League of Legends - AD Lux Double Roam Edition

Uploaded by xChinNin on 31.05.2012

Hey! What's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...
This time, I'm going to roam with my ButtFucking Friend, Krazy!
For runes, I took every runes I could to maximise my Armor Penetration power and the rest are Attack Speed runes to...
Attack faster DUH!
For masteries, I took everything necessary to increase my Attack Damage.
And now, you're going to see an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE...
To start off the game, we decided to whoop the enemy jungler's ass first and make Malzahar regret the leash he did.
Right after that, since the enemy Nasus didn't move from the top lane to help his allies, we decided to go there becauuuse...
we thought that he had poor map awareness so it would be an easy gank.
And guess what? It was BWAHAHA.
I just love to overkill someone at level 1. It's way too fun.
My ButtFucking Friend and I head bot since our solo bot died
and we're whooping that cocky's...
Oh see right there? I can't fucking aim at anything, man!
Take this, and that you big fat Coca-Cola drinker.
(Stupid moron thinking he`s shooting gun bullets like a Cowbow)
I went bot again and shit! Garen was already there to get a kill!
At least let me get an assist, please!
So now we try to take the tower, but Malphite appeared.
I tried to let him kill Garen, but he tries to run away instead!
So fuck it I'm going to whoop his ass.
You're not rock solid, really? You're dying like any squishy champion!
Then I head mid to gank and guess what? Garen is already there once again and got the kill!
(Stupid moron crying because Garen is better at roaming than him)
Oh what? WHAT!? Really?
No, impossible! I touched him.
Oh now you're getting cocky, huh? You're not even rock solid and you try to take on two AD?
We head bot and find the Coca-Cola drinker and we get two kills easily.
(Stupid moron thinking he`s shooting gun bullets like a Cowbow again)
Staying in the brush at mid, I get a ninja kill and we finish off that Malzahar right after that.
(Will you stop with your Cowbow?)
WAHAHAHAHAHA serves you right, Garen! That's what happens when you take my kills.
Okay! Now we're going to play as a team for real.
Garen chases the running fuckabish and I stay behind because I know that he's going to come back at mid lane...
and I trap him with my Hadoken, slow him with my balloon and whoop that wannabe rock solid's ass for another kill.
And that's how Demacians work together to get win any games OH YEAH!
It's kind of late now, but I still babysit Brand to gank Malzahar annnnnd...
We got ganked instead, but we still managed to kill the Coca-Cola mascot and Malzahar.
(Wow really stop with the Cowbow sound)
Now we go top and I trap Nasus with my awesome skills...
Ah shit! Can someone teach me how to skillshot, please? Someone? ANYONE?
What's up with people trying to...
Think you're going to escape, huh?
Come on, dude? You know that thanks to my boots and my Phantom Dancer, you won't escape from me.
Told you, OH YEAH!
Oh hi there Coca-Cola mascot!
(CouilleBleu is a lost cause...)
With Lux, you cax spam your skills to help your ally to escape and that's...
Just try to come, I dare you. I DARE YOUUUU!
Wow now you're...pretty rock solid.
Well TOO BAD because we're having a fivesome with you so who cares if you're rock solid!
What, a miss shot again? Impossible...
Oh well let's enjoy our sixsome, shall we?
That's it! Drink your Coca-Cola while I whoop your ass from the other side.
And Cocky down!
Hey Varus, let's run!
Oh what? You're staying there? All right, I'm coming back to whoop Mister Coca-Cola OH YEAH!.
Anyways, as you all saw on this video, having two demacians roaming everywhere is pretty fun because we can help our allies to get a bit fed by ganking
and we, roamers, also get fed in the process.
That's it for today, people!
I will now leave you with this last teamfight where I ''rock'' that rock solid's ass and die after Cocky appeared when his teammate died.