Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney's Mormon Family (Trailer)

Uploaded by vice on Sep 12, 2012


SHANE SMITH: We're going from America into Juarez--
northern Mexico.
Because American Mormons came down here about 100 years ago,
and those same Mormon colonies are now fighting the drug
cartels because the drug cartels
started kidnapping them.
MALE SPEAKER: The original story is they come down for
the cause of plural marriage.
SHANE SMITH: So they wanted to continue polygamy.
We've come to God's country.
MALE SPEAKER: The only people here with
weapons are the criminals.
MALE SPEAKER: And when it comes to protecting our
family, if we have to die doing it, we're going to.
SHANE SMITH: That's some crazy shit.

America, America, America-- all the guns are from America.
Holy Jesus.
Wow, it's a lot of drugs.
MALE SPEAKER: They shot him four times in the head each.
MALE SPEAKER: His family lives right across
the mountain here.
KELLY ROMNEY: I think he needs to change.
As long as you have the swimming pool over there, this
is going to be the diving board.
MITT ROMNEY: God bless America.
Thanks you guys.

SHANE SMITH: Have there ever been any Romneys kidnapped?