Ezel 35 Part 3 English

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Arent you going to listen to what he has to say?
Havent you ever been in love?
If i listen...ill believe him
Im reporting mister
I found the adress
The man is here to
Im sending it to you now
This man isnt a enemy right?
No he isnt
Oh good
Because he...
Its nothing
Is there anything else you want from me boss?
Sebnem lets talk with you sometime
About what?
We will talk when get there
I think youre right
Im getting fired
Dont think about it, we will find some work for you
Do you know something about housekeeping, doing dishes and such?
Can you make borek?
You dont?
Stop girl i found just the job for you!
Im going to hook you up a 0900 number so you can make money calling from youre home
Okay thanks
He just arrived yesterday to the city
From special forces,
His name is Ramiz but they call him Eight
And they say...
What do they say?
They say If he steps in uncle will be a goner
So he's that good?
So he isnt got anything to do with Omer?
Look now im curious
Brother Ali
This place isnt mine Cengiz dont walk around to much i wont be able to save youre ass
Is there something wrong why are you laughing like that?
Didnt you hear?
Omer saved my life
He left you and he came to me
Im serious man
And i stood up to myself i didnt talk to Kenan Birkan
I stood like a rock and didnt sell out Omer
It will make up the times you sold him out
Go away Cengiz i got work to do
Where to?
Ali i got it will be difficult for him to forgive us but whats up with you?
You where my accomplice
He was next to me whats up with you?
One time
If done one thing good in my life
Ive protected Omer
Ive done something good Ali
Okay, what should i do?
Youve done a great ****ing job
What do you want from me Cengiz?
Brother Ali dont send me away
Ive already done it Cengiz ive done it and you dont even know it
Ali youre hanging now, youre after Omer
Ill help to, dont send me away
Goodbye Cengiz
Brother Ali
Dont send me away
I cant take that risk again my brother
I just wanted to try son
Cengiz Atay surely isnt left for you
Okay ill just go get rich and come back you stay hanging around here
Commander, did you bring the goods?
When are we going to start commander?
Now man Now!
Are you going to stay here, lets not get you tired already after the first day
No son
Where going to party like there is no tomorrow
Am i disturbing you?
Please, the house is yours
There cleaning youre room, its a bit dusted afcourse
I believe there hasnt been a person there for over ten years
Ive made it made a guestroom, the doors didnt even get opened
A man like you has to have a lot of connections?
my connections, yes i do have a lot of them
There circling around my, i dont let them in
You perfer the ones with gunes?
I cant say youre mistaken
The best friends are made of the oldest enemys
I thought it was the opposite?
That the worst enemy are made of the closest friends
Yes, no one knows this better then us
Eysan dont mistake my sincerity please but...if you ask me make that phone call
You want to do it
If you love dont give up
I couldnt do it
Maybe you can
Youre afraid that he will convince you right?
Let him convince you
You think you are betraying youre sister by doing so
But if you dont call you will betray yourself
Forget about loyalty Eysan
think about being happy
I couldnt do it
You do it
What did you do then?
As you can see...i stayed alone
Bahar is dead Eysan
Youre alive
Should i just forget my sister like that?
If you can forget
Tomorrow...can i bring my son to for a short period?
Shall we take a walk with you, my people will place youre stuff in the room
If i understood correctly, these people have taken all youre stuff from you
Yes, everything
Lets start from there if you perfer?
Whats yours, lets give it back to you
What do you say?
How is that going to happen just like that?
Im going to make some phone calls
Thats it?
When will you be back?
Work, work our live is work Eysan
My request to you is that you dont go out to much
They say in the upcoming two days the weather will be warm