Preaching 101-5

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the blind lead the blind
they both fall in the ditch
let me tell you something I have I have that scripture
caused me some trouble
because I could not understand God
allowing the second blind man to fall in
[laughter] I could understand the first one
let him fall in a big ditch because he presumed to lead
and couldn't see
but that is not the principle that God is showing
I couldn't understand it
so finally meditating on it heavily
[laughter] trying to reconcile my feelings towards God about allowing the second blind man to fall in the ditch 'cause he was
very very very very sincere and the Lord told me to research that word sincere again
because some people aren't really sincere
right not really
now he says now
if I'm latching onto somebody blind
and we keep bumping
and we keep falling
and it keeps going confusion a lot of crazy stuff
don't you think I ought to say can you see
because if anybody ought to know the characteristics of blindness
surely it ought to be a blind man
you have a responsibility
when people are living off every word that comes out of your mouth you have a responsibility not to be
personally aggrandizing
let him flow through you because people are living on your last word
my pastor says a woman will walk in her house and tell her husband
my pastor said
[that's so true] and sometimes we don't handle men properly in our churches
sit down a minute sit down a minute
to have anything to do with a man's wife
as a pastor
is like putting a gun to your head
and let me tell you why
he the man already believes he has to compete with you
for his wife's affection
and what we must teach
to offset this we must teach
our sisters
never to make your husband feel
like he has to compete with the church
for your affection
[applause] because he ain't coming to church for that
he does not see Jesus down at the church
he sees the preacher
oh the preacher got you acting like this
now now and now before you were married before you were saved
you and your husband did whatever ya'll wanted to do
maybe you didn't like it when it was going on but you did it anyway
now you done got over to the church and got saved
and you done start stopping some of the stuff you used to do with the man and here's what he say oh the preacher got you acting
so he's already tense
in your ministry you can't strive
with a married sister 'cause she trying to get home
[right] well if ya'll would love the Lord
we could stay in here a little longer
I don't know why ya'll hurrying up it takes a while to praise God
got people in church until 11 o'clock that's married
husband sitting down waiting for his wife to come home
and you up there fussing with the people 'cause you just got a predilection to have church until 12 at night
send the folk home they got husbands at home
who we trying to get saved
get out of the parking lot and go home your husband is waiting for you
you can't talk all night to single sisters and you got a man at home
[applause preach]
let the folk out
strife... because many times... God wants a vessel
that is not cluttered with a lot of issues
I'm getting ready to close I got 55 seconds
[laughter] notice now
in meekness instructing who oppose themselves of... look at the use of... if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth
he wants a vessel that's not in the way
so that when the presentation is made they can't wiggle out
and put it on the vessel
ooo I was on a plane coming here once and and sitting on the plane and and I was talking to my secretary I'm closing
and uh... I said make sure I stay at the special hotel that I like to stay in when I come to Dallas
she said yes Range I said yes yeah make sure now so the fellow beside me he's all in my conversation
and of course I'm looking raggedy as I usually do trying to be non-descript
and trying to get through there without being bothered you know
'cause sometimes you're just tired and and one time I had to counsel a lady in Chicago between the time my plane land till I got the next one
she said oh Bishop Jones you know I really have some problems Bishop can I and I had to sit right there and go to counseling
so I try to get through there real quick you know real looking bad
and so as we were having this conversation with my secretary make sure I'm in this property and make sure everything is set right
and uh... ok ok ok uh... sir
oh you stay in this place uh
I say yes he say its quite expensive though isn't it
I didn't tell him I wasn't paying for it [laughter]
I said yes you know yeah I know it I know it its very expensive [laughter]
he said what do you do
what do you do
I bless people
and I left it like that
you can never lose in humility and not getting in the way of God
I give you one example two examples and then I'll quit in Longview Texas when I first went I was twenty four
twenty five when I first started pastoring and when I went there I was teaching
little guy deacons wouldn't tell them how old I was because when I first went there there were twenty five people sixteen of them were over sixty five
so I was pastoring the senior citizens and wouldn't tell them my age
not at all
I was teaching doing a little teaching you know just a little teaching couldn't be too deep or nothing
and I said that Adam had to leave the garden because the cherubims were going to the cherubim had to protect the tree of life
and a little old lady sister got up that's not right
you are so wrong
and I said well turn to Genesis chapter three and we turned and we read it it was one of those scriptures you don't even have to interpret
it just says it straight out
now the little flock is looking at me because now I got her
ain't no wiggle room now
and they're looking at her and they're looking at me
because they figure now I'm going to drop the boom
I looked at her and I said sometimes we read things and we just don't see it clearly
she became the biggest supporter that I ever had in that church
are you listening to me
because when I could have crushed her
I backed off
I was in church and a gentleman in another situation
a gentleman I was talking about something and he got up and confronted me
and I could have blasted him out of the place because I knew all it was to take him out
I knew it I had the goods on him [laughter]
I had the goods on him
and I didn't say a word
because I didn't say a word the whole church rallied behind me
had I said something here's the reaction
boy I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes
because it swings
the sympathy
on the one hand you're going to hear leave my pastor alone
on the other hand you're going to hear oh my man I couldn't take no embarrassment like that
and everybody now steps into his shoes and you have lost them for a moment
because you have become the ugly guy
never become the heavy
never become the heavy
[applause] and I don't care whose got you upset
don't deal with them from the pulpit why should eight thousand people have to listen to you talking to one person in a congregation
you got a problem snatch them out uh... sister so and so let me see you outside before we preach
take somebody's hand if you will
I hope I didn't ramble too much amen
[applause] amen I hope I didn't ramble too much
[applause] hope I didn't ramble I had a whole lot more up here but we'll do this again
you want your ministry to grow you are a builder
of people
a restorer of value that's what you do
God uses you to restore value
everybody's valuable
we need a place to go
where we can sit with spiritual people
and say I'm having this kind of personal problem
got seven thousand people in a church and I'm having a personal problem
that can pull the church apart
but what took twenty years to build can fall apart in twenty minutes
our Father we come in Jesus name and Lord I don't have to look through anybody
you already know us and God I know with what I struggle with
that those my fathers before me they struggled
they didn't talk about it but they struggled
and we struggle now I know Lord
that if it were not for you none of us would be able to stand
and so now Lord I pray you strengthen my yoke servants
(speaking in tongues) strengthen my yoke servants
make a way of escape oh God oh God
oh God oh God oh God don't let the consequences be losing a church
fix them before they break that far
recover my brother before he breaks that far
bring my sister back before she falls apart
too many people are depending on her
too many people are following him
step in the gap and back the devil off
and I claim it in the name of Jesus
build him up again build her up again
she's too valuable Lord he's too valuable
I claim it right now right now
in the name of Jesus I command you to recover
I don't know who you are but recover
I command you to recover
I command you to get up again
you messed up but don't give up
don't give up get up
get up somebody give God the praise give God the glory
[applause] Bishop
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