Miss Gold Digger 2007 (용의주도 미스 신) Part 1 Eng subs

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There are some fairytale characters I'm jealous of.
She lived on easy street thanks to a prince.
And Juliet. She had a man to love for life.
Oh, and Snow White.
Sleeping Beauty met a prince while sleeping.
Wait, SHIN Mi-su. You'll beat them all.
There's always a man behind a woman's happiness.
I'm not too picky when it comes to men.
My right guy's 100 things. No, I'm not picky at all.
There are only 100 things I want from a man.
Just watch.
I'll fiind Mr. Right, no matter what!
Directed by Park Yong Jip
Miss Gold Digger
Aren't they pretty?
'Oh, my beautiful princess, open your eyes.'
Look at her. She's like an angel.
She's so good with children.
I'd love her to be my daughter-in-law.
- If I had a son! - I told you.
Name's LEE Jun-seo. He's loaded.
Not so cute.
In fact, cheesy and ugly.
But he's rich. That's what counts.
This is my room.
Let me be frank with you.
I don't see myself getting married.
If it weren't for my parents, I would've become a nun.
I wanted to become a Father, too.
I'm sure you would've made a fine Father.
If so, I wouldn't be here with you today.
It looks shabby, doesn't it?
I'll have this place remodeled once I get married.
It's weird.
When I first saw you, I felt like I'd known you.
Never felt this way about anybody.
You're the first, Mi-su.
I'm sorry.
I can wait.
All he needs is some style.
KIM Yoon-cheol... Just pass the Bar,
and I'll grant you your wish.
You okay?
Why follow me around?
You can't win my heart by doing so!
Even death can't stop me from loving you.
Your feet will hurt if shoe strings are loose.
This is it.
If you fail the Bar again, we're done.
Tired of waiting, Mi-su?
I'm not your girl...
...until you become a D.A.
I love you, Mi-su.
It'll be like growing vegetables for myself.
Hold it, hold it...
Mom? Mom?
Where is she?
What can I do for you?
You think I did this?
Oh my...
Look at my fragile arms.
I'm not strong enough to break it.
Why would you think it was me?
Look at me. I'm not the lying type.
Can you say that to the police?
Are you threatening me?
You have no proof!
He's my witness.
There's nothing worse than lying.
Stop lying to your dad.
Or you'll end up in hell.
I'm not his dad.
Why are you crying?
I didn't say anything bad.
Help me here!
I will.
But I've lived here for 20 years.
You have? Okay.
We have a girl here with an announcement.
I'm SHIN Mi-su living at 103-805.
Today, I broke a flowerpot and ran.
And I got caught.
Many residents have fallen victims to vandalism lately.
Perpetrators out there, turn yourselves in.
All of his friends are doctors.
Hook up with them at my wedding.
- Really? - Mi-su, okay?
Congratulations, Young-mi.
I hope you never get divorced.
Think about it. She's rushing into it.
Once you get hitched, that's it.
Few people consider themselves happy in marriage.
On top of that, some doctors are psychos.
And a lot of them do drugs.
Let's go have fun!
Ready, girls?
Thanks for saving my spot.
Guys still dig you, Mi-su.
God, they're so cheap.
It's a deal.
Working through lunch?
You scared me.
I'm on a diet.
You should be the last to be on a diet.
Any idea what it feels like to have a killer body?
Isn't it too negative toward the competitors?
It's kill or be killed.
What if it gets us in trouble?
If it does, we'll find a way to fix it.
That's the spirit, Mi-su.
Hi, Jun-seo. I'm in a meeting.
I'll call you back.
Show me what they don't like.
I can't take it.
It's nothing.
I know.
It may be nothing to you,
but not to me.
I just want to make you happy.
This is it?
You're a blessing from the Virgin Mary.
And that is a blessing for a couple.
It will connect our love.
Thanks so much.
You're wasting your time.
I'm spoken for.
By only two!
You know what? I like you.
So let's go steady.
You do your thing. I'll do mine.
This is no joke.
I like all three of them.
Mi-su, thanks for drinks. You're cool.
Be careful.
- You're good! - Bye.
So sexy!
Buy us drinks again!
Champagne will be good!
I'm not your bank!
Don't bring them next time.
It's tiring to keep a puppy.
Let me go.
I apologized, didn't I?
Here's what you ate yesterday.
Kimchi, chicken, eel, beer, whiskey.
You don't chew well, do you?
I'll pay for the laundry.
How much is it?
Feel like going on the air again?
Wash them well like new.
He's such a jerk. God, this is embarrassing!
Mi-su is Watching
How could you?
I wish to live with you in a place like this.
I wouldn't survive a day.
Happiness comes from petty things.
It's what the rich say.
To keep the wretched from killing themselves!
Tell me.
If I fail the Bar again, you'll leave me?
That was quick.
You know what will happen if you give up now?
You'll be a bum...
...with nothing but debt and despair.
You'll be a loser without any friends.
Should I go on?
Meat will help you focus.
I don't want much.
All you need to do is pass the Bar, okay?
Don't make me leave you.
You're not allowed to eat meat at a temple.
This guy did and got kicked out.
Really? Hurry finish eating.
Please, forgive him.
It's not his fault.
It's all me. Punish me instead.
Kook Nyung Temple 1,000 bow ceremony
I'll study really hard. I promise.
I love you, Mi-su!
Will this accomplish love?
Sorry I'm late. Traffic was horrible.
I bet it was.
Say hi.
She's the manager you were talking about?
Yes, she's a treasure of our company.
Every project she worked on was successful.
She isn't called Midas's Mother for nothing.
I see.
You'll find out how...
You know what?
- I'll have to reconsider. - What?
See you around, Ms. SHIN.
You know him?
Not really.
Just a little.
Don't get personal. This is business.
I'm quick on the uptake.
You don't know what I can do.
I have no time to waste.
He stands unchallenged in his company.
And he has a good rep in the IT business.
I can't believe he's still single.
Did you see his eyes? They were sparkling!
He's a freaking meanie!
Why are you looking at me like that?
It's time you got promoted.
So I could...
Words travel fast in our business.
Once you get a bad name...
...you go down into a bottomless pit.
Whatever it takes, make him change his mind.
A Young Entrepreneur Helping the Needy
He'll do wonders for me.
Stop it, okay?
Stop it before I lose it.
I warned you!
You need some beatings!
You're dead if I get my hands on you!
I grew up like an orphan.
My parents were never around.
They never held my hands.
I was so scared when they were home.
I was constantly afraid to mess up...
...and disappoint them.
What's the most important thing for you in life?
Money and strings to pull.
I think it's love.
I feel the same.
He canceled the contract for personal reasons.
How could he do that?
He should put the company before himself.
It's a great ad agency.
Okay, thanks.
Everything will be fine.
Don't tell me you pulled stings for me.
Don't do that.
We're friends, but business is business.
Let's stop talking shop.
I like it when you smile.
Restricted Area
What the...
What's going on?
Insulting me is like challenging authorities.
Isn't it, Mr. DA?
- Put your arms around her. - So pretty.
Come on, smile.
Yeah, smile.
One, two...
Looks hot.
Like this?
Like this?
He's so smooth about it. Is it his second marriage?
- What are you talking about? - What's wrong?
Look at him. He looks like a crook.
Come on, he's a doctor.
You never know.
Are you jealous?
Look at him. How can I be?
You have no idea.
I'm having so much fun shopping around.
Hi, I'm Mi-su's boyfriend.
I sing and rap.
You're not my boyfriend.
- He's just a friend. - I see.
I'll be right back.
He's so hot.
Way to go, Mi-su.
Let's drink.
What's up, sisters?
They're his friends.
- Introduce yourselves. - Hi, I'm Isaac.
Enjoy the last night of your single life!
Poor thing. Leaving all this behind...
Staying for my show?
What show?
You'll see. He's a kick-ass rapper!
Yeah, that's right!
Jump, jump!
Just once!
Jump, jump!
Jump, jump!
Is she slepping?
She's sleeping.
You can't sleep there, lady.
I must be dreaming.
My cell phone...
Mom, why didn't you wake me up?
Where were you? I called you like crazy.
How cold you miss a presentation?
The client was so mad.
Why aren't you at the hospital?
You were too sick to call.
I'm so sorry.
Some miss the meeting from a hangover.
But I know you're not like that.
But you know what?
If it was a hangover, I'd be very upset.
But I would understand.
I don't wanna be nagging a sick person.
If you're too sick to work, take a break.
You're strange lately.
Anything wrong?
I just have a lot on my mind.
Can we reschedule the meeting?
I wouldn't agree to that if I were the client.
Hi, Jun-seo.
I'm at a church. Got a few things to pray for.
You're in Hong Kong?
I hope I didn't put you in trouble.
Please, don't do that for me again.
Yeah, I'm at a church.
They're rehearsing a play. Nosy, isn't it?
Can you hear me?
I'll call the client and apologize.
You're at the airport?
Have a safe trip.
They're waiting for me.
I'll be home soon.
Sweetie, let me shower.
What the...
I don't buy water anymore.
There's this spring in the mountain at the back.
It's good for your system.
Check it out. Or we can go together.
I have some ideas for your ad.
Should we discuss it over drinks?
Who do you think you are? Be a freaking man!
Come on, bring it on!
You'll be called to the resident's meeting.
If you miss it, I'll go to the police.
Can you give me a break?
Resident's Meeting
It's a beautiful day.
You said you'd do anything for me, right?
Of course. Just say it.
A restaurant? He's buying me lunch?
Act like a couple. We're getting married soon.
Let me get it straight.
Your younger sister can't get married before you.
So you lied to your parents that you have a girl?
Her fiance will be transferred to China.
If not now, she has to wait for 3 years.
It's none of my business.
You tricked me into this.
I thought you wouldn't mind.
What if I say no?
If I give you the job?
I heard you were good.
3 years is too long for her to wait.
Where are your parents?
Think about it.
I have a career and life here.
I can't throw away everything for a man.
You shouldn't.
Why don't you talk to him?
That'll change nothing.
Why'd you wanna marry him?
Marriage is about supporting each other.
You didn't think that?
What a fairytale.
Stay out of this.
What you're saying doesn't make any sense.
Why should a girl sacrifice for a man?
I'm not saying that.
Let's turn the table here.
Can you give up your life for a girl?
I can.
If I love her, I can and will.
Food is good here.
Almost as good as yours.
- How do you like it? - It's good.
Enjoy it.
Oh, sure.
Do you remember?
You cried about this fat girl in the elementary school.
Do you know what his nickname was?
It was a crybaby.
Was it?
You were a crybaby.
Try it.
Go ahead.
- Chew it well. - It's very good.
How long have you dated her?
Not long.
Why don't you marry her soon after your sister?
She seemed very mature. I liked her.
She's not sleazy, is she?
What are you talking about? She seemed fine.
I'm just asking. You never know.
Why twist my words?
I liked her.
Give me some more pear. Pretty good.
Did Daddy ever bone a fish for you?
Bone a fish my butt.
He never did anything for me.
Would you like a DA for a son-in-law?
Why on earth would a DA marry you?
You'd like that, huh?
Fine, I'll make you a DA's mother-in-law.
Stop that.
The sacrifice day for your father is next week.
I changed my religion.
If you miss it again,
I'll kick you out.
Put this in your underwear and chant like this.
Repeat it 3 times.
With it in your underwear. Don't be nervous.
Good luck. Go.
If you pass it, I'll sleep with you.
Good luck!
Wish me luck!
WCDMA will be the next generation mobile service.
As SHOW, the new brand, has been launched...
...a high-speed data service is available now.
It will help KTF enhance its position in the business...
...and venture out to the world.
That's all in the brochure we provided.
Tell us in detail how you'll set our image.
Of course. I was about to.
Using USIM cards, it'll offer various services...
...that will change the mobile life dramatically.
We'll show people happily using SHOW...
...saving up to 30%% % of their phone bills.
The public will see the new image of KTF...
...as an innovative and leading telecom company.
- What do you think? - I like it.
When can you do it by?
Got more to show me?
No, it's not that.
Thank you.
If you're free, I can buy you...
What a nice picture!
You guys are going out?
- No way! - This is business.