The Truman Show (9/9) Movie CLIP - Truman Talks to the Creator (1998) HD

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You have nothing to fear.
I know you better than you know yourself.
You never had a camera in my head.
You're afraid.
That's why you can't leave.
It's ok, truman.
I understand.
I have been watching you your whole life.
I was watching when you were born.
I was watching when you took your first step.
I watched you on your first day of school.
[christof chuckles]
The episode when you lost your first tooth.
You can't leave, truman.
Please, god.
(christof) you belong here...
You can do it.
...With me.
Talk to me.
Say something.
Say something, god damn it. You're on television.
You're live to the whole world.
In case I don't see you,
Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.