If I Could See 3 Celebrities...

Uploaded by TommyEdisonXP on 27.03.2012

Hey, it's me, Tommy Edison.
Wow, you guys have been asking some great questions.
Here's another one - that you didn't ask.

(voice) If you could see, what are the top 3 celebrities you'd want to see first?
(Tommy) If I could see, who are the top 3 celebrities I'd like to see?
Alright, you know what? I'll tell you.
[high-rev electrical motor sound effect]
(chorus) ♪ 3 ♪
(Tommy) I think I'd like to see Tom Waits, singer Tom Waits.
I mean, I love his voice, I've been a fan for years,
and I just couldn't imagine what that guy looks like.
(chorus) ♪ 2 ♪
Angelina Jolie.
All over the place in the media, I just hear about how beautiful Angelina Jolie is.
You hear stars talking about how beautiful she is.
Just regular people on the street, people on the radio, television, entertainment shows.
They all talk about her beauty.
So, I wanna see what that kind of beauty is all about.
(chorus) ♪ Number 1 ♪
Jay Leno.
♪ [harp arpeggio]
I'm just interested to see what the devil himself looks like, that's all.
♪ [bumper music]

If I had a fourth pick, I think Susan from Sesame Street.
A muppet.
Any of Jim Henson's muppets.
Or a smurf.