Ricky Gervais on War, Racism and Stephen Hawking

Uploaded by vbyuer on 18.11.2008

There's a little thing going on in a country called Iraq, which is not my favorite war.
My favorite war is
Oh, they're so many
They're good for different reasons
Falklands! That's...
Probably the Falklands, cos we won that one
and it was great, it was against Argentina. Yeah, weird.
We're going to war with Argentina. Alright, OK, fair enough, yeah.
the reason it's my favorite war is that it was a range war and what that means is that
the Argentine guns
could fire 9 kilometers
the British guns
could fire 17 kilometers
so we just parked our ships
10 kilometers away
and theirs were falling into the sea
and we were shelling the shit out of them.
It's the war equivalent of holding a midget at arm's length
and he's flailing and you're just kicking him in the bollocks like that.
Vietnam - best soundtrack.
Second World War
best ending.
That had to be the end, that was a great finale, you couldn't follow that, could you?
People are worried about atomic energy
ooh, it's bad
the effects are still being
felt today
but it ended a war
and that's good
and it was discovered by Einstein
and he's a genius
in his 1903 paper he said that light can be described as discrete bundles
of energies
the when irradiate on an unstable me..
What maniac thinks like that? Really.
I'm not a doctor, but I think that's what turns Stephen Hawking mad - too much thinking.
Do you know what I mean?
[robotic voice] The universe is expanding
'Course it is, Stephen, yeah, 'course it is, yeah.
Jeez, take a day off
Go for a walk.
Well, not a walk, but, I mean, just... No...
Open a window
watch a bit of TV, Robot Wars is on, you love that, don't ya?
Greatest mind on the planet.
People say ooh, we shouldn't have a go at Stephen Hawking, ooh, he's a genius.
He is not a genius
he's pretentious.
Born in Oxford and talks with that fake American accent.
He is actually a hero of mine
not my greatest hero, my greatest hero
is Nelson Mandela.
What a man, isn't he? Incredible man.
Incarcerated for twenty five years
he was released in 1990, he's been out for about eighteen years now.
And he hasn't reoffended.
I think he's going straight
which shows you prison does work.
I learnt a lot last year about one of your great American heroes Rosa Parks. It was the
200 years celebration
of the abolition of slavery in Britain last year.
We were a bit ahead of you on that, but well done, well done.
But the abolition of slavery wasn't the end of racism, racism was still inherent in society
as late as the 50's and 60's in England and America.
And it was this one incident that sparked off the civil rights movement
A young black woman called Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person on the
bus, it was the law
but she'd had enough.
And she was arrested for that
but then that law was changed.
But she didn't stop there
she started sitting in those seats meant for disabled people.
She talked to the driver when the bus was in motion.
Did she have the correct change ready? Did she, bollocks.
Oh, some people.