#7 Pikine Senegal - Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

Uploaded by streetsoccertour on 28.05.2010

♪ [heavy beats, techno music, upbeat]
♪ [african music playing]
[kids cheering]
Edgar: When we got off the bus we got a warm welcome from everyone.
Clapping and singing.
It's nice.
♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[clapping and cheering]
♪ [rhythmic , techno music playing]
[clapping and cheering] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[clapping and cheering] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
Khalilou: Thank you very much my brethren
Dju Dju: The real man Fadiga,
our Senegal brother.
Good player. Good skills.
Rocky: He's a big hero to them so it's really cool that he's here.
Edgar: He's the people's person in Senegal
Khalilou: Why I'm here today
because a friend of mine invited me to come to see how they play on the streets.
And I was curious to see a little bit of whats going on.
First of all.
And when I saw incentive from Edgar I was pleased to come.
And for me it's a big honor to be invited by you people.
That's the way I start to play football.
Because I'm from the street.
I start to play on the street when I was 11 years old,
So uh,
for me that's my, that's my life.
That's my life.
♪ [rhythmic music playing]