CBS, AOL & Good Morning America On Jonathan's Miracle Is A HOAX ! (ASL/English captioning)

Uploaded by aguabo on 07.06.2010

Yes, it's hoax.
It's clear that you can tell it's full of made-up lies, hoax.
Miracle?! Yes that's hoax as their information is absolutely untrue.
CBS just made a foolish public broadcast about this. AOL created and spread
that phony message to everybody. The Good Morning America
Hey you, good morning to feeble-minded Americans.
This is how I feel, they offend me and our people.
As you can see from the video, the mother was holding her baby Jonathan.
She was looking at him and he looked back at her.
She said something. Of course, he saw her through a clear view
and smiling. He responded by smiling back. The moments their
eyes met, the contact showed a clear picture. Does it mean that
the baby can hear her?
No, it's determined that their media's hoax.
All babies heavily rely on using visual methods by
seeing the pictures of what's going on around, the face expression.
They are usually curious and attracted to something in sights.
That's how the mother react, not because he could hear.
I truly feel bad for that baby. First, he was born hearing
and all of sudden; he got ill with high fevers.
He was taken to the hospital, received medication, treatment &
monitoring his health. After he was recovered, he became Deaf.
He got his head cut & implanted with Cochlear Implant right away.
Oh my! Poor him, so many incidents and that's too much for him.
Do you notice that video's outdated? It's made about 2 yrs ago.
What's the rush? Show it all over? What's up with that?
I can't believe it.
That baby who tried to recognize things through the sounds.
Then, there are no follow-up vlogs. Where is his recent process?
None. I see nothing.
For you people out there who believe that miracle does exist,
Please stop it now. There is no such thing like miracle. No.
If I had a baby born Deaf, then I would chose this best method called,
"An Organic Cure For Deafness"
It involves productive works that help every Deaf child to feeling
fulfilled as "WHOLE" person. He/She gets to process on gaining a greater
equality and to meet the needs as an individual with high self-esteem.
That goal is measurable and approachable where the child can have a great upbringing.
If you wish to receive more information on "Organic Cure for Deafness" then please
go to Deafhood Foundation's website.
You may want to check out on Deaf Bilingual Coalition's website. They provide
many excellent and thorough facts, research and education. Worth it.
A lab researcher from Indiana University who made a report at AG BELL Conference
internet, articles and proven conclusion that CIs do not work for those children.
Hearing and Speaking through CI hinders child's ability to process
and achieve. It slows down their educational development.
They struggle and delay. Below here, you will find
all related links I just presented. Refer those to what I state. See for yourself.
Those people who were on the news, yanking on CBS & Good Morning America,
oh my gosh, they look like a fool! More likely pompous clown.
You guys need to get facts straighten out. Be 100% informed.
Please do that. Those governmental and media people
are trying to trick you. They want your money and make you to
relinquish your parental rights.
You gotta stand up and protect your Deaf child's rights to life and
the pursuit of happiness. You are responsible to guard their human rights.
Do not give up or you'd let those higher officials to own and regulate
your Deaf children for the rest of their life. Would you allow that?
I don't think so.
I could be wrong.
All right, you may leave your comments here, I'll be monitoring and approving them.