Nikki Emerson's story

Uploaded by dcms on 29.02.2012

>> NIKKI: I was at uni, having a great time. Then just went to a friend's for the weekend.
So driving back from there, my car skidded, flipped over and the sliding seat slammed
into the steering wheel and broke my back. And it's just the sort of thing that could
happen to anyone. For me, sport has been the thing which has shown me that being in a wheelchair
really isn't bad at all and it's given me a purpose and something other than just having
a career. And it's given me the chance to be an athlete which I never would've had before
and without WheelPower, I wouldn't have had the equipment to do that.
I met some people while I was at the Spinal Games, from WheelPower, who sort of said:
"Oh yes, you wheelchair race?" I was like: "Yeah, I'm doing the marathon next week, really
excited." And they told me about applying for a chair through WheelPower so I applied
and my application went through and I was really, really excited so I can now pretty
soon - in fact I think I found out before the marathon that I was going to have my own
chair which is so exciting. Now WheelPower bought my chair, my coaches flew it back from Florida,
and since then, this is it. In my last race of last season I hit 42mph and I don't think
you can actually quite describe what an amazing feeling that is when you're so close to the
ground and you're to the wind and you can just see the tarmac underneath you and you're
just going so fast that you can barely even see the scenery around you. It's amazing,
it's just such a feeling of complete freedom.