Settlers of Catan - Gag Reel TableTop Episode 2

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 26, 2012

WIL WHEATON: Hey, everybody, there is no new
TableTop this week.
But we do have a gag reel from last week's episode, "Settlers
of Catan," where you can see just exactly how tired I am
when we are in the middle of shooting two episodes a day,
12 or 13 hours a day, for 10 days in a row.
Turns out, I have a very hard time remembering the things
that I want to tell the audience.
Next week, there'll be a new TableTop.
It is a series of casual games, those fun, sort of
15-minute games that you play in between the bigger games.
We're playing Tsuro, Get Bit, and Zombie Dice.
And it's my friend Rod Roddenberry, Freddie Wong, and
Ryan Higa all coming over to play.
And it's a lot of fun.
It is the only time in the entire series of TableTop that
I actually felt competitive and really wanted to win some
of these games.
So I think you'll enjoy seeing exactly how all
of that plays out.
So thanks for watching.
Thanks for subscribing.
And I'm going to send you out now with my cat being cute.
And I'll see you next week.

Turns out, pictures of cats are a lot cuter than cats
actually doing things.
Today on TableTop, some people whose names I've forgotten are
going to be here.
And it's going to be [BLEEP]
You can use your resources to buy roads--
that's not what you can do.
The robber can eat my [BLEEP]
MALE SPEAKER: I was a little bit--
this is so hard.
WIL WHEATON: It's a good pose.
It's a very, very powerful chin.
MALE SPEAKER: Can we-- how--
you can't get vulgar, right?
MALE SPEAKER: I do not have a wood in my hand.
WIL WHEATON: We all have a few go-to games that we use as
infection vectors to introduce our non--
to introduce our non-gamer friends and family to our
gaming hobby.
That's not what I wanted to say.
We all have a few go-to games that we use to introduce--
Do I need to reclack?
MALE SPEAKER: You're fine.
No, ?] that's good.
That's good.