Craft tips : Amigurumi Invisible Decrease / disminución invisible en amigurumi

Uploaded by VanillaCloud on 06.03.2011

Hi! How are you? Today in making this video to show you the differences between two crochet decrease stitches...
You are just seeing the normal way to make the decrease for your amigurumi.
But you have to know that there another better option...
This second choice seems more difficult than the other one but its not.
This would be our better choice to decrease because it dont let these ugly big holes in your amigurumi when you finish...
This is very easy .
At first get your hook in to the first hole but only taking the first part of the stitch as you can see in the video.
Then, in the second stitch, take the first part too as you did.
To finish your decrease do just the same as you can see, introducing the yarn and finishing the stitch.
Lets do this again.
And do just exactly the same as you did previously.
You will get less holes doing this decrease.
Now im going to show you how i make this decrease in my amigurumi bears.
As you can see im doing just exactly the same as i did in the decreasing part, and theres no holes.
As you can see this is very easy and the result is much better.
I hope you like my craft tips and see you in the next vid. This was made by kawaiicloud.