Gönülçelen )) Episode 22 - Part 2/7 [English Subtitles]

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Bahar I as looking for you
you can forget what I told you before the lesson
I wanna tell you something Murat Hoca
Hasret I guess there was a misunderstanding
It must have been my fault
(Meltem speaks with Nesrin and Nakiye is eavesdroping)
(Nesrin asks for a crème brulee)
(Nakiye steals Meltem’s recipe book)
people have always had music in their life
ever since the begining of time
in the primitive times
we can see there were primitive instruments for music
they used them in rituals or funerals
what do you think is the most primitive music instrument used?
could it be Stones?
our ancestors have made music
by banging two stones to each other
If we look at today..
there is a huge technology and lots of new music instruments
but not many classical composers
why is the future bleak?
well it's actually simple
you see music is a tool to earn money nowadays
those who can't even make music by hitting two stones to each other
say that they're musicians now
some people with money are trying to make more money
by saying they're producers
but this doesn't mean that the producers are good or successful
people like us want to do good music
I want each one of you
never to do anything against your own will and rights
There is no need to wait any longer
we must make an album very quickly for Hasret
I want you to search for new songs to be used in an album
and can you reserve a table for 3 for dinner at SAHIL restaurant
producer Kenan yilmaz will be with us too
Ok. I’ll call you if I need anything else
talk to you later
(Nakiye gets Meltem’s recipe book photocopied for herself)
(Cobra thinks Cafer is an excellent man because he can cook)
(Cafer is cooking stuffed peppers, Cobra says he's kind)
(Cobra asks him why he never got married)
(Cafer says he only fell in love once)
(Cobra says he thinks the girl doesn't have a boyfriend)
(Cafer says he'll speak to her himself..)
(Cobra says yes she is nice and tall)
yes.. tall
what happened Gülnaz?
I was looking for cobra.. he's not around again
I wonder if he is up to trouble
no. I don’t think so.. he'll be back shortly I think
Levent came before the lesson.. he must be in my office
let me take a look
and the reporters will be here in a few minutes
you're joking!
what is that?
So you like caricatures?
sometimes everyone needs to laugh a little
you talk as if you've had a very unhappy life
I didn’t mean to say anything like that
well it's normal
In Everyone's life there is bad memories.. painful ones
Never mind
did you sort out Hasret’s record?
I spoke to the administration
She'll continue to be a student
because this school helps Hasret to stay away
from those silly reporters and producers
It's good for her to come here just for this reason
and she's attentive in the lesson too
I guess it's good for you too
excuse me?
I thought it's good for you to be studying with Hasret again
being your former student and apparently she's highly skilled
did you prepare my CV as I asked?
I'll make you a printout
(Kadir tells his friend how he took Yildiz to the Konak)
(his friend asks if she goes there on her own? What will happen?)
(Kadir says he'll tell her the truth)
(his friend tricks him saying the girl is at the cafe..)
your CV Mr. Murat
have a seat
It seems complete
I've done some extra research
you've done more than research
everything seems correct
you even have the thesis in my University class
and all the courses I've attended
I knew you would be a good assistant
your welcome.. I'm just doing my job
Levent, I was looking for you
I had gone out to the garden
did you finish for today?
Levent I'm..
let's not talk now..
shall we go?
you left me in a very tight spot
but we discussed this before
I told you I wanna continue my lessons and I needed more time
I know but my job is to show you the correct way..
tonight we're going out to dinner
a famous producer will join us
everything is arranged..
we're only going to have dinner
the last decision is yours anyway? Ok? Agreed?
Mr. Marlon will be landing soon
will you send a car to the airport?
the car is there already
driver will be taking him around Istanbul during his whole stay
- and dinner - I've made reservations
excellent.. you're come too tonight?
If you want me to?
of course I do
we'll be discussing the conference details so I need you there
see you tonight
why do you look so upset?
I was bored alone at home so I came to sit here
you're not alone I'm here
yes but since you got together with Cobra
we haven't been close..
we used to go shopping at the bazaar together
we can go again
no you've forgotten me since you have Cobra
let me leave the coffee shop to Kadriye
and let's have a walk round the neighbourhood
no thanks.. I don’t want to
we can eat seeds
I don’t want to
I'll buy the seeds
let's go then..
(Nakiye is reading the crème brulee recipe from Meltem's book)
(Meltem and Nakish are arguing again)
(Meltem says she has to cook dessert for Nesrin)
I'll pick you up tonight
you won’t run away again will you?
is there a way to run away from you?
you did
but you found me after a couple of hours
so there is no running away from you
- welcome - hello