Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Part 1 ("Weapons and Infantry") +Eng.Sub

Uploaded by Sibiluss on Apr 7, 2012

Dear ladies and gentlemen.
I am happy to welcome you at our first overview of Iron Front.
The game is based on ArmA 2 engine. I think, the OFP fans know about what is the project.
The beta-version was kindly offered to us by the developers from AWAR.
And today I would like to pay attention to
the small arms and the infantry featured in that,not published yet, game.
The game starts with the main menu, classical for Arma series, with cutscenes
Not bad, infantry, the airport looks interesting, with rich detail. Okey, let's see.
We go to the editor. Choosing maps.
It must be noticed, that there are four maps available! In ArmA 2 there were only two maps available.
Their size differs, from small of two kilometers, to very large, bigger then Arma's Chernorussia.
We choose Baranov.
I am happy to see the amount of available infantry units.
As I think, here are Russian tank crews.
The infantry seems to be developed with attention to the detail
if we will take a close look, we will see cloth seams, the facture, the dirt.
And, as the developers ensure, the uniforms are accurate copies of the real, original uniforms of the war period.
Not far away I can see standing their german colleagues
In green and black uniforms.
It's interesting that everybody have various medals and other awards
which gives to game more atmosphere.
Then we have soldiers of the Red Army
and Wehrmacht.
This German, I think he is some kind of high ranked, looking at his decorations.
And here, not far away from him, there is a soviet captain.
Soldiers in camouflage
artillery crew
radiomen, also medics.
The Soviets are with their classical uniforms.
Take note at the shoulder boards, seems like they differ according to the rank of the soldier.
Looks authentic.
Soldier with side cap.
Sturmtroopers with steel vests.
Scouts with various camouflage.
Heh, seems like this soldier stole his pants from some German.
Sniper with camouflage cover.
It's interesting that some soldiers have at their backs various rucksacks or whatever.
They are fully interactive.
They can be removed, they can store ammunition.
Detonators, explosives, wires…
Seems like some engineer stuff.
A German medic. Seems like he has blood on his arms.
Well. Let's continue.
Here we have a lot of various crates and boxes, maybe they have a lot of secrets for us =)
Nothing interesting here.
Aha, the Russian Mosin rifle.
The soldier reloads the bolt-action rifle correctly, the reload is slow, making the fire rate of such rifles lower then the machine-guns.
Here we have again the same rifle, but with sniper scope.
The sniper rifles have two sights.
Through the sniper scope.
And through the iron sight, for closer combat.
PPsh machine-pistol.
Such weapons do not have far effective range.
They are better for close combat.
They have high fire rate, though. Really useful in close combat.
DT machine gun.
Take note of the new animation of running with weapon.
You can fire while running, there was not any such thing in ArmA.
Of course, the accuracy for such shooting is very low, but can be really useful for close combat, for sturming houses etc.
It was very good the idea to do the machine-guns deployable.
When you sit with the machine-gun close to an object and press Shift + Space
the machine-gun will deploy, the recoil will become much weaker, allowing to provide accurate fire.
Let's see the german weapons.
Kar98k rifle.
It's mostly similar to Mosin rifle, with two variants of aiming.
Sniper scope, iron sight.
The famous german machine-pistol.
It has lower fire rate than the PPsh.
Very strong weapon, with bullet almost as strong as the rifle one.
And here is the "death machine"
The strongest and fastest weapon in the game
If you get under fire of that monster
pray to God to make the ammo to run out quickly, because it's the only disadvantage of that weapon.
To fight against armored vehicles in the game, among the classical anti-tank grenades
there is also the German "Panzerschreck".
A good, but heavy weapon.
By the way, take a look how a Panzerschreck shot damaged that "Scout" car.
It's the promised by developers system of vehicle damage.
The details of the vehicle can get broken not only by enemy shells, but also with accidents, like driving into a wall.
Let's see what is in the crates.
Crates with mines...
...sapper tools, anti-infantry mines, trip wires.
Here we have pistols, grenades.
By the way, the grenade explosions now spread deadly shrapnel.
Of course, someone can always survive from them, hiding behind an object.
Strong grenades like RPG-6, with a lucky throw on the top of a tank, can cause serious damage to it, to cause fire, or either, if very lucky, can detonate the ammunition.
Some grenades, like the german ones, are animated, and when throwed, they turn around in the air
Don't forget, that the player can take himslef various racksacks on his back.
Such as german radiosets, soviet backpacks etc
All the mortars and static machine-guns in the game can be disassembled and transported on the soldier's back
Two soldiers can easily carry a machine-gun where needed.
Of course, something similar was in Operation Arrowhead too.
It's quite simple to assemble the weapon, two clicks and you have a fully working mortar, ready for firing.
Interesting looks the soviet Maxim machine-gun.
The player can remove the defensive shield for better view
but he also can pick the needed distance for the firing, by moving up and down the sight
with "PageUp" and "PageDown" keys.
As we see, Iron Front game differs a lot from ArmA 2 game, on which it's based.
The developers did really good work.
In the future we will show you more aspects of that project, such as tanks, aircrafts and other important parts of gameplay.
Stay with us!