverse that
in the lord god for man of the dust of the ground
in breathe into his nostrils the breath of life in may and became a living so as
a symbol of i want you to remember that
man be k
game eleven so
here is that you put us all
demand he became the sole
but did
he said he briefed
the breath of life
ennis samantha syndrome
because that's
mobile that's the main god's breath
and i want you to pay attention to that
become a ship that ongoing in the last
but go ahead and finish that one verse
in the lord god planted a garden eastwood and eaten
in beer he put the main home yet falls off and out of the ground may the lord
god to grow every tree that is pleasant to the site include foo foo the tree of
life also in the midst of the top and the tree of knowledge of good meat map
guys about to give him an some instructions
he can do that because he made me so now he's going to give them some
instructions but noticed
your entries in the garden duffel fool
that they could be
you know every day but then you had to extra trees that was not
uh... of fruit trees and all that
these trees
represented the log
and and the other trying to do another shevardnadze limit at in evil
it represented
the surplus in the dept
let's start skipping amber sixty let's see what other structures
was to them bowie
and the lord god commanded the main thing
i'll be retrieved the garden about made its free leaky oc one of the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil
dot should not even if he had a little too trees
and off
and our we talked about the trio live
industry other not so good and evil
what changes read it
he said but on the tree are not so good and evil blouse out matt
that was your instruction
that was adams is going to use instructions
that'll shalt not
top to it
dealt with
finish that four in the day the dow ease their oil that day invented a digi-key
dear of malaria bout shield surely die val shell shirley data automatic real
quick james and we'd all be some acting full matthew real quick because
adamantly sauces than brothers showed all day tomorrow
i suggest
that all day tomorrow
but let's see
that was your idea address on the jesus c
matthew fox we will pick up a burst three brother james
matting four
poetry and when the template came to be n_b_c_ mohammed al b the son of god
commanded the stalls be made great wattage even say awake but he answered
in st
it is written it has written nation natalie about three and a lot but by
every word i proceeded out of the mouth of got system as it is written
nationalists and so
what the lord told him
to listen he told them that
fifteen from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
but man was supposedly have but everyone they came out of the law was not
that didn't happen
let's go to revelation twelve chapter with all picked this up a person that
revelation twelve amber snabel taking the essence of brothers but i want to
show you what we get back to genesis who asap it was
that game that week
lumpectomies remembers
version that
revelation twelve amber snap as u_s_ ever was james holy and the great dragon
was cast doubt that old served at all seven called little devil daredevil and
se kaha wish to see that the whole world day he was cast out into the earth
in his paintings will cast out with him that this is this is the brothers
maggie won't know who is certainly
it was that all certain dud apple and say
if you don't get all push up our own assets
let's go back
pathogenesis third chapter
amount because of the first one
all you can understand
what was gone all this level apple tree jittery sub-regional apple that is a
catholic doctorate
what she did was she talked to somebody
that got all that and not to talk to
picked us up at birth one
galway agree now the serb was more subtle date any piece of the feel arms
to lord god it may be a close-up though he was walking crafty
this cat was more a crappy day animated silk because a lot like a man
and to abuse as well
he said he was more crafty than any
any beast of the feel-good nri
nec it until the won't hear have got to see it he she will not be will be
retrieved the garden go away
and the woman say it into the serpent
we make each of the fruit of the trees of the garden
one of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the dot on dot have say he
should not either the need issue he touches listing down uses absent
she broke
she transgressed the law right they
she's top considers kit
but detailed i shouldn't policy one suppose we tell them to
but there are reports pol
and the service say it into the woman
you should not surely god and i think i got a cell como
u_s_ blackhawk dot say hello dap but i think
it go back
televise any good week for god does know that in the day he eat their own public
dot it'll take somewhere i think it may have a say god
at noticing that no debt
but i can tell you what dot
no deluded datasheets octal
we was all side that
and that is what happened burn rate
the iraq she'll be open
he shall be as gods
no income
litany visoko ball and take it to all mandolin re
in when the woman saw that the tree was good for full
and that it was pleasant to the ashley that she was below
globalism alex and and double-checking the sudden was beautiful
you hun sen
he had all these press stalin on that around it
and all that
so he was beautiful sahi kaha
but now just wanted to vote
that's a good catch
weaponry in a tree to be desire to make one walk
she took of the through the role of india devoting a gave also wrote to her
husband with her
immediate has actually come now
and once they did that
we started
diet let's see what the eight
that's not a wholesale deducted jeff jose at cn let's see what they
the cabbage us why has is about
that in teaching you that
but nobody would get in a bible nobody would hurry
and our
we just got caught by the sock a move
resolve at the end
amherst thirty poetry you have plowed wiki hockey everyday nick would you have
wickedness and you have wreaked
iniquity ordinary you have beaten the frugal line as what do you think
g_-eight go through of lack of utah idea will not back at you soon
we all recognize that every book
and ask the same thing that say it
that was somebody battlefield that the preaching
get out there its value that that is not
so so so i thought in the box
see at the lab
as she went on and hear what the law but we can show you
we'll show you today
that is just not possible
and she has to wait
until a resurrection that is what's gonna happen welfare zebras genocide
thirteen again to rededicate you have plowed we cannot give repu neeku toi
have eating the fruit of lavoie because the obvious trust in bali in the
multitude about my team easy trust and that can be trusted me and that's what
this man always do
he trusted him and
and you do not trust the middle
now let's go back to the operation at the budget assist olympic this october
because of all up
has gone by well passed sentence
all that
and i'm enough still
because from that in every day
we have been dot you can we ask
they'll die introduced
the and what is saying
the transgression world god's law
well because i've never seventy
here it is
the deficit
you know that a b c because dies hearken unto the voice about life
and has beaten of the train
of which i commanded the saying tonight you can tell
to say that this event
and i told you not to
poetry now shall not deterred the it
person of the ground for passing on a hot installed shelled out beautifully
all the days of our life probably doors also lintas who surely bring forth to
and i'll show people herbal bluefield now you will work
footed salvation that
single head south lightweight mission right at your fingertips
but now you've got a work force
and i think i'll be easy
because you've got a word
you've got to have a fight you will have a family united to everything it takes
to do right
but then you got to work for the salvation to
so now he told you
thought that this of all brain udall brings holden and sarah about that look
what else is a good week
in the sweat about face you about the gridlocked about returning to the ground
to you retired to the ground like fly out of it without taking a nap
that i dash to the issue of object in
but right here what's your battery
this is a physical debt yes recovers today
what bills that art
you know to do a show about return act that south
because it is there but not all about
you all retirement that
on a false pretense here you
is they'd act
spiritually outer shell u_k_ people move all i'll show you debate that
uh... in a few minutes date back to heat that physically do
but not on a second peter
that their chapter missing out on the day is too low
seventy two three
inquiry one verse
second-tier three
and legal reform re one verse
verse eight
because death is only on the four los angeles muslim brothers
always of all of us the what you got a whole
that when that season is up
and the more regime
that you've been a hope
that you're in the room we cracked
there's anything else
like the commercials these is uncivil you want to find
mental math we'll because up abosede one virtually but the loaf
peanut ignorant of this one thing
that one day deals with the lord has a thousand years
and a thousand years as one big so one exhibit marked is it that he is not a
bad bet baird david ensor advantage and that is what i can genesis
the project
well because of the verse twenty two because this is what man lost
this is that spiritual death
that day
he lost expect last access to god
so map we'll pick this other births juanito
three and twenty two genesis three amber's twenty-two poetry in the lord
god save the whole
the main has become as one of our coffee no good and evil and now
this he put forth his name
intake also a victory of life he had to reach fall he had to go do you know it
is true i had to learn how to be a playable
that's how you know
hate coming
this week this gap
has become
man in the literal sense
his main because he did not
get a chance to learn
how to be a flap will go ahead and finish it empty
in the hotel hallway therefore the lord god save him fourth from the garden of
to to you the ground which he was taken out here
so we'd rolled out the main
any place at the invited to all of them out so he couldn't keep from history
how much of a military latvia still
bejeweled out
so he could king from history ally
and india but go ahead a city place at the east of the garden of eden share
and a flaming sword which turned every way
to keep the weight
of the tree of life and i don't know why i don't know what you need to put them
chapman's around to protect them but he did
where data so that should help
the man did not have access to or maybe more
a sculptor are genesis
the off
fip chapter by james video pick this up
at birth one genesis five and one
this is the bulk of the generations of adult not showing you now
he said
did day alyssa that i'll be back in the beverage day they say it but me
in the day that god created man in the likeness of god
may he give goalie male and female created he bailed
implicitly m and called their name i don't need
in the days when they were creates a we bless them
and call their name adults cadavers flat intended
and all the days at a live were nine hundred and thirty years and he does so
at only half of the matter and thirty years but why don't we re brother james
how tall is the date of the low thousand thousand missile adams and that really
helped the whole day
heat that in the same day
that he was created so scissor burroughs now those folks who are as wall let's go
to saint john the future
sage on fire
does not want to show you sister brothers
that up
that your life
visualize the publisher who treat of life eight say john flap
he's well read one verse right here
now which is verse twenty six
saint john's lab embers twenty-six cepastat understanding to understand
what the lord is trying to tell you sos about that's what you need to have a all
and then newt
all avenue but what it
one of these false pretense teaching you
you don't have to be too old test
you just need to return to which k understanding too
without all because the police description all usual bite absolute
estimate usual placed the moment
what one of them on their review
march twenty six five and twenty six
plaza father had lied in himself
soul had he given to the so that they have liked in himself and at some
that's why
these two are always been a part of a godly
v this shoe happy to be a lot
but real life
as a book said these memos i got hit right on swine jackets in the beginning
with the word
but what i was with that
the word
why does god in size once it is that the law i'd say that onto the mantle
sit at that right hand
and they got enemies athletes to
drat spoke to got in the beginning that us tonight
many cannot it
and that's what happens if the brothers
you are looking at the tree
want bhopal both while much of your life actually
but he said
he said the flat india but anderson candy allied also now as well the jolt
the arm
dobie are forty chapt
you know this is a tough taxes the growth that we're lemony
all these
these anything it's beneath that equinox x
and although as the just
don't follow the word of god
in follow what doctrine
when the law it
wake you up
you better have a real good reason
why you did nobody
you'd have a real good reason all you ekeus to u_s_ masks
botanical asking
because it is that a controlled everything
that he is being control
even alive
law because other version one fourteen and one
may have that his board of a woman
is a few days and full of trouble detected through
of fewer days and for the trouble by ordinary he comin for lack of flowers
it is good then take that some
you get all pissy mike i was in high school
or last week
you get all and you are cut down are used to run chat acting went to the
bathroom normal
is that you are cut down stepped out
flap that that will appoint you something
poetry seeing his days are determinants the number of his months are
with the busy with gilday out in time and so syndromes
because insane
maggie lee said the number of months outwit you got it
da has applauded his plans that he cannot play people in depth of his
abound aerated nobody can
so map
you need to understand
what's going on the escape out a breast twelve
and continue
cele mai lai down in rises not
killed the heavens be no more they should not always nor be raise out of
this sleepy say they still not awake or the rays are in his sleep go here
all that that would have had me in the great yes that that would keep me
secretory until bar randy paso jobs are not logical hatton integrity please
secret anzio
his wrath repair
and that you know vigil understood description
the on the streets the description
about this lesson
you want to stay the tuba let me say this before forgive you gave
so as a brother you can't keep well
writings which is now and study
that's not enough for you colin on that appears on your screen
and asked for capitalism and we'll see about
get it out there
we'll see about getting out there too
weber site millet their king friendship
defile what is the point media sector
in remember me c java booed at once
watching that right
that had a set time to remember you
but he also told you
it was after his arrest his pace finished reemerging if a man bascially
liberty and i will say yes to that question go ahead week all the days of
my point of time without week
too much change compared to alleyway
anzio his shay's coming kelly says really say anything about fast second
that you back
you not going to be a fragile body nope
this a five-second have you back you said that but i had a dot on that
did these people get this crazy doctorate from
is certainly didn't come from the power from the bible
dole just paul jewell
and sets at
remember me and i always so much change let's look at some mails
did not check
please answer to that
doesn't go around a table preaching to you
if i could i would pay you listen to me
read to you from the bull yes and
because i have no
what's that
matt rate is about it all and i know what the law of wall his watchmen to do
what you think that the attacks
and not get caught up in this hike we'll pick this up
ebert's what
we'll pick this up adverse one
ecclesiastical man
and birth one blatantly brother
for all of these are considered in my heart even to declare all these you know
that the righteous and the last and they'll works
art in the hand of god directed troop yes
aswell settlement file by james
everybody's works is in the hand
of got bad week
no made no libby the local hatred bar all that is before they've got a brother
all things come alike to all
here's what he did to the writers
into the we talked to the good into the clean
into the unclean goalie in best actor fighting
it to him the sacrifices not
as he is the good news all with us in early
indeed that's where it
as he did for your panel is everything is in gaza needs
what he called
evite and he called the event that did you send anybody paintball call it a
it will be good
madhuri this is an evil on all things that i don't know that the symbolic that
there is one t_v_ onto all here's one ebay into off
is dead
this is the one evening
that nobody can get a rap
not the president of this country
all other countries
and that the holiest arquette enrolled decay get around this
and neither can use a syndromes
this is what he's talking about
but remember this key will be vacating incumbency
god didn't put there for you
he ask for it
and he got
bad week here
also the heart of the cells of me and a full of the year in magazines in their
hearts out to we see that with the young boy id schachter pieces bassam
neighborhood watch cap
is this evil all-day all-night brought out everywhere
and madness is in their heart and how they leave l_a_ an avid that they go to
the denies that we've got a call to the day i says the brothers now
you pick it up on a little bit but as you take it up
go ahead and weak
forty here that is george all the living there is no matter how has your life and
you can change brothers and sisters
you can't see it
you can change our ways
anubis that go on to be sunday charges
getaway your money and not murnian anything
or living doll this better than i did life at a black
for the living though that they shelled akkada did note that anything need to
have the anymore lol
for the memory of them is forgot so today i have no nothing
that memory
that memory of golf
and all the time the memory of them on the forgot my cell battery brother in
their lopez learned their hatred a hatred of their envy is now payers he
won a prize and back
are all that thought processes obvious president everest
it stop
battery need to have the anymore porch inflate ever in anything that is done
under the sunday k get no money
front harrison's
they can't go to work and get no paycheck
azad idea of what it
is that all prepped
and they have they'll have not been on the side step at a brisket
was so well about hand fun to do do it without my story but there's no war no
one would divide nada button or not haha nor wisdom in the grave whether babble
use a veces umbrellas
so i don't know that view
told your mom and act
and i said that smile and a
so that i what
you ain't got no john
yelled out a is being right byob all i've read a bit after what you see
the resurrection a habit so she definitely a smack but now across sounds
one forty six
and we'll pick this up
ever swan because a lot is setup mouthful many scriptures
i'm not going to happen and pray that you
cynicism brothers pay attention right down
and learn some glass appreciate that
an interpreter got a problem telecom i read through
we want to do some papers one
first one one four six and one look what this a cynicism rose garden re
praise ye the lord yes praise the lord all muscle galway while earlier without
praise the lord but that is why does he say wow idly about will praise the lord
and goes all the time you get raisins as liberal
we deseret
that you ain't got no matter snow device in the great somali time you can praise
is while your maybe poetry
ella sing praises until my god while i have any being ballet but not your trust
in places
nor the sort of maine
in cold there is no deal the loss they don't trust nobody
because when it comes as gospel you believe the basketball adri his breath
goa forgets he return it to be a scourge axiom that very day his pulse period
everyday you felt
which only gonna get wilson's
only a little cdma those millwall
let's go to our job at the gym at seventy
you will because of the first five
you'll skip the seven you'll skip thirty
jeremiah seventeen
the orbit of riverside poetry
mostly at the lord
colors be the made it trusted in may think that some he's a custody the
mandate trusted with if you just add preacher
which held salvation to offer a full
bucket whatever he really did you call the house
and to make sure he has to do
should you guess what the status of the ltte
battery just friends that know
bali it make you finished his arm it was hard departed from the lowest get out of
our seven contig blesses the made a choice within the law like establish
that press is the man its arsenal or by in whose whole the morty handles hope
got it israel hoped
battery weber's ability in the senate stepped out of us thirty and look what
the lord had written by angry all colour the hold will be israel
all their food safety she'll be a shame he's alvarado
of israel did uses a o
and at that he'd like that
that day by day of the father is that all
that forsake
office shelby let the shame tyree invaded depart from the edge at the pot
from gate as jesus gaudet she'll be written in the uruguay because they have
forsaken the lord
the fountain of living water that's what you've done
if you want to see have been saying she is the front of you want to say is gene
is a part of the water
go center
you can read edges
out of his belly show floor rivers oblivion wanted you can say that map
let's although i i spoke to us sounds forty that real quick software necklaces
i'll talk about
but have you dad right is colby alright
soces abrahms
is gone the alright
with people around you
forty two am going to cover forty
what a man importing the pot of money that may be a project
like she'd be a late in the great
this you'll feed on the into of racial have dominion all with the m in the
morning it's in their beauty show consumed the gray yes from their dwelled
that's what happens when re
but god will redeem us sold from the power of the great i will read debut
from the power of the grains of sand brothers
disney protestant
that he would raise you if you believed on him thursday
forty she'll receive me say laughing cuz i'm not as they did a couple examples
has got his outside dot eleven checked
his pick of just a taste
tie-dyed eleven jeff
and we'll pick this up adverse
buddies about ladders jesus free india big of a birth one weaponry now certain
man was sick named razr above bethany
in the town of marion her system are probably he was dead mary which it nor
did the log with poignant
in wipes his feet with her hair
whose brother maverick was sick off built for his sister said unto him
saying lord
he hold all of the a c uh... which he's very did he say
this sickness is not unto death or look for the glory of god
that the son of man by people five here by i guess alf is that i have been a
sick sickness
was not going to do
because god
he was just shy to show you that he was already has the day
is that it is the resurrection
yo prieto
when yo mama's so my you know i want that he tell you
that the president but i don't like the pritchett
is is at all
skipped out
some breast eleven
and continue goalie these things they he admitted that he saved unto the hahaha
free elaborate sleep without eating ozzie called death
sleep right here by henry but i coul
that idly away camp out of sweet ballet did say it is disciples lord
if he sleeps
he showed little how bgs a spate of his death but they thought
that he had spoken of take interest in sleep on today and really
on the stamp what he was talking about
because lead is a metaphor
but that black
because was somebody is great
i can wake him up acting silly
but that's not what the lock that's why he used the word sleep
didn't wake you up
it is a temporary
up is it separate existence
as you are sleep for awhile
lodges use that to shield that
best auto move to a chapter wellpages obverse forty-one that is about jobs and
his daughter poetry
and behold there came a man named gyrus
and he will be rule of the synagogue and he filled out a jesus the and assault
him that he would come into his outlets edges asses abrupt and that was had a
problem jim here got no problem ethelson but his daughter was in trouble
and he wanted to want that could range that hit his daughter
to help the binary
we had only one daughter about twelve years of age
issued later died but as he with the people told him magical
is that
his head up
are dot at one dollar stores where you thought he was worried about
skip taft
skip down to walk
but let's go to let's go to law
romans of fifty robbers and subject for me
promise i won't come back
to move to a chance
romans flap
because by the sauces
you meet once a
that could help you with this
you have to believe all normal
you have to believe that you have to help
it'll take a bus ek
but boy every first wanted to rama flap which wanted to
therefore being justified by faith he had just a fact see that
that just in case has not like identified by boat
you'll have to believe
effectively you'll have to believe in the law
i've never seen a lot of info but i believe that the death of my c
and i believe
he was ransom
followed i believe that is that
it is great you have access
back faith
pablo de jesus poetry
wearying we stay in m rejoicing in hope of the glory of god let's go back to the
exact of milk developing other brothers
thirty-one legally own seven people you know maltreatment
he went out on that
will pick this up and marcel
as big of a forty method of for now from
while he gets paid their come with one from the rule of the synagogues
howell say to him
dot dollar is daisy troubled mathematically
but we jesus kirti he s of saying
fear not
believe only issue shelby made whole by a brother
in what he had came into the house
he suffered no made to go away and say peter in chains
and john and the father
and the mother of the maintenance and all we have to be wilder but he saved
we'd not
she is not the would sleep with what he said he says
fear not
believe only
and she shall be made
holy that what is this because that's what you have to
you have to believe
ali what parts not guilty in a feeding tube valerie
and they let him to score knowing dishes they probably
if you put them all out
he took her by the hand and calls saying me arise
inner spirit came again issue rolled a role straight weighty he committed to
give her meet think that some he said me arrives
in her spirit k again
and she rolls
anchor some mathfuzzlog map
let's look at this link let's look at least atlantis isley andy that's got to
sleep the runs or not is looking to sleep
the optical divers one souljah get poetry sence thirteen and one going
how lol without forgive me oh lord off forever
how lol about how about face from me
how long she liked a council in muscle
having some role in my heart daily masses about we look at a sweetener
looking out of all use asthmatic or sleek go-ahead re how walsh a mile enemy
be exalted over me yet
considering hear me oh lord i've got to a considered him a guy i replied my last
list i sleep this legal dept asleep away
yet thusly of
that's this is a brother that is what the law was trying to tell the app his
and that's what he was told the people that left him
to solve all
that death is only for those scenes he ignored it so now
let's go to revelation the off
six yet
relishes six well look at it again will arrive logistics media binary budget
version at
and we've yet over the presidio la salle under the alter the soil
although they have that was slain
with the word of god before the testimony which they they've got a and
they cracked out with a loud voice saying
how long will launch holy untrue
does dot not julie genevieve job good old a m that will on the other lets us
rather that than women are now we know these people
gay people can tell
but this is about a four as well
he said have all
he's alle
uh... besides uh...
holly untrue
the events that black b of families
but on the infield
poetry in white gold were given until every one of the m
and you will see it on to the m that they should re-used
what little see-saw until their fellow serbs also had their brethren
they should be killed while they were donated beatles reducing roseanne
so that was a metaphor idea
but they only did just one last favor onto the rest of us of the brother they
go to graduation b_t_u_
or whatever you read about that in revelation with one of ted which we
called raggedy
as well
let's go to i remember now
remember he said this theory
he said the spirit he's i remember the where spirit in the bible
it is you
in different contexts
so now the spirit that we can sort of younger rags how we're going to check
that out jul twenty seven two
twenty-seven and to go ahead and re is guy livid
who had taken away by judgment of the almighty webex muscle valley
all the while bob represent me
and the spirit of god is in my my fear is that a spirit of that is getting is
what rotates in an outing on all sides the brothers red the breath of life
we read about that incident since the second step yes solmaz
that is the spirit he called back to her
the breath of michael delegate
that's part of the thirty th our chapter
it'll pick up the only one verse
first four
the spirit of god have made me miss berra of god
has mainly
mainly enjoyed a lot
went down gasoline clay
fom a man's body
what hal was immobilized by our reach
and a breath of the almighty have given me like him abreast of the all
given me like i saw it i've seen you the breath of life it got suited
and an audience and all of that
whatever wrath
rotates in-and-out so he called it back
let's go to
festivity to fall chapter well-stocked we'll look at what's not to wrap up
that i've missed one firsthand
seven seventy four
or because of a burst what
we'll see what stocks resurrection go ahead and read it when you get
hotshot seed therefore before dot our lord jesus christ
who futuristic weekend the delivery called just a quick attach ags edits
appearing and his keen to see why was that when we come up
that is with
not bad it is that the attack
because you will need to add a listing of the living
if you happen to back redirect usual luxury
so bad for lucy now babar prestwick insisting
you are reversed fifty two
and we'll see what u up disease first corinthians fifteen
and he won't take the only one verse rose fifty two
we get it
go ahead and re in a moment
in the twinkling of an hour at the last straw for the trouble shell sound and
that gave shelby raised incorruptible and we shelby chamber jazz i got a
question for you
have you heard the last rotten also at her in a child
ideas i'll have people talk about their loved ones is in heaven already
because at a time for that
at a sector remember me go back to top forty
you know i'd wait on the just alberto forty pick it up and rose fifty you'll
read that one groups joe fourteen
amber's fifty
of cell no
you had to be called
you have to be called battery birth thirty dial she'll call in our answered
the gridlock dole said law do cold call
that's what's not resurrection
and i will answer the diary doubt will have a desire to the work of dynamic
that's up do you know that
well do that
that why don't i just know that re my style to not we dislike ec medlar
revelation eleven chat
revelation that with all of these two witnesses
resio beckett call
he's exalt bussy
the battle
this is that the battle support herself
always need to do distrusted
and the only
picked this up
revelation lebanon three bogen and i will be a problem too much to witnesses
in basal prophesied thousand
two hundred and three score data golden circle roy these are the two olive trees
in the tool candlesticks bedding before the god of the order does not mean that
it's a lot of trees skip taft
the rarest seven atlantic and when they should have finished their testimony
the beast that acidic out of the bottom of the speech you'll make war against
the m issue overcome daily keel being on a lot more allowed it to witnesses to be
kill because they call kia
they called preach
and province at
twelve forty two months
or twelve hundred sixty days which is to read heavies
the great alleged ed
today the load
stepped down as you read obverse a no brouillette
and their dead bodies shield lavished riegel of the great cd
we speak please call sodom and egypt
well fly lord was crucified for a broken in bailed the people in cages and tolls
invasion she'll seeded be embodies
three days and i had a comment is free for three-and-a-half days total wealth
is the senate
automated network so i had as a videotape at i don't see that that that
is trying to make a point
binary initial knots over their dead bodies to be put in grades give that a
person leavening continue
it after three days and i have
the spirit of life from god and he got a week ago said a breath of life goodness
of the spirit of ivan dot poetry entered into the m and they stood up on their
a great fear failed point beyond which solving early and they heard a great
voice from heaven saying that to be in com of the other
envious ended up to capitol clout
indicating these detailed the themselves say
that will call and i will answer yes or no depth of a cop and from here
effect probably a
rolls out i think they were always back up now
let's go to
that's gonna say job
the author of chapter we hope you have a verse twenty five
that we'll skip to twenty-eight
saint john flap
inverse twenty five
says about i took my travel does less
because i've really
warns you to cds we have been suckered volleys conversation
that's what we pay so much money when i love was back at olivet
but we need to know what the logic to say
about when you die
roughly faq
barely barely us leon two hundred i was coming in now is when they'd be a sugar
the voice of the son of god this area what angle voice of the sort of dot i
invaded here schilit when baghdad there's absolute holiday but look at the
book tell you
typifies twenty-eight read it
marvel not at this
will bow is coming in the which all data in the grace you'll hear his voice are
all that's in the grave
affect that
to hebrews eleven sabbath
and i will tell you that
the battery
issue come forth
they did have done a good into resurrection of life invaded have done
evil into the resurrection of bam they take that some matteo these people
the people in the only eleven
and some of us who had that one of the report
we need to see
why dot shoals did
we hope it doesn't go hebrews eleven
and we can pick this up adverse one
hebrews eleven converse one
people's eleven and one
golden week
now faces the suburbs of things hope for
the evidence of things not seen what's all these people that you have to have
some right
you have to believe leon panetta will be hotmail
but that every
it is a substance
thank to the subsample believe
as a sample of what evidence of nazi
and that was cds babbling about
that's right
buttery full body of the elders of katie could report people would asthmatic
and kevin's commands
and we're back to has in the name of jesus they obtain a good report
but there's some of us feel about
binary through faith we understand that the world were framed by the word of god
so the peace studies which
are seen were not made of these wish to will be dissect proofread we know
it happened the way it's at least a to happen
it genesis
the first chapter second chapter third installs hopeful
stepped out
tomorrow six because i knew i had his u_k_ please god go i agree
bull without faith it is impossible to please him was epic margie has read
impulsive possible please god daily
forty that comet to god
must believe that he is
and that he is there a water of the embed diligently seek to have to believe
that since the brothers believed that one of the reply do you have to work for
that's going to do let me six reg and
and took another birth twenty-four literati six ambrose twenty-fold
people don't understand about taxes
you noticed people that one of the reply throw their writers
about his righteousness
and twenty-four pattern re in the lower commanded us to do all these statues
honoring statues all of these are all these actions by to fear the lord our
god for our good always
that he might preserve both our lab
as it is that the state galway any shelby our writers michele b
how will righteousness cali if we observe to do all these commended him
for dual all the comment that shall rats
that is what he is look at it
al cabin about
you going to church on sunday keepin chris wilson is that
start lady soul
oscalus that
was bought all it's what is the embed the assemble
went astray as she told me that
that is one of the biggest lads
in the hall cremation
you read that only given that in there
history books
an encyclopedia what people believe that black
because they have been they have been
to this fall's that
by reasonable weber site
mill twenty-five finishes to do all these commanders before the lord our god
as he could have committed us
all these commands now
let's go to war
let's go on to
old frustrate the ends
the office chapter
first to rate the in fact
first went inside with all picked this up
for twenty of five
well because of a percent
you know you got clean yourself up them almost apprise you of audio sears
so you can be raised right
picked this up
at all
picked us up eight percent
go retreat per job therefore the old levin
that you may be a good will
as you are on levitoff we drink wise op ed solely a sacrifice for our cries out
that all of that
now let's move on tape as our first testimonials
youthful chapter
we'll pick this up over sixty
first that's all you fall
along because of the first sixty
because you have to have
this eleven
uh... on-site james aside authority it rules you have a number to see embers
hebrews eleven
amber's thirty-nine
tomorrow want to present selflessly
so now i'm gonna show you now that everybody read that have a good week
that's the update have been that
started that
he was eleven and thirty-nine going rate
in these are all having obtained a good report through faith haha received not
the promise god having provided some better thing for us
that they would balance should not be made perfect that some value without us
that every they have not respect that one of the report
but they have not received the props
mostly got it
ever have a flat if i go
gary got it
receive the problems let's talk about
revelation twenty amber's four
revelation twenty
amber's full
replace twenty and four but these people
but even got poetry
and i'll south rolls and a set of sovereign sergeants a delegate
for special audience for amber sixteen that she told me right
process audience four
ever sixty
first this audience for over sixty
for the lord himself shall descend from traveling with the show
with the voice of the archangel and with the troubled guia and they do
in christ your eyes for cheese not even a dada ko islamic bank chase before
but i'd be sad dead that they have not received the brunt of
the log on to say a
from edible fish out of the water archangel active troubled dot
this is what the resurrection all stock diary deal we which i live and remain
she'll be caught up together with the into the clouds
to meet the lord in the air installshield we ever be with the law
investment resurrection all-star
let's go
that's normal
let's go to our
and would say sup
that's when a friend's resurrection took place ivory revelation twenty four two u
but i will skip will skip now toolbars must have got a job nineteen brother job
might see because joe understand
shall understood about the resurrection
anymore i wrote about
dole nineteen and twenty three tel ninety ambrose twenty-three poetry
all demo words were now written
all that they were pretty in a bookmark
that they were great even with that i had to be in inlaid in the rock for
ethel growing flatten told that my redeemer live live
hint that he still stayed at that latter-day upon the your bank that
something now
his reading level
and he's just and at the lab a cadre
and bill after muskie and were destroyed his body happy that it was put in a
great and worms destroyed mitchell's body coed review team up for a show us
he got what french
the flesh the spirit there's no compositional body that you won't get
at the local gives you
poetry much ill see for myself yet and but i shall be whole
and not another
dole ma trains be consumed with it make this a whole actually overseas
who as you'll see for myself
now that's not a first correct prescriptive fifty
we got a question was asiya
that nobody as today
first corinthians
fifteen to thirty five nobody asked this question
with this question banks to be a
we'll because other burst artifact
go ahead and re
with soul mate will say
how the dead raised up
it with wet body do they cope and asked a question
other bad ways
and what
do you do a cubs eldest well gee
body afterwards because flesh-and-blood bodies they have my friends are still
see got
i reject self-fulfilling
that we spelled c_ is is not quick in the accepted that yes
in bed without solid
bell sold not that body that she'll be
but they're going to do in a metaphor here
your body bag right
that's what we take the body out into the yacht
and we do have read about
it goals down ideas body flesh-and-blood
but becomes of spirits as the brothers
this is the example in the analogy
that he's giving you
well that is and what we recite milk thirty-seven finished actively chance of
wheat or also all the great hogwood god-given did a body if it had please
it it could be seen his goal but it does sound inside that give a few nobody
that who is happens every seat
is all
but he think that some
we'd all we'd all go to log was kept out of ours
wanted to
and we gone off a little bit of a burst forth dramas that right
so also is the resurrection of the day
it is solely corruption it is raising incorrect so it is but he's talking
he said also
of the resurrection of the day
it is psalm
and corruption
it is raised an in corruption
stepped out of ours forty four
they contain is so late natural body he did raise a spiritual but then i saw a
natural body
and it is raise our spiritual body go ahead please
there is a natural body and there is a spiritual but many that want to know
what's up with that
that was a natural body
india is a spiritual buddy
let's go to our philippians at their chapter
libya story
is a god gives embody are
as it please the rat sewed up
that's part of libya story we hope you have a verse one
philippians chapter three since the brother that they'll go pick it up and
burst would
flip history and we'll pick it up that first one
gross dot it'll give you
well because of the verse one
go it read
for our conversation is in heaven
from winds also we look for the savior
the lord jesus christ who showed trade off our body was showed change
jesus gold chains are balb i'd just like jobs a practicing you don't say obv
albina gloria that it may be fashion like into his glorious by baja according
to the working whereby a he's able even to subdue all things into himself as a
symbol of the old changes but
whether u
that n cries
or whether you or we could pursue that you've done
that body your school me change
because even
this wicked body that you have
or orders with the presidential oc he is going to put you inimical to buy your
for doubtful
that's what the boxing
say the devil as a spirit be here's goa in the lake of fire
so if you know
come up
what a good report
you only daedalus sees it as well
but she won't go into the phone
adaptive first with the rection
you'll be doing the whole thousand years
and that will accomplish in a judgment which is called the white throne
you read that in the pupils
there you will get burned for apple people come up with his good report
let's call as corrupt as it was redirected toward that
revelation twenty and we'll pick this up adverse for
revelation twenty
inverse full
and also roles
and they set up on the them
age alleged was given to the 'em
and i saw the souls of the and they were be haiti
for the wishes of jesus
and for the word of god always in which he had not worshipped the beast
neither his indeed
neither had received his marco polo therefore needs
or in their names
and they truly have been reign with christ a thousand he's used the word
that would be report that with the old detective mark that's called the great
revelation that would be good
but go ahead and re but the rest of the deed liam at a given to the thousand
years worth bidding was a call this is the first resurrection actually that was
not in the fall
so grandpa could not be in debt
auto body
it cannot be infected
blessed in holy is p
that had part of the first resume ka also has two second m had no power
but they should be
priests of god and of christ
issue away with him one thousand you blesses you to come up in efforts
resurrection that
let's go back to you
the twenty-eight chap because one of our dad
they put him back heat that for us
he shared his blood
for us
so now he went down in a tunnel
and he came out sbi
we'll pick this up
twenty eight eighty
twenty eight c
in jesus came a spider to them saying
all powers given to me in heaven ended iran as what you are missing since the
all powered one last question we'll both revelation five
and you will pick this up ever so that
revelation faculty man unseen
but wanted to get this
and here is revelation fab
and version that
when you get it battery and windows please give glory as well as in fact
okay platinum embarrass not revelation five conversion
and they saw the loose old saying
guard were that you take the bull it to open the sealed their old without was
slain in every dean als to god by bablu out of every key entry
and tall thin people animation
it has made of onto our dog teams in regarding racial rain on the or can we
show rain owner
nothin' about ramin
in have so if you bank rights
you will
you will only be dead
formal sees
now so simple
we had two bottles freaks
we pray that you read robot
they believe the gospel
we thank you
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