How to Make a Duck Tape Christmas Tree Ornament

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 09.12.2011

hi I’m Kristy with duck brand duct tape
today I'm going to show you how to make a simple holiday ornament
this is a beginner level craft that should take about five to ten minutes to complete
for this project I am going to use a foam ball
pipe cleaner
and gold duct tape
there are a couple different looks you can do to create your ornament
if you want a smoother look
I just took
many squares of duct tape and laid it flat under the foam circle or
here's a glass ornament
and we just cut out
a lot of little duct tape circles and applied it to the outside for a different
decorated look
we are going to work with this crinkle style today
and the first step to make this is just take the foam ball
and actually cover it with multiple squares of duct tape so the entire thing
is covered, the next step is to take
About a one inch piece of duct tape
and I am just going to
Pinch the center like this
to start the crinkled look
and bring in all the sides
while also keeping some of the
adhesive exposed on the bottom of the tape
so we can still put it on the ball
continue this step until you have the entire ball covered
so finally I am going to take
a pipe cleaner to create a hook so we can hang it from something
just going to fold it in half like this
And then I'm going to wrap around one of the Pieces a few times
just to make it more secure and
before you put it down
I feel like these need to be trim down a little
Some I’m just going to cut edges but leaving little bit of a piece here
so I can tape it to the top of the ornament
so please
where you want it to go
and again I have a small piece of duct tape already cut off
so the one end here I’m just going to tape it down
And take one more piece
And tape down
the other side
and that's how you make this simple holiday ornament