Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost

Uploaded by beatdownboogie on 02.12.2011

Oh man, oh man, I've been waiting for this!
Right. Time to explode some explosions.
Alright. Any time now…
Ghost comes in and saves the day.
Yeah, time for Ghost to come in and save the day!
Any minute now….
Those motherf--
Makarov, star of Modern Warfare 3 here.
Shut up Makarov. it's Ghost.
Hold on Ghost, I'm about to kill Price.
Oh, I have waited for this moment.
Oy Mak, calm down. Get you're camera and meet me outside.
We're gonna fix Modern Warfare 3.
But better cuz it's got got Ghost in it!
Time to shoot some stuff and then…
blow that stuff up that we shot! Yeah!
Bad news Ghost. The Russians have a nuclear sub off the coast of New York.
Take control of the sub. We'll use it's missiles to attack the Russian fleet.
This is Ghost, I have eyes on the sub.
We're sending a SEAL team to escort you.
Nevermind that! I have all the help I need.
I'll get you some fish later! We've got to get to that sub!
Incoming! Take evasive maneuvers. They're coming in hot!
It's an ambush! Get down Dolphin!
That was a close one.
This is Ghost. I'm on top of the sub. Going in.
I'm inside the sub.
(humming Mission Impossible theme)
Huh? Oh crap!
Huh? Another one!
(continues humming)
Huh!? The sub's coming apart!
This is Ghost again. I'm in the control room.
Good job saving America Ghost, but there's a new threat closer to home.
We have reports of chemical weapons being transported in vans all across Europe.
Oh my god, this is the best day ever!
We're here in London, England.
Oh, this will be great.
Excuse me, can you take our picture?
OK, but must be very quick.
Soap, the bomb-maker's dead. Where are you?
You're not Soap.
Soap couldn't make it. I'm his BROTHERRR! Liquid Soap.
The Queen sends her regards for saving the UK, Ghost.
Our intel suggests the Russian president is being targeted by superstar terrorist…
Vladimir Makarov.
Looks like I've got a flight to catch.
Temperature is a nice 78 degrees and we will be arriving shortly.
And if you look to your right, you can see France on fire.
Don't I know you?
Uh, no. I am just airplane pilot.
You look familiar. You got this terrorist-y look to you.
You know too much Mr. President.
Ha ha!
Now you will give me the launch codes or your daughter dies.
There's the president's plane! Augghhhh!
Making contact in 3..2…
I call shotgun!
The sky's your limit Makarov!
Oh crap!
See you in hell Ghost!
Damn it, Makarov! Hold on!
Oy clouds, get out of the way!
Hello, airport? This is Ghost! I'm making an emergency landing!
Nailed it!
The Russian president signed the peace treaty thank's to you, Ghost.
We have a lead on Makarov. Rendezvous with Price for the final scene.
I mean mission…. The final mission.
Holy crap! Command, are you seeing this!?
I'm fighting a bloody helicopter! I need backup!
Where the hell is Price?
Price couldn't be here. But I'm his sister, and this is my hot friend.
We'll cover dat ass.
Aww yeah, I like where this is goin-
Wait, where are the chicks?
You bloody bastard, you killed the hot chicks!
Time to say goodbye Ghost!
Dolphin, WHYYY!?
No! I'm so sorry! I couldn't save you!
I couldn't save any of them!
You were never supposed to be here. You were supposed to be in the ocean.
Because you're a dolphin. You're an aquatic mammal.
You don't belong on land.
How did you get in this parking lot? How did you do that, anyway?
Why? WHYYYYYYY!!!???