AnyRole Apps in Creo: Freestyle Conceptual Design - PTC

Uploaded by ptcstudio on 16.11.2010

So the next Creo AnyRole app I would like to show you is a purpose built environment for
the industrial designer.
Now the industrial designer doesn’t want lots of extra modeling and analysis commands. He
wants just the capabilities to create new designs and actually he wants tools that
will work in a very free form fashion to explore ideas.
So here we are working with the Creo application for industrial designer which is the conceptual design
app if you will.
We are using sub divisional modeling capabilities that allow us to begin with a
primitive and then deform and drag and morph that shape,
that primitive into the organic shape that we want for our design.
You’ll notice we are using the 3D copilot which is the standard tool
we use throughout all of the Creo apps
to manipulate geometry in 3D.
And as I progress the design you’ll see that I have these
surface creation tools which are actually creating high quality
manufacturable curvature continuous surfaces but I don’t have any complicated
modeling tools.
I do have some tools that I might need, for example I may want to take this geometry
and mirror it about a plain so that of course is a parametric operation I’ll have access
to here.
I’ll also have access to other parametric features like a round feature for example that will
allow me to smoothly merge and transition this free form shape into
the rest of the mechanical design.